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Cisco Small Business SF - switch - 24 ports - unmanaged - rack- mountable overview and full product specs on CNET. Buy Cisco Small Business Series SFNA Port Ethernet Switch 10/ Mbps 24 x RJ45 with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Once you . Cisco SF Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Cisco SF Quick Start Manual.

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Cisco Small Business Series Unmanaged Switches. Cisco Series Unmanaged Switches Cisco Small Business Data Sheet. Cisco SDP 8-Port 10/ Switch with PoE: Cisco Small Business Unmanaged Switches. SF Gbps. SF Gbps. SGD 10 Gbps. SGD 16 Gbps. SGDP: 16 Gbps. SG 32 Gbps. SF Port 10/ Switch · SF Port 10/ Switch · SFD 5-Port Desktop 10/ Switch · SFD 8-Port Desktop 10/ Switch.

Overview Cisco Series Unmanaged Switches: Overview Cisco Series Switches deliver powerful network performance and flexibility for small business networks, without the complexity. With no installation software and nothing to configure, you get an affordable, reliable network that just works, right out of the box. Cisco Series Unmanaged Switches: Features Features and Benefits Cisco Series switches provide an easy-to-use solution for your small business network. Each switch port independently sets itself for the optimal speed and determines whether to run in half- or full-duplex mode automatically. The desktop models offer a wall-mount option for discreet mounting under a desk or on the wall of an office or conference room.

Firewall A firewall is a hardware device or a piece of software that monitors and limits access between a computer and the network it is attached to. Software firewalls are normally used to protect a personal PC from malicious access attempts, while a hardware firewall can also be used to limit the attached computer's ability to access internet services.

This should not be confused with web filtering software, which is intended to limit a computer's ability to access individual or classes of sites. Firewalls are considered a vital line of defence for computers connected to the internet, and no computer should be put online without a firewall to protect it. Many routers also incorporate a firewall.

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These terms are used to express the frequency of an electronic or radio signal, for example wireless networking systems work in a 2. Interface How a computer interconnects with the network it is attached to.

Cisco SF100-24 24-Port 10/100 Switch

The interfaces typically in use today are wired over ethernet cabling, or wireless using one of the Infrared Communication IrDA Infrared Data Association is a wireless networking standard based on infra red light, similar to television remote controls. It is a short range system that requires a direct line of sight between the communicating devices. It is popular on mobile phones, PDAs and other portable equipment. It was a precursor to ADSL. Like ADSL it provided a way of using standard telephone lines to transmit digital data, provided an always-on capability and allowed voice and data communication at the same time.

It was, however, considerably slower and more expensive to install and run than ADSL. While the term "Local Area" is not well defined, it tends to describe a network that covers a single room or a single building.

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LANs are built using Ethernet either using wired or wireless interfaces and allow several computers to exchange email with other machines on the LAN and share files and resources such as laser printers or internet access. There is some overlap between the concepts of LANs and Intranet, though an Intranet can cover a much wider area and tends to be confined to an organization rather than a physical location.

Mbps See Bandwidth Network The connecting of two or more computers together in order to exchange data and share resources. A network can range from two computers connected by a cable all the way up to the global internet. Parallel transmission A data transmission method where several bits are transmitted simultaneously along several conductors running in parallel to each other. It is therefore a protocol for enabling the establishment of Virtual Private Networks.

Routing Protocol A routing protocol is a protocol that specifies how routers communicate with each other to disseminate information that allows them to select routes between any two nodes on a computer network while the choice of the route is done by routing algorithms.

Typically, each router has a priori knowledge only of its directly attached networks.

Sf100-24 download cisco

A routing protocol shares this information successively, first among immediate neighbours and then throughout the entire network. This way routers can gain knowledge of the network topology at large. This process happens entirely automatically, and allows internet traffic to route itself around damaged or degraded parts of the internet.

Serial Transmission A data transmission method where data is transmitted as a stream of bits, one bit at a time along a single conductor or other transmission media. This has advantages over parallel transmission as the single data channel is cheaper than the multiple data channels of parallel systems, and several synchronization problems that can occur in parallel transmission systems are avoided in serial.

USB and wired ethernet are examples of serial transmission systems. Tunnelling Tunnelling is the process that allows for the sending of network traffic that needs to be secure over an untrusted network, such as the public internet. Most of the switches have no fans, so they run silently and unobtrusively while lowering energy costs.

Cisco SF100-Unmanaged 16-Port PoE Switch

This capability simplifies the deployment of IP telephony, wireless, video surveillance, and other solutions by allowing you to connect and power network endpoints over a single Ethernet cable.

With no need to install separate power supplies for IP phones or wireless access points, you can take advantage of advanced communications technologies more quickly, and at a lower cost. Fast store-and-forward switching identifies damaged packets and prevents them from being passed on through the network. All of these features run automatically, with no management or configuration required. The solution has been rigorously tested to ensure optimal uptime and performance.

In addition, unlike the purchase of a consumer-grade product, your investment in a Cisco Small Business network will grow with your business.

Cisco Limited Lifetime Warranty Cisco Small Business products offer a limited lifetime hardware warranty with return to factory replacement and a 1-year limited warranty for fans and power supplies. CISCO SYSTEMS SFNA 24 Port 10/ Desktop Switch: Computers & Accessories

This subscription-based service helps you protect your investment and derive maximum value from Cisco Small Business products. Delivered by Cisco and backed by your trusted partner, this comprehensive service includes software updates and access to the Cisco Small Business Support Center, and it extends technical service to three years.

Cisco Small Business products are supported by professionals in the Cisco Small Business Support Center, a dedicated resource for small business customers and networks, with locations worldwide that are specifically trained to understand your needs. You also have access to extensive technical and product information through the Cisco Small Business Support Community, an online forum that enables you to collaborate with your peers and reach Cisco technical experts for support information.