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Daniel X has been hunting aliens most of his life. Aided by And in the surface world, Lights Out download epub he's a hero and an outcast. Lights Out: Daniel X Series, Book 6 (Adobe EPUB eBook, Kindle Book, OverDrive Read). Book Cover. Average Rating. Author: James Patterson. Series. You can select the novels you need by clicking on the right corner of the .. nice but missing lights out (daniel x series) any plans to update?.

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Read "Daniel X: Lights Out" by James Patterson available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. James Patterson's high-octane. James Patterson's high-octane sci-fi adventure series comes to a white-knuckle conclusion in the final battle that Daniel X has been waiting for. Daniel X has. Daniel X: Lights Out By James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein . cheap books, good books, online books, books online, book reviews epub, read.

Daniel X has been hunting aliens most of his life. The Prayer. Evil incarnate. They say The Prayer is basically a god, hell-bent on bringing death to every corner of the universe. And only Daniel X can stop him.

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Daniel X: Lights Out

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The young man lay snivelling in the sand at his feet. Tears had always disgusted the Soldier.

Daniel X: Lights Out

They were the lowest form of expression, the physical symptom of psychological weakness. The Soldier lifted his head and looked across the black desert to the camp's border lights. The dark sky was an explosion of stars, patched here and there by shifting cloud. He sucked cold desert air into his lungs.

The Soldier slammed the door of the van closed and twisted the key. He looped his night-vision goggles around his neck and strode past the shivering traitor to a large rock.

He mounted it, and with an outstretched arm pointed towards the north-east. He swivelled, and pointed to the north-west. The camp lies at true north.

Epub daniel out x lights

Please, please don't do this. The young traitor had dragged himself to his feet and now stood shaking by the van, his weak arms drawn up against his chest. Judgment is the duty of the righteous, the Soldier thought. There is no room for pity. Only fury at the abandonment of honour. Even as those familiar words drifted through his mind, he felt the cold fury awakening. His shoulders tensed, and he could not keep the snarl from his mouth as he turned to begin his mission.

The darkness that sealed him was complete. He scrambled for the driver's side door of the van, yanked it, pushed against the back window where a long crack ran upwards through the middle of the glass.

He ran around and did the same on the other side. Panic thrummed through him. What was he doing? Even if he got into the van, the keys were gone. He spun around and bolted into the dark in the general direction of north-east.

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How the hell was he supposed to find anything out here? The moon shone through the clouds again, giving him a glimpse of the expanse of dry sand and rock before it was taken away. He tripped forward and slid down a steep embankment, sweat plastering sand to his palms, his cheeks. His breath came in wild pants and gasps. He came over a rocky rise and saw the camp glittering in the distance, no telling how far.

Out daniel x epub lights

Should he try to make it to the camp? He screamed out. Maybe someone on patrol would hear him. Danny kept his eyes on the ground as he ran. Every shadow and ripple in the sand looked like a gun. He leapt at a dry log that looked like a rifle, knelt and fumbled in the dark. Sobs racked through his chest. The task was impossible. The first sound was just a whoosh, sharper and louder than the wind. Danny straightened in alarm. The second whoosh was followed by a heavy thunk, and before he could put the two sounds together he was on his back in the sand.

The pain rushed up from his arm in a bright red wave. The young man gripped his shattered elbow, the sickening emptiness where his forearm and hand had been.

High, loud cries came from deep in the pit of his stomach. Visions of his mother flashed in the redness behind his eyes. He rolled and dragged himself up. He would not die this way.

He would not die in the dark. The Soldier had seen the Barrett M82 rifle take heads clean off necks in the Gaza Strip, and in the Australian desert the weapon didn't disappoint. Lying flat on his belly on a ridge, the Soldier actioned the huge black rifle, set the upper rim of his eye against the scope. He breathed, shifted back, pulled the trigger, and watched the kid collapse as the scare shot whizzed past his ear.

What next? A leg? An ear? The Soldier was surprised at his own callousness. He knew it wasn't military justice to play with the traitor while doling out his sentence, but the rage still burned in him. You would have given us away, he seethed as he watched the boy running in the dark.

You would have sacrificed us all. There was no lesser creature on Earth than a liar, a cheat and a traitor. And bringing about a fellow soldier's end was never easy. In some ways, it felt like a second betrayal. Look what you've forced me to do, the Soldier thought, watching the kid screaming into the wind. The Soldier let the boy scream. The wind would carry his voice south, away from the camp.

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The cry of a traitor. They say The Prayer is basically a god, hell-bent on bringing death to every corner of the universe. And only Daniel X can stop him. But Daniel's amazing power seems to have abandoned him, and he's grasping at answers he can't quite reach. With the fate of Earth hanging in the balance, can Daniel find a way to win a fight that has him hopelessly outmatched?

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