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Mind Secrets Exposed - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Mind Secrets. Convert documents to beautiful publications and share them worldwide. Title: Mind Secrets Exposed PDF Full Review, Author: Sarah Flingstone, Length: 5 . 2. Copyright Chapter 2: The Company With Two Departments. Their minds are filled with negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

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MIND SECRETS EXPOSED REVIEW: 5 REASONS NOT TO downloadMind Secrets Exposed is a self improvement home study course. Mind Secrets Exposed | Is this RealHome › Recommended Sources › Mind Secrets Exposed | Is this RealAn inspirational self-help book. Mind control secrets exposed and how we can use it for our own benefit instead of allowing only the elites to exploit this life changing.

Always bring its power into those who are seeking truth through the. Gold and silver — a viable investment. Witchcraft and the magickal practices of its greatest practitioners. Emotional intelligence is the sine qua non. And what if he suddenly has a stroke — are we supposed to set up the whole shebang all over again. After 2 years of tweaking they finally did it.

Any information or experience received is stored in the subconscious. What is more amazing is that in some cases. As such. The Protector Because the subconscious mind is incapable of reasoning or analysis.

The conscious mind acts as a gatekeeper. If the man wholeheartedly believes that he is not meant to succeed all his life. If you have ever doubted your own ability in accomplishing a particular task.

Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0

You will soon find yourself resenting your own inability to find success. The Destructive Statements You may not be aware of this. Being exposed to such messages and not consciously rejecting them. Chances are. Your conscious mind may not have been aware of the dangers of such affirmations. Eliminating destructive beliefs is. Eliminating Destructive Beliefs Right now.

The majority of people who struggle to find success in life. This ability to distinguish between right and wrong. You merely have to first recognize the negative beliefs for what they are.

You are constantly exposed to all sorts of affirmations. It is extremely important for you to be able to identify this plethora of mixed messages and distinguish between what is useful and what is destructive to you. Once you are able to do this. Apply this technique to your daily routine and you will find success in absolutely no time at all. If you wish for better wealth. Think of words or statements associated with your desired outcome and repeat them verbally. Be certain of your desire.

Keen on attracting good health and wealth into your life? Then try the following: If you wish to achieve a better life overall. Just as you would banish darkness with light. Your thought is the most powerful force in all existence.

Always keep in mind that the thoughts you harvest within your mind will manifest into your life. If you wish for better health. Your subconscious responds to any thought it receives from the conscious mind. You are the sum of your thoughts.

Your life thus far — good or bad — is the result of how you have applied your thoughts and actions in the past AND present. Whether it is regulating your heartbeat. Chapter 3: I remember asking him how he managed to wake up on time every single day. And he achieved this incredible feat without using alarm clocks of any kind. My grandfather was a perfect example.

It works around the clock. The subconscious mind is responsible for a myriad of bodily processes that. Every morning. I remember him being amused by my question. He merely referred to the instrument of his fascinating feat as his mind. Although the subconscious is not capable of rational decisions. He had started out with alarm clocks. What he meant was that he had found a way to train his mind.

The Miracle Of Inspiration The subconscious mind can be more than just an internal alarm clock. The subconscious may try and match relevant information that it has stored over the years. Have you ever had a particular dilemma. The truth behind his feat was simple: This is the subconscious at work. While undergoing this process. Ponder over the issue at hand. It was through the subconscious that Beethoven managed to produce masterful symphonies.

Numerous other artists throughout history have also created masterpieces thanks to their subconscious minds. Even though you require sleep to ensure a healthy mind and body. Feel free to try it for yourself. Not a lot of people are aware of this fact. Give your subconscious a problem to solve before you go to bed. A French neurologist named Jean Charcot cured ailments. There have been many other cases involving similar methods.

He was convinced that he had. Practicing medicine in Bengal. Even though he found success with this method. Scottish surgeon Dr. A commission was set up. India during the s. He soon gained a considerable reputation among the European and local communities for his painless surgical procedures. These miracles of the mind can be achieved by anyone. You can use the power of your subconscious to relieve yourself of pain.

Madam Bire. Several examinations by doctors a month later revealed that her optic nerves had been fully restored to perfect condition. James Esdaile is regarded by many as a pioneer of hypnotic anesthesia.

Hundreds of surgical procedures were performed in such a manner. Esdaile achieved this feat by using positive affirmations while his patients were in a relaxed state of mind. Mesmer theorized that a mysterious. Mesmer soon abandoned the use of magnets altogether.

Every experience. While it may be true that such conditions manifest at the later stages of life. There is the fascinating story of one Major James Nesmeth. Every bit of information. Nesmeth envisioned the course. During his imprisonment. The Miracle Of You As mentioned in the previous chapter.

There is simply no wrong or right information. It influences our actions whether we realize it or not. Positive thought became the sole motivating factor in his visualization of the perfect shot with every imagined swing of the club. It builds a treasure trove of information and solutions. The subconscious mind is akin to a personal supercomputer that not only automates our vital functions. After seven long years of imaginary golf. This illustrates the wonder that the subconscious mind can achieve when one truly learns to utilize the best of its abilities.

Know with utter certainty that that specific desire is what you wish to manifest into reality. Once you truly understand the magnitude of the power that lies within. Just as he trusts the principle of life and growth. Release the mental picture of your desire with the same faith and confidence that a farmer would have when he sows his seed into the ground. Do this twice every day to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Form it as a request to the Divine. The removal of such tensions will clear the path of communication to your subconscious. Envision the joy you would feel. Simply instruct your body to release all tension.

The absence of negativity will make it easier for your subconscious to obey your will. This power only needs to be tapped into once you are made aware of its existence. If you desire a beautiful home. It holds the solution to practically any question. Put all your faith and belief into it.

Your subconscious mind has the power to make anything possible. Make that mental picture as vivid as you possibly can.

Fully visualize your life as if you have already manifested that desire into your reality. Just how have these religious miracle workers achieved such a feat? Considering the varied methodologies involved throughout different cultures. Such rituals may seem strange. These healings were often performed by religious luminaries. This very phenomenon gives hope to those whom medical professionals have deemed incurable or terminal. It was believed that there was a supernatural element to these healings that allowed people to perform miraculous feats of instantaneous healing.

The fervent. Chapter 4: Early Healing Techniques Throughout the history of man. The power to instantaneously eradicate all manner of ailment from their bodies comes from within the patients. The truth perhaps lays in the patients themselves. Divine being. The monk. Remember that the subconscious regulates bodily processes. But it is also protected by the conscious mind. This is perhaps why strange rituals are necessary. One day. He had lost his hearing after a particularly nasty fall from a tree when he was very young.

Physicians who tried to treat his deafness told his family that he would never hear again. He had fallen unconscious. Years would pass. Out of the kindness of his own heart. Consider this story of a man who had miraculously regained his ability to hear after being deaf for over fifty years.

The monk claimed that the stone held supernatural healing powers. The power of faith. He was startled awake by the crowing of the rooster. One might argue that it was wrong of the monk to do what he did.

On the morning after the fortieth night. But that did not happen. It was simply an ordinary stone that the monk had acquired in his travels. But this story is not without irony or controversy. If you wish to change the direction of your life you must first direct your faith toward your desired life. Your subconscious mind has manifested your current reality according to your faith in yourself.

Prayer and affirmations will embed the necessary instructions and messages into your subconscious. Putting faith in health.

You do not require more of it. An unwavering belief in the Infinite Healing of your subconscious will grant you the power to heal any ailment that you suffer from. Your faith needs a purpose. This applies for both positive and negative outcomes. Here are a few principles that you need to keep in mind when calling upon faith and the Infinite Healing of your subconscious.

Make it a habit to pray every night before bed to reaffirm all that you believe in and all that you put your faith in. Chapter 5: Modern Subconscious Mind Healings As we have already established, our subconscious mind holds limitless healing power.

It is an integral aspect of our selves, and it will forever work, as long as we remember to get rid of all the psychological and emotional limits that stop it from functioning properly. The ancient gurus of times long passed worked their "magic" by simply removing these socalled barriers. Afterwards, the subconscious mind takes care of everything else.

Belief Is In Itself Powerful Think about the main basis for all of the world's religions, and you will see that they are all founded on one's belief and faith. Belief is the universal law of life that we all observe, and your belief is also a determining factor in your ultimate destiny. It is what we believe in that tells our subconscious mind to concentrate and aim our efforts and energies in accordance to the patterns of our thoughts.

Even our dreams are somewhat shaped by our belief system. We are what we believe in or we are, at least, defined by our beliefs. Practically everything about ourselves as individuals is determined by our belief system. How we live our lives is but a reflection of the thoughts contained within our mind. If we choose to believe in living positively for the future, we will more than likely lead a happy and successful life full of achievement and zero regrets.

If we instead choose to focus on negativity and the bleakness of reality, we would lead a life defined by melancholy and despair. Ergo, it is foolish to have a negative belief system, or at least one that will affect our lives in a self-destructive manner. Combining The Functions Of The Subconscious And Conscious Mind Together By combining the conscious and subconscious mind's functions as one, so that they can function in harmony and coordination together, we can now perform what is typically called a technical prayer, also known as prayer therapy or a scientific prayer.

In a manner of speaking, the technical prayer is a method to realize our objectives, by deliberating them carefully in our mind; first through mental actions before physically making it into a reality. A technical prayer works like this: It enables you to voluntarily or consciously concentrate on a particular outcome or desired idea, which allows it to be communicated to your subconscious mind.

By getting in touch with the reality of the desired outcome or selected idea, or at least focusing on its many aspects and facets, so that it is the only thing in our mind, we can express the notion to our subconscious better and clearer. Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Blind Faith For some people, the term "blind faith" is an insult to those extreme believers who are seemingly enemies of common sense and reason, because they lay everything on the line in order to believe something for the sake of believing.

However, these people tend to miss out what blind faith truly entails with that oversimplification of the concept. A person who uses his faith in order to heal, typically, has no scientific understanding of the healing process or the operations needed in order for it to work. He will naturally assert that he has been gifted with healing powers, and he requires the patient's "blind faith" in his abilities as a faith healer to bring about a cure to an ailment through the subconscious mind.

The faith healer is nothing more than a medium through which the healing occurs, and it is the patient's subconscious mind that truly does all the work. In ancient times, priests and other holy men have offered healing by performing special, oftentimes outlandish, rituals that guide the patient into concentrating on and believing that they would be healed by them.

As long as the psychological barriers of disbelief, fear, and skepticism are suspended or outright removed, the subconscious mind will be receptive to positive healing energy that can be used to nurse and revitalize the ailing body. For example, let us return to the Franz Anton Mesmer case mentioned in a previous chapter.

If you recall, Mesmer was an Austrian physician who was able to cure a multitude of his patients by simply stroking magnets on their bodies. Later on, he began doing the same strokes without magnets and with only his bare hands and the healing effects of his ministrations remained the same.

He claimed that the healings remained consistent throughout, as he elucidated his theory about animal magnetism. Up until now, there is no solid scientific proof of his theory of animal magnetism, even though the fact remained that he was still able to cure so many of his patients regardless. Once Mesmer died, a Manchester doctor named James Braid demonstrated that he was. On a side note. All your doubts. The belief that you need to call to mind the subconscious' healing powers are mostly found at the subconscious level.

Is there any way you can help your parent out while you are away. The one thing that blocks the power of the subconscious mind — its biggest obstacle. The doctors say that he is hanging between life and death. We have the ability to unleash the subconscious mind's enormous potential. Here lies the power of blind faith. In order for the subconscious to work its wonders.

James's work illustrates how powerful the subconscious mind is. By concentrating on protecting your father's wellbeing in your own mind. By having faith and a strong conviction. Because the situation is literally out of your hands. It can even help you throughout the night to help bring an answer to whatever problems or issues you need to address in your everyday life. Buckman tried an alternative treatment: Louis Buckman is a good example of a case of subconscious healing. But the treatments involved a certain amount of risk.

Buckman was healed of his cancer and all traces of the cancerous cells were removed from his body. He was. Aside from problem solving. Buckman was a cancer patient whose oncologist suggested a series of procedures to treat the cancerous cells that were detected in his body. He brought his subconscious mind to motion.

It seems that on an instinctual level. What they have actually done is that they activated the powers of their subconscious. Have faith in your subconscious and your ability to heal yourself. If you desire to be healthy. By telling themselves and others again and again that their health is failing them. Do not focus on your illness. That way. If you yourself have been thinking or talking about your sicknesses to the point of obsession.

Thinking positively is not lip service: It may mean the difference between life and death. Try to recall the pessimists in your life. Every time you focus on your disease. If they have the death wish of believing their illness is terminal. Never underestimate the power of the subconscious. For good or for bad. More often than not. Realize that health is your birthright.

Do not give any of it attention. Instead of dwelling on your illness. Empower these thoughts and command your subconscious mind to manifest them into reality.

Instead of wishing to be healed. Keep in mind the following crucial principles when attempting to remotely heal a loved one or yourself through the Infinite Healing of your subconscious mind. Imagine all that you will do once you attain your desired health.

Trust in the power of the one Healing Presence. Faith is essential. No one can be healed of any illness should disease have an ultimate reality. Such knowledge would have to be acquired through learning first. Chapter 6: Praying Is a Science An architect does his job by rummaging through his experience or creativity and tempering his ideas with a series of known processes and techniques. Architects need to work side-by-side with engineers.

Before designing and constructing a new building. From there. No human is born with such knowledge. So what does this have to do with prayers? The thing is. Engineers then come into play in order to test the ground to provide the architect the aforementioned data. By the same token. This knowledge should be accessed by everyone.

Each new project.

Proper prayer is composed of generating and concentrating on a concept born out of a desired outcome or particular goal that we want the most. Prayers should not be for naught and should instead be focused on attaining our lifetime goals and desires.

This chapter will cover all the praying techniques available to you. If you are unaware of the proper procedures and techniques.

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With that said. In essence. By now. In fact. It is a method of programming our subconscious mind toward attaining what we want most in life or even what we deem a necessity at the present moment. Subconscious Mind Infiltration System There is no need for any complex or difficult techniques when it comes to prayer. On the topic of prayer. Envision that you have bought a new house and home for your loving family.

You oversee the entire renovation procedure. It works like so: Focus on your goal and be fully confident with your subconscious' limitless talents and capabilities. Let your prayers serve as your. Let them take form and see them realized mentally. Visualize your objectives or goals. You love what your interior designer has come up with and decide to follow his instructions exactly as outlined by his blue prints. Remember the example of the young man who had diarrhea and how he used and repeated the mantra "My diarrhea is going away now.

If your mindset is filled with trauma. This is especially true if you have restrictive beliefs and negatively reinforced convictions. An optimist is a person who realizes his full potential as a human being by providing his subconscious with his "Never give up" attitude and a motivated mind that's always searching for opportunities for improvement instead of resigning itself to a limited and constrained "reality".

What you slip into your subconscious mind through your conscious thoughts determines how many positive outcomes and maximum payoffs you will get in your life. Your subconscious records every experience as a memory of sorts. Your conscious thoughts are not audible or visible. Every minute of every day is an opportunity for you to add.

With that said and done. Faith goes a long way in achieving what you most desire. The pathway that you need to follow will appear before you and. In order to bring success back in your life. Revise your blueprint by changing your perspective and mindset if things are not going your way.

Do not underestimate the power of positive thinking. Unless you believe in the power of your subconscious mind. Belief in your subconscious is the key to realizing its potential. The connection between your subconscious and conscious mind does exist. This belief should be the starting point from which your subconscious moves towards fulfilling whatever desires. By envisioning what you want. In order for your subconscious to lay out the foundations of your happiness. Your subconscious mind. Besides which.

The Moving Pictures Method A picture may be worth a thousand words. What you see is what you get. As long as you can envision your goals. That is the key term here. You can even "fake it till you make it". The automatic recurring method is effective because sleep stops the conscious mind from hampering and intervening with the subconscious mind's capabilities.

The Automatic Recurring Method As for the automatic recurring method. Let your positive thoughts permeate to your brain as you start to disengage your consciousness and let your drowsiness take over your awareness for the night.

Without the conscious mind serving as a blockage. Slip these constructive notions and let your subconscious sort out the details. It can work while you slumber and assist you with whatever tasks or goals you have to accomplish. If you want to be healthy. The Reasoning Technique Reasoning can also allow you to harness the unlimited potential of the subconscious mind. Aside from concentrating on our dreams real hard during the daytime. Counterproductive ideas and negative thoughts are less likely to occur without the conscious mind's interference to boot or.

Just as we regularly seek justification for our conscious actions and carefully planned schemes. By giving your subconscious valid and worthy reasons — logical ones that make sense — that justify and prove the worth of your goals and desired outcomes. What's more. An action or an objective should be justifiable or else our gut feeling. Just be honest with yourself. At the very least. When vexed with a problem. Know that only God has the power to bring all that you desire into reality.

Surrender yourself to God and the Infinite Wisdom that exists within you. Thank God for having provided the answer. To do so only affirms that you lack that which you ask for. The power of faith empowers every prayer.

Know that what you ask for is already in your destiny. The following will teach you how to reap the best benefits of prayer. When praying. Remember that prayer is a science. Do not give power to anything that will not help in realizing your desires. Remember that prayer is not about beseeching God for a desired outcome. It is forever showing us the way to achieve advancement. The subconscious is always in harmony with limitless motivations. Chapter 7: The subconscious mind's self-development nature is available to you every second of every day.

The subconscious mind does not only receive messages. One example of this subconscious influence on us all happened way back in Humans are also known for their helpfulness towards others in need. Accessing and harnessing the vast amounts of capability and unrealized potential found within your subconscious is truly in your best interests. Subconscious thoughts are different from conscious ones in that they have a self-developing nature that is predisposed towards keeping our body.

The subconscious mind holds the majority as in ninety percent of the brain's capabilities. It is claimed that. Such is the power of the subconscious and its well-meaning instinct to help. Inspiration and ideas do come from within.

Despite the danger surrounding them and their physical handicaps. The subconscious is not just a state of mind. His boundless and immeasurable data warehouse of inspiration is contained right in his subconscious. Mark Twain mentioned many times that he did not have to do much work in order to put his timeless stories and characters to life with his pen. All he needed to do was observe and write about the moving pictures in his head.

After the great disaster struck. Highly renowned and world-class authors. In a manner of speaking. Conscious awareness is imparted to us via our control over our physical senses the five traditional ones plus many others not covered in primary school biology.

The subconscious mind will take care of your bodily instincts before your conscious mind is even aware that you are in danger. The Regenerating Human Body According to scientists.

The subconscious and conscious departments of our brain are both linked to all the major bodily organs. The subconscious and conscious parts of your brain can work together or independent of each other. As for cells. They are all on autopilot. In a sense. However, the body's regenerative properties have nothing to do with any rebuilt resentment, hatred, anxiety, and other destructive thoughts or negative feelings.

That is all you and your own consciousness dragging around past emotional baggage you cannot let go of. As such, it is your duty to act and think like you have been reborn by suppressing these lingering negative thoughts with constructive and positive ones.

Let the light of positive thinking swallow and overcome the darkness of negativity, its heat removing its coldness. Inundate your mind with positive thoughts, and you will be able to feel refreshed and reborn in mind and body. The majority of humans are born with bodies that function perfectly fine and are free of abnormalities and defects.

This normal setting is the default condition that many of us who were born into this planet acquire, and it is our responsibility to maintain this level of functionality, strength, and health throughout our lives. This belief is found within every baby's subconscious. We were born without defects, so we should keep it that way.

With that said, it is our subconscious mind that is in charge of protecting our bodies from birth onwards. As infants, whenever we feel cold or hungry, it is our subconscious that alerts our infantile selves of this fact, even though our consciousness is not well developed enough, and many of us have brains too small, at the time, to recall what happened during our infancy.

As such, it is our subconscious that carries the burden of ensuring our survival until our conscious minds develops well enough to shoulder that responsibility as well. Therefore, sickness is an abnormality that should be remedied, because it is not proper for bodies, which were born without defects, to fall sick, weaken, and die. Our bodies are developed to work without illnesses or ailments, and our subconscious is there to guarantee that we have a body that is free of any sort of maladies.

If we do end up with some sort of. A subconscious mind that is free of negativity will do whatever it takes, by instinct or by signals to your conscious mind, to keep you safe from harm or possible outbreaks of disease.

Even if a virus were to enter your body, a subconscious filled with positive energy will be able to treat that ailment before it can take hold and break down your body's defenses altogether. As a child, he fell victim to Pott's disease, otherwise known as spinal tuberculosis.

Because of this devastating incident, he had to move around using his hands and knees, as he became a physically twisted cripple whose condition was declared incurable by his physician.

Andrews had no intention of letting such bad news get him down, though. Instead of accepting his fate, Andrews outright rejected his doctor's diagnosis and opted to pray every day and night religiously. His every prayer affirmed that he was a warm, caring, flawless, happy, and mighty individual, who could get through his struggles just fine.

Every fiber of his being believed that he would somehow undo the horrors that his spinal tuberculosis had put him through. His prayers and affirmations not only warded off any destructive or negative thoughts; they also reached right through his subconscious mind, which reacted accordingly and helped his body heal from the devastating effects of his tuberculosis.

He did not need to crawl on his hands and knees in order to get around. The twisted cripple that he used to be gave way to a well-built and sturdy young man, who could walk on two legs without assistance or crutches. Because of his constant constructive affirmations to himself, Andrews managed to contact his subconscious and make it help him subdue his negative thoughts.

This provided his body with the much-needed motivation to defeat the illness that caused him to become handicapped and distorted in the first place. The absence of destructive thoughts ensured. With the power of your subconscious and your steadfast belief.

No disease or condition is impossible to treat. The restoration of Andrews' body is just one of many stories and examples of how we can set in motion the subconscious healing mechanisms that we all possess. I choose to be healthy.

Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0 Pdf Free Download

Do not refuse or resist the idea of your ability to choose. You have the power to choose. I choose to be at peace with myself and everything around me.

Believe in the Infinite Intelligence when making your choices and the knowledge of your subconscious will grant you the assurance of shaping your life as you desire it. Maintain a positive outlook by constantly affirming the following: Remember that your thoughts have a part in shaping your reality.

I choose to be successful. Every choice I make is guided by my Infinite Wisdom. That very spark affords you Infinite Intelligence to bring forth into reality all that you choose to be real.

You choose to be healthy.

2.0 exposed mind pdf secrets

If you feel as though your belief in the power of your subconscious is not as it should be. To do so is to reject the spark of the Divine that holds the power to bring into existence all that you choose to manifest into reality. You should always remember how your mind works and the importance of having complete and utter confidence in what you are doing in order to make better use of your prayers or your subconscious. This cannot be emphasized enough: Halfhearted prayers are wasted effort.

Chapter 8: Achieving Results And Positive Outcomes Cynics tend to take the failure of prayer to produce results as proof that they are ineffective beyond reasonable doubt.

These skeptics and disbelievers do not realize the working principle behind effective praying at all. Unsuccessful prayers typically happen because of insufficient faith. This happens to both good and bad ideas. Implementing negative ideas can result in frustration. Only after you have dedicated yourself to a principle or idea will your subconscious.

The subconscious will go about implementing an idea once it is accepted: That is the main working principle behind prayers. The working principles of prayer must be understood first and foremost before effective praying methods could be made. If you are not going to pray properly. You should never ignore the working principles of effective prayers outlined in previous chapters.

Implementing positive ideas. Whatever idea you dedicate your whole being to. Only by applying the proper principles of prayer and removing all negative thoughts. Just as the cab driver. Halfhearted ideas will not even reach your subconscious or.

By making statements like the following. Halfhearted prayers are akin to sitting on a rocking chair or riding a stationary bike: No matter how hard you rock your chair or pump those pedals. Strong faith and belief in the idea is required in order to program it directly into your subconscious. You need to accept the idea first.

Exposed mind pdf secrets 2.0

Having both a strong desire and strong doubts at the same time. Do not force your subconscious to accept ideas you yourself cannot accept consciously. The stronger your desire.

No matter how bad your illness and disease may ravage your body. The handyman then replied that although he charged her only two dollars for the knocks. Contrary to what you may believe. You need to offer it one strong message. She called for a handyman. The machine was functioning as it should the night before. The housewife was happy. It will lend a hand whenever we ask it to because it is in its best interest to help its owner out. Do not confuse your subconscious. She reasoned that she could have done the knocking herself.

When you give it a message. It is just doing its job. It is your conscious mind. The more we believe in it. Override this "wet blanket" mentality. Because concentration remains one of the key components of making prayer work. The Secrets Of Directed Visualization Using the ability of your subconscious mind is unlike moving a heavy object. This is where directed or focused visualizations come into play. The conscious mind was specifically developed to work within the parameters of reality.

It costs next to nothing to dream. In short. Merely working harder will not cause you to get better results. It is the part of your brain that blocks your dreams and refuses to think about them. Analysis on how we can make our goals happen. To get a better idea of this concept. The meaning behind his words requires an in-depth understanding of how the conflict of desire and imagination works. Unless you do not know how to cycle.

It would be an easy feat. Focusing on our visualized objectives by taking into account its pros and cons. It is the same piece of wood. The idea of "not falling" makes the possibility of falling more likely in your head. Even suppressing your imagination will only result in them becoming stronger.

The only way to make your subconscious work for you is to totally believe in your desire with your whole being instead of using compulsion or brute force. Your subconscious mind itself will sabotage your conscious attempts of riding the plank of wood. Over-determination can cause you to not get the results you want. Your vivid imagination has conquered your desire to cycle over the wood. Merely thinking about "not falling" will give power to your belief that you will fall.

There are also the thoughts of the wood breaking.

2.0 mind pdf exposed secrets

More to the point. Forcing your subconscious to do what you want gives credence to your doubts of it working. To be more specific. At the present. In time. Your conscious and subconscious minds are now at an impasse that you must fix before you can move on with your life or.

This low point lies between slumber and awareness. This is a selfdestructive affirmation. This point is the closest you can get to consciously communicating with your subconscious. Resolving Conflict Imagination And Desire Thinking that you should not fall creates the impression that you will fall. It is almost impossible to reach this lowest point by yourself. Any lower. Reprogram your subconscious and eliminate your bad thoughts at the lowest level of consciousness. The German scholar and author Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe was known to have used the power of imagination in the most ingenious of ways.

Goethe would imagine his friends sitting across from him and having conversations with him whenever he had any problems that required solutions. A lot of people tend to have the problem of letting their minds wander from what they wish to achieve. Understand that your subconscious mind will imprint this conscious imagery into itself. He visualized the entire conversation in his mind.

Some may think his methods to be unorthodox. Clear your thoughts of all envy. Create within the expanse of your mind a movie reel showing all your desires.

He made the scene in his mind as real and as vivid as humanly possible. Remember that you have a choice in bringing your thoughts to reality. Live your desired reality in your mind and have faith that your subconscious mind will soon translate it into reality through the Infinite Intelligence. It is more than likely that you were raised with ideals that strongly suggest the idea that in order for you to be rich. If your subconscious believes that you are poor.

Chapter 9: You would be surprised to know that there are many paths to wealth. This idea of how the only road to wealth has to be a long. The most common problem that people have is the belief that wealth and fortune can only come from tireless hard work. Remember that thought is power. Unless you change your state of mind. I have a friend in California who earns a six-figure salary. He makes it a point to go on frequent trips around the world via cruises or first class flights.

He truly believes that he is a person of high net worth, and deserves every bit of his six-figure salary. He admits that there may be employees in his company who probably know more about the business than he does, but he is also of the mind that they earn one-tenth of what he earns, because that is what they believe they are worth.

They have never taken steps to improve their finances in any way, and they lack the creative drive and ambition necessary to change their fortune. Wealth Is An Idea The important thing to keep in mind is that the concept of wealth is an idea, a belief, a seedling that is subject to the laws of manifestation.

It is your belief that will set your subconscious mind to work in bringing into reality your idea of what wealth should be. Through subtle conscious awareness, your mind manifests the kind of wealth that you have envisioned for yourself.

If you believe that you are meant to not have the kind of wealth that you have envied others for having, you will never attain such wealth. Fill your thoughts with poverty and hardship, and so shall your life be filled with poverty and hardship. Beyond the book itself, Greg Frost has also included Quick Wealth System, which is a fast and easy training program on creating wealth in your life and a monthly newsletter that provides even more content dealing with success, the workings of the brain as well as a motivational and success coaching program.

The monthly newsletter, known as Success Monthly, is another. It is a comprehensive guide on success, motivation and becoming an achiever and its articles and videos cover a wide range of topics that self-help enthusiasts will find incredibly useful.

Probably the best feature of Success Monthly is a coaching program that aims to harness and improve your ability to achieve success and greatness. The coaching program is a great addition and supplement to the book itself, adding a more immediate and constant guide for readers who want to accomplish their goals.

Success Monthly is offered via a monthly membership scheme, but the first month is free for anyone who downloads Mind Secrets Exposed. While paying a monthly fee might sound like too much of an investment for some, the content provided in the first month is enough to convince me to maintain my membership.

The book promises to turn you into an achiever and a person capable of accomplishing anything and it delivers on that promise in spades. Mind Secrets 2. Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments.