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Download CSS Notes for CSS Compulsory Subject “English (Precis & Composition)” Word List of Synonyms and Antonyms. Minor typographical errors have been corrected without note, whilst a list of . meaning, the synonyms for one signification are treated in one group and a. Write the letter of the synonym next to appropriate word. 1. _____ tall .. Write a sentence with the opposite meaning by using a word in the word box. Example.

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A list of common synonyms grouped in categories: for teachers, writers and students of A synonym is a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as .. Download this List of Synonyms & Antonyms as a PDF file (KB, 5 pages). 21, Views. words VOCABULARY with meaning, Sentence, Synonyms & Antonyms. advanced english vocabulary · COMPASSION. This is a deck for Advance English Vocabulary for GRE/CSS. It also contains Urdu meanings and synonyms. It is a deck which contains.

Necessary Words for Kids. English Words Meaning. English Vocabulary With Urdu Meaning. English Picture Dictionary. English Photo Dictionary. English Basic Lessons.

Active passive Present Perfect Tense in urdu.

Meaning urdu pdf with list synonyms

Active passive Present indefinite Tense in urdu. Active passive Present Continuous Tense in urdu. Active passive Past Indefinite Tense i test n urdu. Active passive Past Continuous Tense in urdu. Active passive Past Continuous Tense i test n urdu. Active passive Future Perfect Tense i test n urdu. Active passive Future Indefinite Tense i test n urdu. Active passive Future Continuous Tense i test n urdu. Basic English Vocabulary. English news reading. Read English Stories.

Mian Channu.

With synonyms urdu meaning pdf list

Will shall. English Vocabulary. Syn antonyms. Tenses Practice. Tenses Lessons. USED to. Verbs Forms. English Vocabulary Vidoes Tests Buttons.

All Tenses Exercise. Spell Well English.

20 Beautiful Urdu Words That Are Better Than Poetry

Since or FOR? Opposites N List of opposite words that start with N with examples. Nadir —— Zenith By , the depression had reached its nadir. The Roman Empire reached its zenith around the year Narrow —— Broad The stairs were very narrow. The room is three meter long and two meter broad.

You look nice in that suit. Nasty —— Pleasant Drivers often have a nasty habit of driving too close to cyclists. The restaurant was large and pleasant.

English Synonyms Mcqs With Answers For NTS( ESE SESE SSE) & PPSC Tests | Daily Based

Natural —— Artificial My hair soon grew back to its natural color. A job interview is a very artificial situation. Near —— Far She told the children not to go near the canal. Near —— Distance They moved house to be nearer the school. The cottage is some distance from the road. Neat —— Messy His clothes were always neat and clean. Negative —— Positive My drinking was starting to have a negative effect on my work. Nephew —— Niece His nephew told him to take a walk, get lost in the crowd.

As they moved towards the next tee she nodded towards her niece. She only leaves her house during the day.

Noisy —— Quiet The kids have been really noisy today. Noisy —— Silent The bar was very noisy.

Meaning with urdu pdf list synonyms

She kept silent, forcing Buchanan to continue. Many local businesses are having difficulties, and some have even gone bankrupt. We stayed there until way after midnight. North —— South Cheshunt is a few miles to the north of London. Gatwick airport is a few miles to the south of London.

Notice —— Ignore He noticed a woman in a black dress sitting across from him.

Synonyms word list from basic to advanced | Download in PDF format

Now —— Then Until now, doctors have been able to do very little to treat this disease. Obedient —— Disobedient My son is an obedient child. He is a pleasant child, but often rowdy, disobedient and rough with others. Old —— New Some of the houses around here are very old.

Old —— Young The old man lay propped up on cushions. Will someone switch the radio off? Open —— Shut He opened the drawer of the desk. Ellen shuts the window. I thought the medicine would make him sleep, but it had the opposite effect. They went to the same school. He remains deeply pessimistic about the peace process. Over —— Under She leaned over the desk to answer the phone. Wendy had hidden the box under her bed.

Opposite Words P List of opposites that start with P with examples. Part —— Whole Part of the building was destroyed in the fire. The whole country mourned her death. Pass —— Fail She passed with flying colors.

He has failed his driving test. We are growing impatient with the lack of results. Permanent —— Temporary He gave up a permanent job in order to freelance.

You might want to consider temporary work until you decide what you want to do. Plentiful —— Scarce During the summer tomatoes are plentiful and cheap. Food was often scarce in the winter. Polite —— Rude We left the party as soon as it was polite to do so. It is impolite not to eat what you are served at a dinner party. Possible —— Impossible Computer technology makes it possible for many people to work from home.

Members with young children often found it impossible to attend evening meetings. Poverty —— Wealth We need an effective strategy to fight poverty. The purpose of industry is to create wealth.

Poverty —— Riches Millions of elderly people live in poverty. He was enjoying his newfound riches. Powerful —— Weak He was one of the most powerful men in Bohemia. The country is in a weak position economically.

Praise —— Criticism Her teacher was full of praise for her work. My main criticism of the scheme is that it does nothing to help families on low incomes. Pre —— Post As usual, the government seems to have forgotten most of its preelection promises. Its share price rocketed from its postcrash low.

Predator —— Prey Some animals have no natural predators. The lion will often stalk its prey for hours. Pretty —— Ugly She still looks pretty miserable. Private —— Public There is private ownership of property in a market economy.

Urdu synonyms pdf meaning with list

We do not believe he is fit for public office. Prudent —— Imprudent It might be prudent to get a virus detector for the network. The banks made hundreds of imprudent loans in the s. Some of these drugs are highly impure.

Push —— Pull I promised to push him on the swings for as long as he wanted. She pulled open the door and hurried inside. Put on —— Take off He took off his uniform and put on a sweater and trousers.

Charlie was taking off his shirt when the phone rang. Opposites Antonyms R List of opposite words that start with R with examples. Rapid —— Slow The patient made a rapid recovery. The car was travelling at a very slow speed. Rare —— Common It is very rare for her to miss a day at school. Bad dreams are fairly common among children. Real —— Fake She had never seen a real live elephant before. He is a fake designer clothing.

Regular —— Irregular The company holds regular meetings with employees. Relevant —— Irrelevant We received all the relevant information. Rich —— Poor Nobody gets rich from writing nowadays.

They were too poor to download shoes for the kids. Right —— Left He had a knife in his right hand. She held out her left hand. We should have set out earlier. Your calculations must be wrong. The staffs are always courteous and helpful. Examples of true synonyms are rare in any language , if they exist at all. In practice, some words are called synonyms, just because they are used to describe the same "fact" in different parts of the world.

For example, autumn and fall are synonyms, but the former is used in British English and the latter in American English.

English is rich in synonyms because during the centuries it adopted a variety of foreign languages - most notably French, German and Latin. Now, what does this mean? If a word in a sentence is changed, usually the meaning and perception of the sentence is also slightly altered - hopefully to the point of being more precise in its description.

Popular Synonyms also Antonyms Often we are looking for another word, to express something we have in mind. Existing online dictionaries can be used; however most of them are either slow, packed with advertisement, or not very helpful concerning their result lists. Here are sites which I tested, and found acceptable: Ever wondered what the expression Holy Cow exactly means and what its origin is? The site also lists the 20 or so most common synonyms.