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A+ Guide to Hardware. 3. Types and Characteristics of. Processors. • Processor. – Installed on motherboard. – Determines system computing power. • Two major . Answer: You want to be able to maintain and repair the laptop on your own .. a+ guide to hardware pdf a+ guide to managing and maintaining your pc 9th edition a+ guide to hardware managing maintaining and troubleshooting 9th edition. What are three notable characteristics 7 A+ Guide to Hardware 9th Edition . hardware managing maintaining and troubleshooting 9th edition a+ guide to hardware 6th edition pdf a+ guide to managing and maintaining your.

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A+ Guide to Hardware. 3. Printer Types and Features. • Configure, repair, maintain printers. – Requires knowledge of printer types and features. • Understanding. A+ Guide to Hardware: Managing, Maintaining, and. Troubleshooting, Fifth Edition. Term, Year. General Course Information. Professor: Stanley J. Young, MSEE. A+ Guide to Hardware: Managing, Maintaining, and. Troubleshooting, 5e. Chapter 2. Form Factors, Power Supplies, and. Working Inside a Computer.

This is a textbook first and then can be used as a reference later. Also, the CertBlaster test prep exams from Student Downloads are an excellent resource. This means that in lecture I can easily brush past these section and give shorter demonstrations because the text covers the material so well. I like the detail on other OSes in the appendix. The hands-on exercises provide the starting point for great labs without having to download an additional book. When students take the sequence with me it feels almost like a year long course rather than two disconnected courses.

These partitions can be created by using UBoot's "mmc hwpartition" command. About authors. This article lists some basic DOS commands that you are likely to find useful when working from the command line, but there are many more available. Customizing eMMC partition in Linux for Dragonboardc Board needs to be in fastboot mode before executing the fastboot command. Output of 'watch' command as a list.

User can select an eMMC command to show all the Show list of installed updates from command line Hello I've looking for a command to list all windows updates from command line on a pc who stuck in bootloop, so it must've be done from the recovery console in cmd. Once the device name is found, unmount it, and then us dd to flash the Ubuntu image eMMC drive.

But not e. Panasonic We can use the graphical user interface or the command terminal to login LeMaker Guitar. Keep in mind that the eMMC also has two hardware area boot partitions the first of which containing U-Boot, its environment as well as the Toradex factory configuration block.

Note: Ensure that the host PC is connected to the internet before starting the build operation and do not use any build options. It will produce a output that looks like this: This tool may not be available every time. The uboot can recognize the eMMC flash and cannot using sf command.

[PDF Download] A+ Guide to Hardware: Managing Maintaining and Troubleshooting [PDF] Full Ebook

It maintains an extensive database of magic numbers to recognize file types. F8 diskpart list disk select disk N clean exit The access routines of eMMC and UFS are standardized through a common Command interface, so a basic driver could read, write and erase the part.

I need a command to list all users in terminal. MX6 platform. To find out more about MS-DOS, consult a book, online dictionary or encyclopedia, or other specialist publication. The actual eMMC command used depends on support by the chip. Product List Packed command is grouping of a set of Reads or Writes. Booting from a eMMC 4. By-default it is 1-bit but you can also select 4-bit and 8-bit data bus width. That command is "mmc erase" When this command is issued the following is printed on the U-Boot console.

Once the script finishes its operation, power off your board and remove the micro SD card. There is a command in U-Boot to do this which fails when executed on the i. Factory flashing with U-Boot and fastboot on Freescale i. We're back!! Had some problem with some malicious files. It's a stripped down version of Linux specifically designed for embedded devices. Plug in the micro USB cable to the board to power on. Only the command CMD line is of 1-bit bi-directional.

I seem to have sorted it now. Oleg Afonin is an author, expert, and consultant in computer forensics. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new The first command formats the second partition as ext3.

This reliability setting only impacts the reliability of the main user area and the general purpose partitions. Please help me what command could get this. MX6 Introduction For one of our customers building a product based on i. Please Help. Command Blocks are a redstone component that execute console commands when powered. Adding Kernel and Bootloader Root List of fastboot command. Open a command prompt and 1. The Holy Spirit empowers the church in obeying the command of Jesus to go and make disciples of all nations.

Not all commands can be used in script files. The command line interface software tool is a key bit of technology every programmer should know. The nand has full rootfs and bootimage on itself. If you are in Powershell the command Get-Command will list all commands that can currently be run from all loaded modules.

Improved Performance. I am having forty kinds of fits with this "computer" and need help. This is a requirement to boot from the eMMC. The eMMC device has a boot area, which is seen as a different block device than the regular user area. The church is called to send missionaries into the world and to support them in prayer. MMC standard. Modify your command to include the desired distro to be transferred to the eMMC. That could help in administrating your accounts easily by terminal.

Data Partitions Android smartphones share three common partitions for data storage Fig. To create a U-Boot script image, commands are written to a text Root List of fastboot command. Once you have booted into Linux on your PINE64 device all you have to do is run the aforementioned script using this command: sudo.

Whether will dd command jump the bad block of emmc? On emmc flash, when we use dd command, will it jump the bad blocks? Is there a command to list all Unix Microsoft is trying to phase out the command prompt for Powershell so it would be a good skill to learn. Yuri Gubanov is a renowned digital forensics expert. In this article. Send Sanitize command Some of the most common commands you'll need for a command line interface CLI , in a Linux command list.

Patches Bundles About this project Login; Register The specs for your device say that it has a bay for a 2. We are using U-boot Basic Command Set. Note that eMMC is not populated on the i. You could do that with the mmc erase blk cnt U-Boot command. Samsung eMMC incorporates a mature interface standardized by JEDEC, and key functionality yields strong power manage-ment and performance optimization.

Then, you will need to find the the device name for the eMMC drive. The mkfs. Hi all, I have a custom Zynq based-on Zedboard. Samsung eMMC provides enhanced storage capabilities, a reduced controller footprint and streamlined data reads and writes. Page 3 gives a list of links to all 13 of my RPi. It will return a list of all This list appears when you type the command "help" at the shell prompt. SD commands are issued to the card in a packed command frame, a 6-byte structure sent over the SPI port.

We have just developed a strong line-up of new eMMC 5. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new I am trying to program EMMC of IMX6Q board with Android Image.

A+ guide to hardware 9th edition solutions manual andrews

Information Commands. Nothing appears on the monitor screen. What is the most likely cause of the problem? Explain your answer. A memory module is not seated properly in a memory slot. A wire in the case is obstructing a fan. Power cords to the motherboard are not connected.

All the other answers would still cause the system to start the boot even though it might fail. If the motherboard is not getting power, it will not start the boot. You are looking to download a laptop on a budget and want to save money by not downloading an extended service agreement with the manufacturer beyond the first year.

What should you consider when choosing manufacturers to limit your search? Which manufacturers would you choose and why? You want to be able to maintain and repair the laptop on your own after the warranty expires. You will need access to documentation and new parts.

[PDF Download] A+ Guide to Hardware: Managing Maintaining and Troubleshooting [PDF] Full Ebook

Consider that two manufacturers, Lenovo and Dell, provide their service manuals online free of charge. They also provide documentation about how their laptops are disassembled and options to download proprietary parts without first being an authorized service center. A four-year old laptop will not boot and presents error messages on screen. You have verified with the laptop technical support that these error messages indicate the motherboard has failed and needs replacing.

What is the first question you should ask yourself before performing the repair?

Guide to pdf managing a+ hardware troubleshooting maintaining and

Will replacing the motherboard be more costly than downloading a new laptop? Can you find a replacement motherboard? Can you find the service manual to show you how to replace the motherboard?

Is the laptop still under warranty? All questions are good questions to ask before attempting the repair. The first question to ask is d. When removing the cover, why should you take care to remove only the screws that hold the cover on? The power supply retention screws are often accessible from the outside of the case; if they are removed from the power supply, they could damage other components by falling on them. How should you rock a card to remove it from its slot?

Why is it important to know how to rock a card correctly? Rock the card lengthwise. If you rock the wrong way, you could damage the card or slot. Answers may vary and might include the power supply, the backplate, the spacing of the mounts for the motherboard, and the position of the expansion slots in relation to the CPU. The motherboard might need replacing if it becomes damaged, such as when a trace on the board or a chip is damaged.

Also the board might need replacing when the CPU is upgraded or additional features are needed. For example, the motherboard could be upgraded to support DDR4 memory.

Answers may vary and might include software downloads, online chat with support personnel, or parts for sale.

Maintaining pdf guide a+ and managing to hardware troubleshooting

Besides the questions you researched in the lab, what other type of information is available in the manuals you reviewed? Of the laptops you researched, which one would you download? Explain your answer, listing the features that you liked best. Laptop components must be small and weigh less, yet they must have the same power as desktop components. Laptop components must also be durable enough to withstand movement and jostling while the computer is in use. Other than price, what factors might someone consider when deciding whether to download a Windows laptop or a Mac OS X laptop?

Ease of sharing data files with users of other computers In this lab, was it easier comparing a desktop computer to a laptop, or comparing a Windows laptop to a Mac OS X laptop? Answers may vary. Generally, a service manual contains troubleshooting procedures, specifications, directions for replacing parts, and parts lists. Why would you want to run diagnostic software after you have repaired a laptop and verified that the repaired component works?

Confirm that you have enough information and directions to open the laptop, access the part, and reassemble the laptop. What are three notable characteristics of the system shown in the first video you selected? For example, was this an older or newer system? How can you tell? What drives or other optional components were included in the system? What tools did the technician use in each video? What additional tools would you recommend having on hand to take apart and reassemble a computer?

Answers will vary, depending on student experience. Possible tools include: What are two methods for keeping track of screws during disassembly so that reassembly goes more smoothly? Overview In this chapter, students will learn how to work inside of a desktop computer and how different components are removed or replaced in a case. They will also learn about the differences between supporting laptop computers and supporting desktop computers.

Lastly, they will take see how to take apart a laptop computer and put it back together again. Chapter Objectives After reading this chapter and completing the exercises, the student will be able to: Step 1: Plan and Organize your Work 1. Discuss basic tips and best practices in planning and ensuring that work inside a case is performed safely. Step 2: Open the Computer Case and Examine the System 1. Stress the importance of performing backups of critical data on a system prior to working on its components.

Give students information on how to properly prepare a computer for maintenance, and provide information on how cases are typically opened. Provide instruction on additional pieces of the case that may need to be removed in order to gain access to internal components. Note that students can clip a ground bracelet onto the side of a metal case to ensure safe handling of components.

In really complex systems, taking a picture of the internal parts prior to working inside a case can be helpful in troubleshooting connections later. Smartphone cameras allow for a bit more maneuverability inside of a computer case for this purpose.

Step 3: Remove Expansion Cards 1. Discuss techniques for keeping track of cable connections and placement of parts within a computer case, such as using diagrams.

Cover steps required to remove expansion cards from a computer, such as removing screws that hold the card in place. Step 4: Remove the Motherboard, Power Supply, and Drives 1.

List the steps required to remove a hard drive from a case, mainly the removal of power cables and data cables. Detail how to remove a motherboard from a case, and note what cables must be removed, such as the front panel connectors. Explain the role of spacers or standoffs in keeping the motherboard from contacting the metal case and shorting circuits.

Show how to remove the power supply from a case, noting where screws that hold the power supply in place are typically located. Demonstrate how to remove drives from the case, and show the removal of screws that keep drives in place.

[PDF] A+ Guide to Hardware: Managing, Maintaining and Troubleshooting Full Online

Steps to put a Computer Back Together 1. Explain the optimal order in which components should be installed into the case, starting with power supply, drives, motherboard, and cards.

Note that this order may differ depending on the case involved. Show how a motherboard should line up with the IO shield on the back of the case. Discuss what power cables should be connected to the motherboard. Students should be aware that a system will always need the main P1 power connector and most likely will need the 4-pin auxiliary connector for the processor. Elaborate on what additional power requirements a motherboard might have, such as on-board 6-pin or 8-pin PCIe power connectors, or Molex and SATA power connectors.

The front panel connectors and their respective contact points on the motherboard can usually be identified by markings around the pins on the motherboard.

List some of the common connectors: Power SW b. Power LEDe. Reset SW 6. Motherboard documentation should be discussed as a way of identifying pins and ports on the motherboard. Explain how to connect ports that exist on the front of the PC such as USB or sound to the motherboard. Discuss the installation of a video card or other expansion cards, and demonstrate how to ensure that a card is seated correctly.

List other devices that need to be connected to a computer, such as the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Guide pdf managing troubleshooting a+ hardware maintaining to and

Show where these devices plug in. Cover some additional troubleshooting steps to take in the event the computer does not power on or work properly. Quick Quiz 1 1. When working with a computer that is operational and still in use, what is the first step that should be taken before working inside the computer? Press and hold down the power button for a moment B. Back up important data C. Power down the system and unplug it D.

Touch something metal to discharge ESD Answer: True or False: An anti-static wrist strap can be clipped to the metal portion of a computer case to discharge static. True 3. Which of the following is used to keep the motherboard from contacting the case, preventing a short? Standoffs B. Retention screws D.