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Treatment Record Book. Guidance on Supplies record book: Details of supplies used from this kit must be recorded in this Treatment Record Book. This helps to. Pupil Accident Report Book, Accident Report Book. FIRST AID KIT LOG BOOK (INSPECTION REPORT) FIRE EXTINGUISHER LOG BOOK Fire Alarms, Building Code, Fire Hose, Fire Alarm System. Open.

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Page 1. 1. ‐CCA‐08‐IGDO. FIRST AID LOG BOOK. Date. Time. (am/pm). Name of Injured. Nature of Injury. Location. Witness. Names. Treatment. Reviewed. First aid is an important aspect of Occupational Health and Safety. . When using supplies from the first aid kit the 'First Aid Kit Log Book' must be completed. SAMPLE - First Aid Log Sheet. This form must be completed by the First Aider or designate and kept available. Name of Injured Person. Date of Injury (D/M/Y).

This record would be sent to management who would then be expected to read and follow up on the incident, including making recommendations to prevent or minimise the incident from occurring again. The record would be kept on the premises for future reference. Physical condition When you are recording the details regarding the physical condition of the casualty, you need to write objectively, not subjectively, and include observation of the facts ie the signs and the symptoms. On inspection, his left ankle was swollen and slightly bruised. Below is an example of how not to write: At 1. When I returned, I had calmed down and saw that his left ankle was huge.


Scenario: asthma attack Here is an example of documenting changes in the physical condition: At She was pale and clammy. Your name sat her in a chair and called for help.

At the same time your name loosened her clothing, opened the window and turned on the fan. Management It is important that all management given to the casualty is fully documented.

One minute later, she turned very blue around the mouth and collapsed. She was found to be unconscious and not breathing.

Manuals & Accident Record Books

Response to management In addition to reporting on the physical condition of the casualty and first aid management, you will also need to report on the response to the first aid management. In other words, what happened after first aid was given.

Book log first aid

Was the first aid management effective? Did the casualty recover? Employers are usually required to maintain written records of all injuries and treatment given in a first aid treatment record book or log. Each event should be recorded and include: Worker's name Date and time of injury Location and nature of the injury Description of how the injury occurred Type or description of first aid treatment given Time first aid was given Patient's signature Date and time of reporting Name of the person to whom the injury was reported Where this book is kept and who has access to it may vary with the need for privacy.

What should all employees know about first aid?

Book log first aid

Only employees trained in first aid should assist a victim. Never give first aid treatment for which you are not trained. As part of their emergency preparedness training, employees should know how to respond during an injury or illness situation.

First Aid Record Book

In terms of first aid, employees should know: Procedures to be followed when first aid is required including what types of injuries should be reported e. While a first aid hazard assessment is not required in all jurisdictions, conducting one will ensure the workplace is prepared for all likely emergencies and the types of first aid treatment that may be needed.

It is essential to know the exact hazards in the workplace as being prepared will also help reduce the severity of any events. For example, if you work in an autobody repair shop, provisions should be made to have training and first aid supplies for: Burns and welding flash from welding Burns and eye injuries from grinding Cuts, scrapes, etc.

Depending on the workplace, there may also be need to consider: Chemicals that may require a specific sequence of treatment steps, emergency eye-wash stations or showers, or an antidote. Crowd control e.

Special needs e.

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Allergic reactions to certain medications, foods, insect bites or stings, chemicals, materials or products. Employees who work alone. Transportation to a medical facility e. What is a sample checklist for a first aid assessment? Below is a sample worksheet.