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Editorial Reviews. Review. USA Today Bestseller Wall Street Journal Bestseller. In Wife by Wednesday, you will find a fun and sizzling romance, great. Wife by Arrangement. Home · Wife by Arrangement Author: Gordon Report copyright / DMCA form · DOWNLOAD EPUB Wife by Wednesday. Read more. PRAISE FOR CATHERINE BYBEE Wife by Wednesday "A fun and sizzling romance, great characters that trade verbal spars like fist punches, and the dream of.

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Catherine Bybee - The Weekday Brides series Wife by KB. Catherine Bybee - The Weekday Brides series Married by Monday. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share. Start by marking “Wife by Wednesday (The Weekday Brides, #1)” as Want to Read: Rich, titled, and charming and in need of a wife by Wednesday. Blake turns to Sam Elliot, who isn’t the businessman he expected.

Shelves: kindle-unlimited , rich-guys , pregnant-heroines , sweet-heart-warming-stories , listened-to-audio-version I picked up this book as a Kindle Unlimited selection with free Audible audio. Listening to this book immediately following 'Grayson's Vow', it was impossible not to compare the stories. Unfortunately, even though this was a pretty okay story, it couldn't compare. In truth, I probably should've held off on reading this one for a little while. Then, maybe I would have been able to enjoy this one without any lingering comparisons. This story is in the marriage of convenience trope.

Little drama, nice heroine and nice hero. Overall, easy, quick and enjoyable book if you like that kind of trope. View all 3 comments. This is not a clean read. Before downloading it I skimmed over reviews but didn't find anything besides it being a "sweet" story.

I guess I should be more careful about. Besides the two descriptive love scenes, I was disappointed in the story. Both characters are shallow and lustful. Their relationship moved along too fast to be believable. I skimmed most of the book and thought the whole thing was silly. The overall plot This is not a clean read.

The overall plot could have been good. If there had been more build up between the two before jumping in the sack. I would have liked to see them fall in love, not lust.

View all 10 comments. Back in the day when I used to devour Harlequin novels, the whole "marriage of convenience plot" was amongst my favourite to read about. The thing is, those harlequin novels? Well they had more plot, and character development than this one! Who'd have thought? And if they had some "ideas" that today would have sent me into a feminist rant, at least they had the excuse of having been written "back" in the eighties.

This one? It was written in for crissakes! So, let me see if I got this strai Back in the day when I used to devour Harlequin novels, the whole "marriage of convenience plot" was amongst my favourite to read about.

So, let me see if I got this straight: Her "company", her job is immediately placed aside. The two of them decide to get involved in the blink of an eye. The guy has the depth of a fluffy I've seen that nonsense before in a Jill Mansell story: View all 5 comments. Awesome story I loved this book. It was perfect. Yes it had a little angst but I just loved the hero and heroine. The honesty between them was wonderful. No miscommunication, not a big misunderstanding, okay maybe one, but the rest of the book was perfect.

I almost stopped reading at the beginning because this guy had two girlfriends at the same time. He didn't think he could be monogamous and that annoyed me. But he changed luckily and I carried on. I am glad I did. This was a marriage of conve Awesome story I loved this book.

This was a marriage of convenience story that eventually wasnt. You could see the two of them falling in love throughout the story. There is an evil, vile ex involved and she definitely got her comeuppance in the end. I loved all of the characters in the book. It was safe and free in KU. First time author for me I believe. I will read her again. View all 4 comments. Tanya Eby does a nice job here, using her alto range sultriness to full advantage.

Which is a good thing, as the heroine, Samantha Elliot, is known for her sexy vocals. Eby narrate before, and I liked her deep sexy voice for the heroine, especially when she purposefully lowers it a few octaves to push the buttons of the hero and dashing duke, Blake Harrison. The characters are charming, the dialogue is fun, the love scenes are steamy, and the epilogue is smile-worthy.

View all 11 comments. Fans of marriage of convenience romances. A solid 4 stars! Aug 18, Wendy'sThoughts rated it liked it Recommends it for: Catherine Bybee fans, Romance. Flashback Review: Little did I know one of my first attempts at reviewing back in would be this take on the new Catherine Bybee's very successful series. Well, ya gotta start somewhere: Taking from Historical Romance, the Character who must marry or lose the family estate, etc.

Finds h who has financial stress of her own and story takes off. Brought into today's' news cycle and had an und Flashback Review: Brought into today's' news cycle and had an undercurrent of the real issues people experience every day; who do you trust? Are you willing to reveal how you really feel for another person? Wasn't a waste of my time and cleared my headspace happily.

If I am in the mood, would read the related books of the series. For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. Sep 13, TJ rated it really liked it Shelves: Blake Harrison is the modern day heir to a very old, titled English inheritance. An inheritance that his departed Father saw fit to rescind if Blake is not married by the age of Sam Samantha Elliott is an all-American blue blood born with a silver spoon but down on her luck.

Her one chance at making her high-end match-making business successful has finally arrived in the form of one very rich, very English power-player, Mr. Blake Harrison. What follows is an absolutely delightful yet surpr Blake Harrison is the modern day heir to a very old, titled English inheritance. What follows is an absolutely delightful yet surprisingly believable romp through the machinations that is modern day love and society.

If one has ever wondered whatever happened to all those Dukes and Earls from our favorite historical romances, look no further! The writing is down-to-earth, girl-next-door readable, the dialogue quick, witty with just enough snark to make it pop and the romance is a sweet, slightly steamy treat!

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May 25, Geo Marcovici rated it really liked it. En realidad 3'5 Estrellas. Al fin y al cabo el libro me ha gustado, me ha entretenido y me ha hecho pasar un par de tardes agradables. Feb 25, Jacob Proffitt rated it it was ok Shelves: I'm something of a fan of the marriage of convenience turning into love so I took a chance on this inexpensive story.

I don't exactly regret doing so, but the last quarter or so was painful enough to drop this a whole star rating. Blake and Samantha are charming. Fun, even. I liked them as characters, even though the entire setup was laughable. You expect to download the premise in a story like this one, however contrived, because how else do you get a marriage of convenience in a modern setting?

By epub wife wednesday

So I I'm something of a fan of the marriage of convenience turning into love so I took a chance on this inexpensive story. So I went along even though every single thing connected to Blake's situation was completely impossible. That's all background, so I give it a pass. It's the price to pay for being with some delightful characters for a while and enjoy their budding relationship and growing trust for one another. So yeah, serviceable.

The last quarter or so of the already short book was contrived beyond all possible reason. Bybee has Blake contract a fatal case of the stupids. I'm not a huge fan of the Big Misunderstanding in the first place, but when you have to compromise the very foundation of both the character and the relationship to pull it off, you should probably rethink that story element altogether. And Bybee makes it even worse with how Blake resolves it. She needs to know why he betrayed her trust in keeping the terms of the ridiculous will secret I use ridiculous in every sense of the term.

She needs to know why he lied even by omission in a relationship built from the beginning on absolute honesty. He didn't need to come to her with proof. He needed to come to her with groveling apologies and a heartfelt resolution to be better.

Frankly, two stars is possibly too generous, but I did enjoy them in the beginning as shallow as they ultimately are. A note about Steamy: I didn't actually keep count in this one for some reason. Middle of my steam tolerance with probably two and maybe three explicit sex scenes.

They weren't remarkable, but weren't out of place, either. Jan 12, Juanita rated it liked it Shelves: Jul 30, Gilgamesha rated it really liked it. A contemporary romance with all the components I love of historical romances: I really enjoyed this book.

Epub wednesday wife by

It was a simple and smooth read. There was a few minor inconsistencies in the information presented This is the- I am suffering from insomnia and want to read but nothing too serious or thought p A contemporary romance with all the components I love of historical romances: This is the- I am suffering from insomnia and want to read but nothing too serious or thought provoking- kind of book.

Enjoy it: View 2 comments. Una historia simple, sin pretensiones, que enamora y entretiene. Sin duda genial para pasar un gran rato. A contract. A business deal that would benefit both parties for the course of one year. Then they could go their separate ways and never lay eyes on each other again. Catherine Bybee brilliantly set up the story. Everything 2. Everything you want in a first chapter.

The cold-hearted millionaire who needed a wife but couldn't be bothered with any strings whatsoever. So he decided to contract one out and went to a matchmaking agency to find the perfect business partner. But why settle for a possible candidate when the owner of the matchmaking business was just as unattached as he was? She already had a brilliant business mind, and she understood the stakes more than anyone. And so a deal was struck. And I was loving it.

Right up until that point. Suddenly, character development went out the window and the plot jumped from one scene to the other so fast I was suffering from jet lag. I would have loved for this to be a character-driven romance but instead it was And just Supporting characters were introduced with a sentence or two and barely enough dialogue for me to even remember who they were.

Plot twists view spoiler [ from him being an actual Duke to vengeful vipers with hidden cameras and Barbie Ninja skills, to pierced condoms and strange legal clauses held by lawyers with a stake in the booty hide spoiler ] all of which described with barely any motivation or cause made my head swirl.

There was no real build up between these characters and the millionaire who was meant to be cold and heartless turned into a soppy woman who fell in love after one shag. The female main character I've already forgotten her name wasn't really a serious business woman after all, infact she basically let her whole business go indefinitely as soon as she had a man who could support her.

I ultimately didn't feel invested in the characters. The fantastic set up was all smoke and mirrors for a very silly romance. It's an enjoyable fantasy ride but a little too simple for my tastes. View all 8 comments. D Konusu malumunuz klasik. View 1 comment.

May 30, Robin rated it really liked it Shelves: Blake Harrison's father made an iron-clad will that says Blake must be married by age 36 or he will forfeit his inheritance.

Since his attorney has not been able to break the will, Blake contacts Samantha Elliott of the Alliance Matchmaking Company in order to find a wife. When Blake proposes a one-year marriage plus ten million dollars to the woman he picks, Sam tells him that she will have some candidates for him to meet by the end of the day. Blake looks over the pictures she sent to him, but Blake Harrison's father made an iron-clad will that says Blake must be married by age 36 or he will forfeit his inheritance.

Blake looks over the pictures she sent to him, but the only woman he is interested in is Sam herself. The first book in the Weekday Brides series is a cute Marriage of Convenience story in a contemporary setting. It was a quick entertaining read.

I'll be continuing with the series in the future. My rating: Considering he's the proud holder of not one but two girlfriends Blake's in a sticky situation. Enter Samantha and her firm Alliance. Sam has had a tough life, her dad's in jail,her mom committed suicide and her sister's attempted suicide landed her in a very expensive home due t 3. Sam has had a tough life, her dad's in jail,her mom committed suicide and her sister's attempted suicide landed her in a very expensive home due to her damage.

She's running her matchmaking firm with her friend Eliza.

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Alliance sets up temporary marriages with powerful men who need or want a certain type of bride for a specified period and ending in a settlement for the bride at the end.

She takes the meet with Blake and gives him the dossier of 3 women. Blake however wants Sam and offers her lifetime care for her sister to the tune of 10 million dollars as her payment. She agrees and a modern day arranged marriage was born. I both liked and disliked certain parts of this book.

I found it well written and entertaining for the most part. I liked her. The investigation went beyond the local police due to the number of seventeen-year-olds that were ending up dead. One of whom happened to be the nephew of a local congressman. Chapter Thirteen Fog socked in, cloaking River Bend in a layer so thick it needed a blowtorch to get through it. Not that it slowed Jo down. She arrived at the track at six, did her warm-up laps, and waited for the distance team to arrive.

Tim, her team captain, showed up first. Right behind him, Maureen and Tina, her top girls varsity runners, waltzed onto the field, their heads stuck together in gossip. Maureen and Tina were still yakking when they hung their backpacks on the spikes of the fence. Jo looked at her watch and peeked around the bleachers to the parking lot. Her youngest runner, Louis, was jogging from hi She glanced up when he approached. Drew backed up as she started the engine. You wo Chapter Fifteen The distraction, otherwise known as Gill, made it nearly impossible to work.

The paperwork that had been put aside because of the rain had piled up and needed to be taken care of. An hour into her day, Jo decided the only way to complete anything was to move the massive man from her office.

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I like that. The woman smiled and waved, her eyes on Gill. That kiss that everyone in town has now seen on their phones, no more of that in public.

The town had a male sheriff for ye Chapter Sixteen Gill really wanted to party with Miss Gina. From the smell of the lemonade she was drinking, it appeared she was already ahead of him. It appeared that Miss Gina held no concern for putting a complete stranger to work within seconds of meeting him.

Not that Gill had ever heard of her, or ever watched the food networks. Chapter Seventeen Jo had two very different personalities, three if he was counting properly.

The whole person slowly came into focus. Gill was convinced that the kid knew their number. There were a couple more hours at the station, along with a drive through town and the city limits. He had no idea who Zoe Brown was, but he had every intention of looking her up when he was back home. The woman could cook. Miss Gina managed to bring out a few photographs of all three of the girls when they were Chapter Eighteen Gill moaned when Jo woke at the ass crack of dawn and put on her running shoes.

It was his most prized possession. Chapter Nineteen Nerves swam like a school of fish chasing the leader in circles. Jo left the station early, made sure Glynis had the calls forwarded to her for the night.

Gill had dropped Miss Gina off and pulled in the driveway shortly after Jo. Doing the whole domestic thing was like trying to wear two left shoes. What a fucking mess. Nearly every distance runner at River Bend High had shown up and needed to be kept back. Luke and Zoe were sitting with Cherie, keeping her from breaking down as much as they could. And Karl Emery stood beside Jo, hands on hips and words flying.

He stepped closer. The kid looked like he was keeping it together. Probably for Tina. Jo put on her bitch voice, made sure Karl heard it. It smudged everywhere. Glitter and glue were not her thing. Jo made another attempt at glittering paper. Her skin prickled, like it did when a knock came to your door at two a.

Instead of sitting, Jo leaned against the banister and took several deep breaths as Miss Gina made herself comfortable on a cushioned Adirondack chair.

That preteen walking mess made worse by a lack of a woman in your life. I remember the first time Zoe convinced you to stop here. Something had upset you enough to make your friends want to take care of you.

Chapter Twenty-Three Drew lifted his leg up along the fence and leaned over it to stretch. The week sucked. The week before was forgettable, too. Parker shook his head. Chapter Twenty-Four Jo was aware of soft lips on the back of her shoulder. Even through closed eyelids she could tell the sun had barely started to rise. She moaned and burrowed deeper into her pillow. I can get used to this. He kissed her again. She opened one eye, peeked over the shoulder he was claiming.

Chapter Twenty-Five Jo rested her head against the crook of her arms on her desk. The statements of Drew, Tina, and Cherie swam in her vision like the drops a doctor put in your eyes to dilate them. Every one of those neighbors had offered support to Cherie after Jezebel had been found. So who held the grudge? Footsteps at her office door had her jumping. Sound familiar? Caroline is beside herself. Cried all That bastard tried to go after half my retirement.

Like he earned it by snoring in my bed for three years. First there were tears, then anger. We need to celebrate. A few of them camped outside the hospital, waiting for permission to visit her.

Wife by Wednesday

She looked as bad as everyone said she did. Drew gave her shit about her driving skills and had her laughing. Making her smile was the only reward he wanted.

It could have easily been his father in that hospital bed. Especially when his father acted guilty about the whole thing. Gustavo moaned. Lob Hill, then our normal. Drew liked the way his gir But seriously, you have a job, a home. Everything is okay. You ready for it? She said yes anyway. And that if I had to take a leave of absence to watch over you, I would. Chapter Twenty-Nine Jo sat across from Gill, her kitchen table separating them, and listened.

Before he was finished, she felt sick to her stomach. A serious desire to empty what dinner she had managed to eat sat close to the surface. I saw the lines with my own eyes. The holes were large enough to warrant leaks, not big enough to dump all the fluid in one sitting.

It was deliberate, Jo. I never felt like that. Something that involved him. The last five miles were slow, bumpy, and nerve-racking. Gill placed a hand on her knee. Spring did wonderful things to the backdrop of the cabin. Wildflowers bloomed along the west side with new, bright green growth on the shrubs on the east. It Which actually should make him a suspect.

Too neat. The shot to the chest hit dead center. You took a big punch. Do you run, Sheriff? Sitting here pretending to be sick is just going to piss everyone off. He closed the door behind him. Chapter Thirty-Three Drew pulled the car around from the hospital parking lot and waited for his mother.

While sitting in the pickup line, his head was buried in his phone, texting. The group text included Tina, Tim, and the rest of the cross-country team. This is wrong. Someone shot our coach! Drew sent out. No one wants to kill a coach, someone shot our Sheriff. Tim texted.