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allows running ElecNet using VBScript (Microsoft Visual Basic, Scripting Edition) or JScript. (Microsoft's . Note that the array can contain values of different. The print edition of this book includes a CD. To access the. CD files, go to http://, and look for the Downloads tab. Note: Use a desktop . VBScript important notes. In every script created, there must be a Function named Main. GFI LanGuard will look for and start from this function when executing.

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Microsoft VBScript (Visual Basic Script) is a general-purpose, lightweight and VBScript is the primary scripting language for Quick Test Professional (QTP). One Step Further: Using Win32_Environment and VBScript to Learn About WMI The. Download Bootstrap Tutorial (PDF Version) - Tutorials Point. Visual Basic and VBScript are registered trademarks of Microsoft Note that with IWS, you can check the VBScript syntax for errors by.

It's vbscript tutorial object oriented programming language created by a guy named James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. This was a nice programming that allowed for some pretty interesting movement. It also ran other little programs like counters or image maps. Active X is Microsoft's vision for interactive and movement-filled web pages. It's actually pretty easy to use. One of the problems with Java is that you still need to write it out.

In this tutorial, you will learn- What is VBScript? You only need 2 simple tools to create and run VBScript code throughout this tutorial: Internet Explorer - any version, but it is good to use IE6 or above. VBScript Example: Open your text editor Here, Notepad is used.

You can use whichever text editor you want and add the following lines of code. I have started learning VBScript. In this program, the following sections constitute the HTML template. Whatever string sequence you put in the document. I have started learning VB Scripting. Now you will get a window like this: All Files. Click the save button Click the Save button and you will see the file trial.

To execute the VB Scripting code we have just created, we need to open the trial. If you have set IE as your default browser, you just need to double click the file trial.

You may be shown a message to make IE your default browser Now, the IE web browser will be opened with a security warning like this: You can click Yes or No as you want. Now, you will get the following message on IE.

About the Authors Keith Brophy Keith Brophy has many years of experience in the design, development, and testing of software systems. He is currently a software release coordinator for X-Rite, Incorporated, a leading worldwide provider of color and appearance quality control software and instrumentation in Grandville, Michigan.

His experience includes building Internet systems in the "pre-Web" era. During this time, he also was responsible for various operating system, performance, and graphical user interface research and development projects.

Brophy, along with Mr. He has a B. Brophy is the founder of DoubleBlaze Software Consortium http: Timothy Koets Timothy Koets is a software engineer at X-Rite, Incorporated, a leading worldwide provider of color and appearance quality control software and instrumentation in Grandville, Michigan.

Prior to this, Mr.

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In addition to developing Visual Basic applications, Mr. He, too, has previous experience building pre-Web systems that were Internet aware. Koets is an adjunct faculty member at Grand Rapids Community College, where he teaches advanced Visual Basic, and has prior teaching experience ranging from computer programming and engineering laboratory classes to Lotus Notes training courses.

Koets, along with Mr. Koets is the founder of Cockatiel Software, an Internet research and development company that is an affiliate of DoubleBlaze Software Consortium www. Tell Us What You Think! As a reader, you are the most important critic of and commentator on our books. We value your opinion and want to know what we're doing right, what we could do better, what areas you'd like to see us publish in, and any other words of wisdom you're willing to pass our way.

VBScript Tutorial for Beginner: Learn in 3 Days

You can help us make strong books that meet your needs and give you the computer guidance you require. If you prefer the World Wide Web, check out our site at http: Note If you have a technical question about this book, call the technical support line at , ext. As the team leader of the group that created this book, I welcome your comments. You can fax, e-mail, or write me directly to let me know what you did or didn't like about this book-as well as what we can do to make our books stronger. Here's the information: How important is it to you?

Does it give you new capabilities that you can't get in other languages, or is it just another choice in a sea laden with confusing buzzwords? If you've pondered questions like these, you're not alone. VBScript is one of the most exciting new players in the rapidly expanding universe of technologies loosely termed the Internet.

The purpose of this book is to teach you how to use VBScript. As a brief prerequisite to that journey, consider why VBScript is such an important part of the Web page development arsenal.

Perhaps the best way to understand the potential of this future-centered technology is to take a look at how far the Internet has come. You might find that you have been involved in many of the trends leading up to the advent of VBScript without even realizing it, just as the authors have been. A little over a decade ago, one of the authors was producing Department of Defense software and the reams of documentation that go along with it.

One of the requirements in putting together this documentation stipulated that it should be generated in a markup language called SGML. This markup language was quite cumbersome.

For example, it required that each heading start with an h1 tag and each paragraph with a p tag. Eventually, this project came to an end, and it seemed that this memory was just a relic of the past. Then, along came the World Wide Web.

Notes pdf vbscript

The tag-oriented approach for Web pages succeeded precisely because it leaves the work of presenting Web pages to the browser. This approach provides an efficient, low-overhead means for communicating across the Internet because it enables the information sent across the network to be content-centered while the browser takes care of the cosmetic details on its own. About a decade ago, another important change in the computer industry began. The mainframe-centered computing world, where all work was performed on a central computer, was quickly being replaced by a more distributed model.

Users could now do some of the work locally, using the horsepower of their own pcs rather than the mainframe. For example, an accountant could now do much of her work in a spreadsheet on her own pc, rather than vie for time on an overloaded mainframe to perform accounting analyses.

Once users had more computing power in front of them, they could take advantage of that power with a graphical user environment. Windows filled this need, but the next big problem was creating the Windows applications themselves.

In the early days when C was the only viable language alternative, Windows program development required such degrees of experience and development time that Windows programming was out of the reach of many. It was also quite difficult to integrate other commercial components into applications. Visual Basic came forward to fill these voids. Because of its ease of use and component integration capability, Visual Basic achieved widespread acceptance over the course of the next few years and releases.

Some even claim that this language, which did not exist a decade ago, is now the world's most popular programming language. That brings us to the very recent past. The Web provides a way to deliver content across the Internet to client computers, often pcs, using the tag-oriented HTML language.

A page is sent from some host computer for an end user to look at. The browser on the end user's computer has the job of presenting the information. What if more complex processing is needed in conjunction with a page? Suppose you want to trigger a series of simple financial calculations from a Web page. The HTML language doesn't provide such support. For a while, the only way to do this was to use an approach similar to the old mainframe approach-send requests back to the host computer and make it perform the processing.

Then came the advent of JavaScript. With JavaScript, when the browser on a client computer presents the page to the user, it can also act on the embedded JavaScript instructions to perform smart processing. If you are a new programmer or one of the million or more programmers whose background is Visual Basic, you'd require a certain amount of effort to get up to speed on the JavaScript language.

Development for this very exciting environment required a language that not all could easily master. Sound like a familiar problem to you?

VBScript important notes

It did to Microsoft, too, and in the process of inventing a comprehensive Internet strategy, Microsoft reinvented, or at least reengineered, the wheel. Visual Basic, Scripting Edition was its answer to these problems. VBScript, a subset of its parent, Visual Basic, is an easy-to-use language that is a cinch to integrate and provides an easy path to incorporate components. If this brief history of the Internet and the reasons why VBScript came about are new to you, don't worry-you can take comfort in the fact that the currents of change are flowing in the right direction to make your Web page development easier than ever before.

Step-by-step, we will teach you how to use Visual Basic, Scripting Edition to its fullest potential.

You will also see how to take advantage of powerful intrinsic controls, ActiveX controls, Java applets, and other objects through VBScript. During this journey, we will cut through all the Internet jargon and buzzwords, helping you to clearly understand how all the pieces of the Internet fit together and how you can participate in this new way of sharing information. We won't bore you with all kinds of information on the Internet that you don't need, nor will we give you just a cookbook of techniques.

Rather, this book will give you the ability to creatively and expressively use VBScript to write impressive, powerful, useful Web pages. Who Should Read This Book This book is for you if you find yourself in one of the following categories: You've seen what's on the Web, and you want to contribute your own content. You represent a company that wants to make its presence known on the Internet in a powerful and productive way.

You're an information developer, and you want to learn how the Web can help you present your information online. You're a Visual Basic programmer who wants to create Web pages on the Internet without learning yet another programming language.

You want to use VBScript to bind programs around your pages, making your Web pages more dynamic. You've used other scripting languages, such as JavaScript, and you're interested in using a simpler language to accomplish your goals.

What This Book Contains This book is intended to be completed in 21 days-one chapter per day-although the pace is really up to you.

Notes pdf vbscript

We have designed the book as a teacher would teach a course. We start with the basics and continue to introduce more of the language to you as the chapters progress. By the end of the first week, you will be creating your first VBScript Web page.

As you work through the chapters, you will continue to design Web pages using VBScript that will become increasingly more powerful. In the second and third weeks, you will be exploring the more advanced features VBScript provides.

In addition to instruction, we will furnish an abundance of examples, as well as exercises for you to try. You can learn a great deal by reading, but only when you try building a few VBScript Web pages of your own can you become truly experienced. During Week 1, you get a general overview of the Internet, the World Wide Web, Web browsers, and the languages available to develop Web pages.

You will learn how to create variables, how to use operators to put variables to use, and the overall syntax of VBScript. Finally, you'll see a Web page incorporating useful VBScript code that will bring the Web page to life!

During Week 2, you will be introduced to ActiveX controls.