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Read "The Female Brain" by Louann Brizendine, M.D. available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Since Dr. Brizendine wrote. Every brain begins as a female brain. It only becomes male eight weeks after conception, when excess testosterone shrinks the communications center, reduces. Since Dr. Brizendine wrote The Female Brain ten years ago, the response has been overwhelming. This New York Times bestseller has been.

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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. This comprehensive new look at the hormonal download The Female Brain: Read Books Reviews - “Brizendine calls The Female Brain an 'owner's manual' for women, but it's worth a look for men, too—even though we're hardwired not to read the instructions.”. The Female Brain. byLouann Brizendine. Publication date Topics psychology, female, health, menopause, perimenopause, estrogen.

Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for download. Since Dr. And its profound scientific understanding of the nature and experience of the female brain continues to guide women as they pass through life stages, to help men better understand the girls and women in their lives, and to illuminate the delicate emotional machinery of a love relationship. Why are women more verbal than men? Why do women tend to form deeper bonds with their female friends than men do with their male counterparts?

It reads like a long magazine article written in a chatty style which among other things is directed towards an exclusively female audience. Worse, the science is poor, relying mostly on case study from private practice and completely irrelevant animal studies giving 0 background on studies. Just reporting findings is fine in these kind of books, but they should at least make a coherent argument.

Brizendine describes a rat experiment wherein researchers rubbed a local anesthetic on a mother rat's mammaries. Brizendine claims that the lack of sensation resulted in lack of bonding between pup and mother, and these poor rat pups as a consequence suffered from a host of problems later in the experiment. Therefore, a woman should breast-feed.

Wow -- I think I need a little more information before I can accept that line of reasoning. On the other hand, I do think that brain chemistry is extremely important in determining our moods and behavior. I can download the basic premise. The problem is that I'm not interested in why so many women exhibit stereotypical behavior. I'm more interested in the how. How does estrogen protect brain cells? How does oxytocin create feelings of relaxation?

What is an emotion, and how do you know you're having one anyways? Is sadness for a woman the same thing as sadness for me? Really, I'm not interested in why women like rich, good looking, attentive guys compared to what? I'm more interested in how they know and how they evaluate what they see and feel and how that differs from the way I see myself. None of these questions even get asked. It's a crying shame. View all 9 comments. Feb 21, Chloe rated it did not like it Shelves: The train wreck started with the initial characterization of the hormones.

Then it got into the book. At the beginning, it casually implied that PMS is scientifically valid. I was disappointed in that since there are quite a few medical profe The train wreck started with the initial characterization of the hormones. It would have been nice to see some facts and studies laid out about the opposing theories that exist, but no it picked a side, and presented it as if there was no debate.

Even the prevalence of the common side effects among women around menstruation would have been nice, but this book is woefully barren of many figures for a science book. And sadly at times it is even without facts. Many times the author states a common pop culture bit of pseudo-science psychology that many have heard, but there is no real scientific evidence for it being true. Women use about twenty-thousand. Men and women actually say the same amount of words per day, around seven thousand.

That is a twisting of data and leaving out social behaviors and expectations out of identifying children on the autistic spectrum.

Brain ebook female

Typically the expression of autism is different between boys and girls, due to how the different genders are conditioned to socially interact, a boy with autism is more likely to have a angry outburst while the girl is more likely to be reserved and quiet. In the end the angry outburst gets more attention and therefore a diagnose occurs, while a quiet child is hardly seen as problematic, and therefore no source of that favorable behavior is sought.

As more women are rising up in the ranks of businesses, guess what, rates of women sexually harassing male employees are going up as well. Also there is a lot of speculation about that the cases of husbands who get physically abused by the wives are drastically under reported, mainly due to the social stigma that men are the aggressors and women are the victims. Oh and here is a big one: And it makes a woman who enjoys sex look abnormal.

Female brain ebook

It is covert slut-shaming. And her justification about why less women enter into science and math professions totally ignores the documented fact of stereotype threat that goes into effect when women go against expected female behavior. The same thing happens when women enter into male dominated fields, and the result less women enter into those fields, and less women remain in those fields.

The fact that the author uses them, to support her theory, in my opinion, makes her the book lose all credibility. And as I said, since many of these statements she uses have no scientific merit, what about the references in the back? In most science books I read there are either footnotes or superscripts that connect a statement stated in the book to the corresponding source in the bibliography. In this book, while there is a bibliography, there is no connection from any statement made to the sources in the back.

Which makes sense, since the original scientific papers and such, in no way supports what the author theorizes and definitely not the fallacies she uses. A big problem is that most of the book is anecdotal. She ends up presenting a very narrow view of experience to justify her theory. She explains the neurological structures of the brain, and then she goes into an anecdote as if it confirms what she thought about the expression of the brain structure.

It pains me to no end that this book not only masquerades as scientifically valid but people are just lapping up this neurosexism and recommending that everyone else drink the kool-aid, ultimately perpetuating sexist stereotypes and reaffirming gender roles that have been constructed. This book tells girls "Of course you are the emotional irrational mess society says that you are! I can prove it with 'science'! Don't bother your pretty little emotional wreck of a head with math and science you are just not wired to understand it anyway.

Please for the love of sanity read this book and really try to understand the science behind claims and studies and don't just download into it because it feels true without any real meat of evidence to add to the claims. View all 4 comments. Oct 05, Esmeralda Rupp-Spangle rated it did not like it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Female brain ebook

To view it, click here. Laura look like a raging feminist" Another Goodreads reviewer" My problems with this book were plentiful. It was, in general, pretty poorly written, but often scientists don't make the all time best writers.

I find I can often forgive this shortcoming if their science is sound and interesting , but sadly Louanne Brizendine seems to rely on her own personal experience from cases she has observed firsthand and vague, undocumented, anecdotal "evidence" almost exclusively.

Rather than giving us the real cognitive science studies, she turns again and again to a few of her patients which represents a statistically insignificant population to extract subjective observations which go from becoming theories, to broad sweeping generalizations, to "facts" as you advance through the chapters.

She uses repetitive, inaccurate, and irritatingly childish analogies that are poorly chosen- to illustrate unsound hypotheses. As I first started into this book I was very put off by what I felt were extremely sexist overtones- not against women, but against men. Again and again she uses descriptions of testosterone "destroying" part of the male brain and the "default female" fetus growing unabated, etc etc etc. Louanne Brizendine successfully made me end up feeling as though I had no real purpose beyond being a passive, estrogen filled receptacle, fated to mate, care for young, keep the cave clean, calm aggressive males, and give up the pursuits that actually interest me in favor of the biological inevitability of being a mommy.

Perhaps I will breed and perhaps I will not, but a part of me wants to refuse to make babies solely to thwart this obnoxious assumption. The author barely touches at all on women who can not or do not have children, and only mentions them to note that their brains are not as efficient.

She also maintains that women are not worse at math or science, they just prefer to be in more social environments- and though I'm taking it out of context a little, that nearly made me holler with incredulity and rage. Stereotype much Mrs. There are good, interesting, legitimate, useful facts in this book- and I did find some wonderfully informative tidbits. Things about why I have trouble relating my emotional states to the opposite sex, and what chemicals cause what behaviors.

It helped me understand why I feel compelled to do certain things and why I so often have trouble understanding my partners seeming obliviousness to my emotional states. View 2 comments. Mar 17, Audrey Babkirk Wellons rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Please do not believe what is said in this book before you check the references.

Many of the assertions are false or a misinterpretation of facts. Here a linguistics professor from the University of Pennsylvania fact-checks a short passage from "The Female Brain" and finds no evidence to support the book's claims about women talking more than men: Delusions of Gender https: I am sorry if my initial positive review caused anyone to likewise read it and believe the same distorted views about women.

Many reviewers also took it at face value see http: This is how bad science gets spread Aug 30, Katie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Okay, this is serious. We ALL need to read this, and we need to get our significant others to read it, too. This author is a neuropsychiatrist and she analyzes how we women work in easy to understand language and why we do the things we do with regard to our moods, our biology and our evolutionary inclinations.

It is infinitely interesting and lends an amazing insight into how we as women function on a daily basis. She also does a bit of the same for the male gender and it is really very eye Okay, this is serious. She also does a bit of the same for the male gender and it is really very eye-opening. I learned more about myself from this book than I did from an entire semester of Gynecology!

And now I will stop jabbering and let you get to reading the book Dec 17, Lori Carpenter rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Where to begin!

Julie recommended this book to me. I'd suggest all women read it; especially those going through changes in life and these can be the obvious, like menopause, to your girls going through puberty. It will definitely keep me more patient and "grounded" as Ellie goes through puberty to remember not to take things personally and to remember what she is going through.

Which is obvious, but I kept thi Wow! Which is obvious, but I kept thinking about the peri-menopausal and menopausal women with a teenage daughter and thought she could have explored this dynamic more.

It was fascinating to learn about the different areas of the brain that develop more fully in a female vs. It's worth the read, explains past behaviors and gives you a head's up for the future. Just remember, we are all Stone Age beings at heart!

How to Travel Inside the Female Brain (ebook)

Mar 28, Kate rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This book is amazing. I normally do not read books like this, but it is so worth it. Dr Brizendine describes the various stages of the female brain, from fetus through menopause and all the changes in between. I now find myself looking at Louisa and thinking how her brain is begging for reassurance that she's doing 'it' right.

Then looking at myself, current owner of the 'mommy brain'. I really appreciated how the author presented the material to explain actions of individuals while aff This book is amazing. I really appreciated how the author presented the material to explain actions of individuals while affirming that women are agents of their own actions, regardless of what's going on in the old brain. I found myself constantly turning to whoever was next to me at the time wanting to share interesting tidbits did you know that women cry on average four times more than men do?!

I hear that may be annoying You know an author is out to prove something when she states that she attended Harvard, Yale, and Berkeley within the first page of her book. Furthermore, you know she wants to be taken seriously when she keeps repeating this claim to fame every few pages and also reminds you of all the thousands of cases she has seen while working at her clinic.

What you don't know, however, is why someone who claims to be so experienced relies solely on anonymous studies and personal anecdotes about herself, u You know an author is out to prove something when she states that she attended Harvard, Yale, and Berkeley within the first page of her book.

What you don't know, however, is why someone who claims to be so experienced relies solely on anonymous studies and personal anecdotes about herself, unidentified friends, and nameless patients besides one biochemistry professor who was a pole dancer in college as the basis for generalizations for the behavior of ALL women and men. Brizendine spends the majority of her book discussing such stories. When she tries to support her claims with scientific data, she is very specific; for instance, a Swiss experiment proved that oxytocin acts as a pleasure stimulant for the brain.

Who conducted this experiment? When was it conducted? How many subjects were tested? Such information is conveniently left unmentioned throughout the book in order not to trouble readers' minds with cumbersome facts.

Well, if that's the case, then an experiment conducted in NY proved that the brain is actually located in a person's neck and not the head. Brizendine did provide over 70 pages of notes and references, but readers are sure to be able to take the time to match anecdote with reference number when the references are alphabetized without any mention to the chapter they support.

Many of the "facts" this books provides are also very questionable. Men think about sex once a minute while women think about it a maximum of three times per day? Do these chaste women turn on the television, ever? And I'm sure every teenage boy thinks about sex two hundred forty times during the four hours that he spends taking the SAT. They must be great prodigies indeed.

Female brain ebook

How to Use Conversation for Profit and Pleasure. Overall, on an academic scale of , I would give this book a 3. On an entertainment scale, however, I would give it an 8. I had such a great time watching Brizendine try to get me to take her seriously and every few pages evoked quite a few laughs.

Some great quotes presented in this literary masterpiece: Phone conversations can have painful lulls. The best she can often hope for is that he is an attentive listener. She may not realize he's just bored and wants to get back to his video game. The Female Brain is a science book that discusses the physical and psychological aspects of the female brain.

It will teach you how the female brain works, and why does it work the way it does. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and learned a lot by reading it. It contains enough science that you feel convinced yet not bored, and enough stories that entertain you along the way. To be honest, I didn't like it at first when she started talking about females as super human beings, and how we The Female Brain is a science book that discusses the physical and psychological aspects of the female brain.

To be honest, I didn't like it at first when she started talking about females as super human beings, and how we men are just simply limited Hey, I have to be a little defensive! However, as the book went along, it started having a more moderate and reasonable tone.

I do recommend this book for women first and foremost, so that they know what they're and what they will be going through, and how to make use of it all. I recommend it to men if they really care about understanding their partners. Believe me, this scientific material is much more valuable to understanding how the other gender functions than a book like "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus". At least, there are no caves in this book!

View all 3 comments. This is when excess testosterone shrinks the communication centre, reduces the hearing cortex and makes the part of the brain that processes sex twice as large. Post-graduation she has work "Did you know that every brain begins as a female brain and that it only becomes male eight weeks after conception?

This book captured me right from page one, it details all the stages of a woman's life - and how her brain is affected and changes throughout these stages.

The Female Brain

It helped me to understand so many things about myself, that I had never fully understood before. Why my moods change so much throughout the month, why the week after my period is when I feel the best. Our hormones are literally changing daily, and these hormones have a huge impact on how we feel.

This is a book I think every woman should read - and ideally, every man too.

The Female Brain - Louann Brizendine - Google книги

I borrowed this book from the library, but it's going on my list of books I need to own. Dec 02, Monica rated it did not like it. My mom recommended it, I think, because she was overjoyed to discover a scientific rationale for her new-found post-menopausal selfishness which I think is a good thing for her I felt a bit "meh" about the book On what I found out about the female brain: They're smarter than us.

I wish I had this book a couple years ago. But seriously, intelligence is relevant and this book is not about that. Instead, it's about the different ways in which both brains operate. In no way is this book fluff, which is what someone coming across the title, and in light of its mainstream success, might think. What this book is, is an attempt to understand the circuitry of the female brain; which, hasn't been thourou On what I found out about the female brain: What this book is, is an attempt to understand the circuitry of the female brain; which, hasn't been thouroughly investigated until thirty years prior to now.

Scientist simply couldn't, and didn't have the equipment, to understand the female brain in relation to the male brain. The book deals more in research and neorology than anything else--the references in the back take up a big portion of the book. It's clear in what was said in the introduction, that Louann Brizendine probably got a healthy advance for this book and that a lot of people were involved to make it happen. What we're left with is a book that's groundbreaking, informative, interesting, important, helpful, humorous, tells a story, and is just fun.

I usually read a lot, and so saying I couldn't put this book down would be an understatement, but, I didn't try to read another book while reading this one. I usually read two books if their subject matter allows me to not keep with it the whole time. It's also amazing that the book has been edited down to only pages.

In the short time it took me to read it, I observed females and the way they interact in comparison to males. Sure enough, I could identify with a lot of things that were being discussed in the text. As Christiane Northrup, M.

All women--and the men who love them--should read this book. Nov 13, Rosytown rated it it was ok Recommends it for: There are two things that you MUST know before reading this book. One such 'fact', regarding the usage of words per day has been removed in current printings due to it's inaccuracy. On the positive side of things, I found small pockets of th There are two things that you MUST know before reading this book.

On the positive side of things, I found small pockets of the book mildly interesting. It flows well, employing a chronological format and it is well written despite some typos. However, I can completely understand why many woman are outraged by such a book.

It doesn't do much justice for the plight of women in this day and age. I'd like to believe that the strong, smart and capable women in my life are more than just constructs of their current hormonal flux. They would all be horrified to hear me speaking of them in such a way. As a man, I found the book irritating. The author paints a completely over simplified and often inaccurate version of modern men. I truly hope that readers are smart enough to disregard these obvious misrepresentations.

On the back of the book - 'a man can't spot an emotion unless somebody cries or threatens bodily harm'. Enough said. This is an absolute true story: I got this book as a gift while I was living in my dad's apartment.

I tried reading this and just absolutely couldn't because it was so fucking dumb. So i put it back on my bookshelf and resumed my life.

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But even that seemed wrong. So, after fairly little but thorough deliberation I genuinely took this book to the trash shoot and threw it in the dumpster. Also I still see this book featured in barnes and noble Thanks to this book, my mother and I hug more often in order to secrete oxytocin so she doesn't abandon me.

It works. View all 17 comments. Feb 04, Kimberley rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Innately sexist and ignores social construction of gender. Emphasizes on biological determinism which is a major contributing factor into women's oppression. This book needs to go back to !

Aug 31, Jen O'Brien rated it it was amazing. I think that a lot of people are up in arms about a book that they clearly don't understand. This book is about the brain chemistry of why woman think they way that they do and does not at all intend to make anyone some superior or inferior in the relationship.

I used to be one of these hyper feminist bra burning individuals, then I turned Try reading with an open mind and realize that she isn't trying to oppress women but is merely showing the relationship of evolution to the human brain. S I think that a lot of people are up in arms about a book that they clearly don't understand. Science and society have made much further leaps and bounds than our slowly evolving bodies and it will be quite a while before we make that next evolutionary leap.

We are hard wired to reproduce and our brains are still trying to get us to do this despite our birth control technology. Reading this book and its companion has actually saved me from being an overly agressive femme bot who thinks that all men are beneath her, it is possible to be a feminist and not be militant.

I understand the way men think now too, and have actually saved myself a lot of heart ache and stress by not wasting a lot of hurt and emotion on misreading things my fiance says and does. If you have attempted to read this book before and came away with a bad taste in your mouth maybe you ought to try again open mindedly. There is even a section in the back of both the Male and Female Brain books that talks about the brain make up of both gay men and lesbians and explains how MRI readings prove their brains to show differences from their straight counterparts.

Dec 09, Caitlin rated it did not like it Shelves: This book needs no parody. Brain science in the service of silliness and stereotype truths about women Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus plus amygdala drawings and synapses. Which wouldn't be a problem except so many damned people bought it! Jan 07, Megan rated it really liked it Shelves: I mostly really liked this book. On the second night, drunk and high on cannabis, she was already grabbing my hands and my ass in a club where we all went, flirting in the least discreet way possible.

This relationship was such a mess This is why this book is so important to you, who seek to find the truth and discover for yourself how to become a better human being, while accumulating everything the planet has to offer - its most outstanding knowledge and insights. For along the following chapters, you will learn how life can be organized properly and how you can follow the patterns shown here, based on sacred geometry, to discover more about your true identity while making decisions that can shift your existence towards a better outcome.

This will always be obvious. In fact, such illusion is what makes us consider and think and talk about the concepts of good and evil, or good and bad.

Knowing how this third option changes the other two, can also help us in understanding how to find the capacity to change the nature of our own choices. Like seeds, you plant the fortune you reap during any given moment, and especially, during moments that require a greater investment of your emotions; reason why it is always better to cultivate harmony than chaos. Chaos, doubt and perpetual self-inquiries lead one to self-destruction, often through the deceptive marks of the physical world that fool us - the prettier face, the most gentle smile, the apparent friendly advice, the good will of someone who is just as lost as you are.

But if you think that you are merely a reflection of that past, a shadow on what was created, a dust in the wind of what could have become, a prototype to something much greater, you are in control of your destiny.