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Here you can download Guru Charitra in Telugu in PDF format. Guru Charitra, also known as Datta Charitra or Shirdi Sai Charitra is the most famous book. Sri Datta Guru Charitra - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Sri Datta Guru Ganapati Prarthana Ghanapatham Telugu Large. Uploaded. ₹ Sri Guru Charitra Saraswati Publication by K. Srimannarayana If you don't see what you are looking for here at this Datta Charitra page. We recommend.

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శ్రీ గురు చరిత్ర - Sri Guru Charitra - నిత్య పారాయణ గ్రంధం . Is there a telugu version avaliabl. Reply Thank you sir, please keep online pdf. DownloadSri guru dattatreya charitra in telugu pdf. Contained databases to simplify the process of moving a database from one SQL Server instance to another. 'Shri Guru Charitra' is the life of 'Shri Guru Dattatreya' (an incarnation of Brahma, Narasimha Saraswati, an incarnation of Shri Dattatreya about years ago.

D and Shri Narasimha Saraswati around A. D , his philosophy and teachings. The Book also provides some of the other Important Historical facts. The language used here is th century Marathi. Saraswati Gangadhar refers to himself as Namadharaka in the Book.

Please scan page again and attach. It was not scanned properly.

The page is not readable properly. However pages are not in a order in introduction like 6,7,30,31,8,9,10,11, I am first time reading this book and facing difficulty in searching pages rather content.

Charitra in pdf dattatreya telugu

Thank you very much once again. Thank you so much sir for the book. Telugu Devotional Blog. Email This BlogThis!

In telugu pdf dattatreya charitra

Newer Post Older Post Home. Rapolu Venkat July 15, at 4: Anonymous June 15, at 5: Anonymous July 22, at 7: Sudheer Reddy July 29, at Anonymous August 29, at 4: Sudheer Reddy October 17, at Unknown July 25, at 2: Anonymous August 12, at 9: Madhavi September 19, at 7: Anonymous December 27, at 6: Anonymous December 13, at 9: Anonymous November 28, at Sudheer Reddy November 3, at Anonymous December 11, at 9: Dakshina Murthy January 8, at Anonymous April 1, at Anonymous April 8, at 4: Anonymous August 21, at Anonymous November 1, at 1: Anonymous February 2, at 8: Durga Bhavani B February 24, at Anonymous February 26, at 1: Anonymous February 26, at Anonymous April 29, at Anonymous May 2, at 5: Sandya June 24, at Anonymous August 5, at 4: Anonymous August 29, at 9: Anonymous September 24, at 3: Anonymous September 24, at Sky the highest has no boundaries, no limits, is unaffected even if clouds and thunderstorms come and go the highest within oneself, the Atman self, soul has no limits, it is undifferentiated non-dual no matter what, let the clouds of materiality pass, be one with your soul and the Universal Self 4.

Water serves all without pride, discrimination; is transparent to everyone; purifies and gives life to everyone it touches a saint discriminates against no one and is never arrogant, lets other give him impurity, yet he always remains pure and cleanses 5.

Pdf telugu charitra dattatreya in

Fire purifies and reforms everything it comes in contact with, its energy shapes things the heat of knowledge reforms everything it comes in contact with, to shape oneself one needs the energy of learning 6. Moon waxes and wanes but its oneness doesn't change birth, death, rebirth and the cycle of existence does not change the oneness of soul, like moon it is a continuous eternal reality 7.

Sun source of light and gives its gift to all creatures as a sense of duty; in rain puddles it reflects and seems like distinct in each puddle, yet it is the same one Sun the soul may appear different in different bodies, yet everyone is connected and the soul is same in all; like Sun, one must share one's gifts as a sense of duty 8.

Pigeons they suffer losses in the hands of violent hunters, warn against obsessive attachments to anyone or to material things in this world do not be obsessive, don't focus on transient things such as damage or personal loss, human life is a rare privilege to learn, discover one's soul and reach moksha 9.

Charitra pdf dattatreya in telugu

Bumblebee active, works hard to build and create its reserve by directly visiting the flowers, but is selective and uses discretion, harmonious with flowers and never kills or over consumes be active, go directly to the sources of knowledge, seek wisdom from all sources but choose the nectar, be gentle, live harmoniously and leave others or other ideologies alone when you must Beekeeper profits from honeybees don't crave for material pleasures or in piling up treasures, neither the body nor material wealth ever lasts Ocean lucid at the surface, but deep and undisturbed within; receives numerous rivers yet remains the same let rivers of sensory input not bother who you are deep inside, know your depths, seek self-knowledge, be unperturbed by life, equipoise Moth is deceived by its senses, it runs to the fire in misunderstanding which kills it question your senses, question what others are telling you, question what you see, know senses can deceive, seek reason Courtesan exchanges transient pleasure with body, but feels dejected with meaningless life, ultimately moves on many prostitute their time, self-respect and principles for various reasons but feel dejected with their career and circumstances, seek meaning and spirituality in life, move on to doing things you love to do Snake lives in whatever hole that comes his way, willingly leaves bad skin and molts a yogi can live in any place, must be ready to molt old ideas and body for rebirth of his spirit Left: Icon with three heads; Right: with one head.