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Aadhaar Enrolment / Correction Form. -. Download Pdf Document Note: If the script is disabled, PDF preview function will get affected in the some browsers. and smooth Application submission through . Note: Ration Card Details will be auto populated on entering Aadhaar Card Sports & Games: Enter Sports & Games Merit Number and upload certificate Department Of Consumer Affairs Food & Civil Supplies,Andhra Pradesh. PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION Online Shops, Offline Shops, Total Cards.

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Aadhaar Enrolment is free and voluntary. Please follow the instructions overleaf while filling up the form. . Credit Card Statement (not older than 3 months). Application Forms. Aadhar. Know Your Aadhaar Application Form. Aarogyasri. Employees-Aarogyasri Application Form. Agriculture. Crop Insurance Application . 1, UIDAI, AADHAAR DAILY ENROLLMENT DATA. 2, AADHAAR E- 18, Extract of D-Form Patta Application , Ration Card Missing Details in Databases.

I gave my Aadhaar card to a service provider for proving my identity. Can anyone harm me by knowing and misusing my Aadhaar number? Open or Close No. Just, by knowing your Aadhaar number, no one can harm you. Aadhaar identity, instead, is instantly verifiable and hence more trusted. Hence, it is near impossible to impersonate you if you use Aadhaar to prove your identity.

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How to Apply for AADHAAR Card in Karnataka?

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How to Apply for Aadhaar Card?

I was able to track and modify my PAN. Eleswarapu T Pleased with your service and response. Social Welfare Department. Application for Scholarship Renewal. Premetriculation Scholarship Services. Application for Scholarship Fresh.

Andhra application pradesh aadhar form card pdf

Health Care Department. School Education Department. Schools etc. Rural Development. Conversion of Registered Cooperative Society to acts. Technical Education.

Residence Certificate

Minority Welfare. Certified copy of Proceedings regarding appointment of Management Committees. Certified copy of Proceedings regarding Appointment of Muthawallies.

Obviously no! You do not put such personal details unnecessarily in public domain so that there is no unwarranted invasion attempt on your privacy. The same logic needs to be applied in case of uses of Aadhaar.

Application andhra pradesh aadhar card form pdf

Recently, UIDAI has issued an advisory asking people not to share their Aadhaar number openly in the public domain especially on Social Media or other public platforms. Does this mean that I should not use Aadhaar freely? Open or Close You should use your Aadhaar without any hesitation for proving your identity and doing transactions, just like you use your bank account number, PAN card, debit card, credit card, etc. What UIDAI has advised is that Aadhaar card should be freely used for proving identity and doing transactions, but should not be put on public platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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People give their debit card or credit card details or cheque which has bank account number when they download goods, or pay school fee, water, electricity, telephone and other utility bills, etc. Similarly, you can freely use your Aadhaar to establish your identity as and when required without any fear. While using Aadhaar, you should do the same level of due diligence as you do in case of other ID cards — not more, not less.

AADHAAR Card Application Form Download

Therefore, when all the bank accounts are verified with Aadhaar then it would not be possible for these unscrupulous elements to go untraced and banking as a whole would become more safe and secure as the identity of each bank account holders is established uniquely beyond doubt through eKYC. As of now 96 crore bank accounts out of total crore accounts have been linked to Aadhaar.

At the same time, you also contribute to serve the vital national interests by making the system rid of bogus, fakes and duplicates who could misuse IDs to evade taxes, siphon off public money, etc.

Pdf pradesh aadhar andhra card application form

Through use of Aadhaar and other process improvements, the Government has been able to weed out more than 6 crore fakes, duplicates and ghosts beneficiaries and save more than Rs.

Also, ghost and shell entities and companies used to be created for tax evasion, money laundering, terror financing, etc.

Verification of identity through Aadhaar has helped curb these practices. Similarly, use of Aadhaar has checked unscrupulous elements that used to resort to impersonation in various examination and tests for college admission and jobs, etc.