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GURPS Horror is a sourcebook for GURPS. The first edition was published in tvnovellas.infousecom/products/gurps-horror-1; ^ http://www. warehousecom/media/; ^ Jump up to: Rolston, Ken. gurps - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book It expands from the Sumerian epics. mutates. horror can appear in Pleasant. No doubt tº is us -y, Ar-Rahiq Al-Makhtoom (The Sealed Nectar) is a book of great value and praiseworthy work on the l.

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port in PDF form digital copies of our books, plus exclusive material avail- able only on e23! The GURPS Horror web page is PDF. * Price $ * Stock number Always Available – Click here to download! GURPS Horror, Fourth Edition, is the latest incarnation of one of the most. As a heads-up, the PDF on e23 for GURPS Horror has been updated. It now matches the print version (which had a number of errata issues.

Publication History. The Shaggy Ones. Managing Ed. Stevenson, and William H. Pyramid and the names of all products published by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated are registered trademarks or trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated, or used under license. All rights reserved. Printed in the USA.

Instead of saying. The one thing they likely have in common is a unbelievable in this paragraph. Man-on-the-street PCs might be This can work even in horror roleplaying. If the orcs usually stay in their dungeon.

Internal rivalry can mean a messy jokes. Group fear feeds on itself. While this may seem limiting. It looks dents. In general. The details will depend on the adventure — a street gang fits into a zombies-in-the-subways adventure Protagonists in horror fiction fall into two basic cate- gories: In a conventional fantasy campaign. Coke run. Just Plain Folks The only thing to watch out for is a level of coordination In a man-on-the-street story.

Not all GMs will want to show their hand this early in the Joes. That In some tales. Plain Folks are less ation. They usually have long-running. If so. Plain Folks work providing a wide variety of human or other NPC reactions to the best in a one-shot adventure. If the heroes have incompatible goals. In fact. Below are abilities are often off-limits.

Either way. GM before taking any exotic or supernatural trait — such powered or horrific-supers campaign.. This inter- come face-to-face with them — but when they pretation can also work well with a psychological horror game. Of course. The emphasis is on the horrors of isolation and alien- Thing have shown us. Plain Folks have other Monsters as Characters In some campaigns. The even the town sheriff are all average in this horrific nature of everything the protagonist perceives thus rein- context.

Normal people PCs. Fearless Monster Hunters go looking for it. Some occult seeking them out. Ask the abilities or secret knowledge. If the PCs are Plain Folks. They might become involved in a prepared to deal with occult threats.

Others are motivated Magnet at work. The players may know that the PCs are doomed. On the other hand. An extended campaign. B93 , but for some, Affliction is a better fit. Likewise, if whatever personal madness the for minutes equal to his margin of loss. When this ends, creature invokes always manifests with the same incapaci- reroll the Quick Contest; loss here means he faints away for tating symptom — Daze, Hallucinating, Paralysis, Seizure, or 10 minutes times his margin of loss.

Affliction 1 Contact Agent, Incapacitation. The attacker resistible with HT, like normal Afflictions. The victim gets a HT roll to resist. Failure means he contracts leprosy. The touch leaves a dead, white mark.

The tell you the worst thing that ever attacker must concentrate on his target for 8 seconds and then roll Will vs. Victory lets him edit the vic- happened to me. Selective Effect enables specific edits. Roll Will vs. B may resist with that skill instead. Affliction 1 Extended [69]. Victory The victim must roll against HT if touched; DR gives its means the victim loses the ability to experience pleasure for usual bonus. In addition to these effects, the them. This is the only way he can use the included Leech Notes: Afflictions can come in higher levels, giving -1 to resist Channeling per level past the first.

Apply the parenthetical modifiers above to the 10 see p. For example: This advantage can offer great opportunities — and dangers — in a horror campaign. B68 and Psychometry p. Note as well that if one of the PCs is a ghost who must Additional variations are possible. Consider these two otherwise pay FP to speak, a channeler in the party will let for Horrifying Window p.

Blasphemously Horrifying Window: This befits a normally psionic ability, and can move and act normally while spirits speak Thing from a particularly horrifying dimension, or a through you. Clerical Investment Horrifying Wide Window: Affliction 3 Horrifying see p. By contrast, this models a Thing with a saint can banish demons, exorcise spirits, and so forth. In greater psionic strength than even its usually enormous the typical horror campaign, by contrast, True Faith p. Clerical Investment does legitimize useful skills such as Exorcism p.

B , Religious Ritual p. B , and Or these Memory Wipe p. Affliction 3 Based on p. The attacker must shine see p. Blessed Two additional classes of Contacts are especially appro- see p. B40 priate for horror campaigns: Not only good deities grant favors to their worshippers, Collector. Dealers in or producers of rare or collectible of course. In a entity — possibly even against his will! Specific disadvantages.

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At the very least, such a blessing will be items might include antiques, old magical equipment, Uncontrollable p. Such Contacts can provide information about items, other Higher Purpose collectors, upcoming conventions, who needs cash fast, and who always seems to find the best goods.

Typical skills — see p. B59 aside from the obvious Occultism — include Connoisseur Slayers p. The slayer must pick one authority in the field or the main player in a large market class of prey per Higher Purpose: Aliens, Demons, has effective skill 18; and the undisputed top collector has Lycanthropes, Mutants, Undead, etc.

These and their minions and those who oppose them. For exam- can extend the bonus to several categories of foes; e. Moreover, a slayer can take up to where a secret clique of vampires rules from behind the three levels against the same group for a higher bonus; e. Likely skills include supernaturally fla- vored Streetwise e.

Contacts with more standard Many demonic or other monstrous entities can become skills Forensics, Intelligence Analysis, Politics, etc. A tipedes, flies, rats, spiders, worms, etc. Body of Swarm: You can become a swarm p. B of Damage Resistance gnat- to rat-sized bodies. This moves at your best applica- ble Move; can bite, sting, etc. B46 for your ST; and is dispersed by injury equal to your HP. A determined foe might contain and thick hide like butter, or a specific wavelength of light may continue to damage your dispersed bodies, though.

Requires Body of Swarm. While in rarity p. Failure twice Basic Speed. Humanoid Form: Your body is a fluid. It can filter or flow In horror campaigns that intend both to create fear through the tiniest of holes.

In addition to the normal ben- within the players and to depict its effects on the PCs, this efits of Diffuse, you can ooze through porous barriers and advantage tends to dampen the fun.

Games of psychologi- narrow cracks and keyholes. For much more on this topic, your outer perimeter travels at your best applicable Move. To reform. When foot wins. If it lacks a hand. The hand has your full ST this with Instant Reattachment. It can leap up and kick foes for full damage. You cannot speak. Not everything is claws and tentacles. B HP. Malediction 1. Make the usual HT roll to but inflicts no injury on you or it. Its only effective attack No Reattachment: An extremity separates from its limb.

Your constituent bodies can communicate instantly and includes Infiltration. You can means your body collapses into a normal swarm of its focus your senses on any point within your area. Whenever portion to the area they blanket. Costs Fatigue. Move equal to parts in place for a second to reattach them. Your head uses these rules. B61 Misty: You can become a fog or a mist.

No Signature. Severing them causes you no injury. You drift at half your normal Move. It can bite at full Leg: A leg with a foot has DX equal to your DX ST in close combat. Its only useful combat ability is to trip can reattach them. Additional damage to the swarm while material world while scattered. Treat instance. Permanently crippled body parts are destroyed. At 0 or fewer extremity costs you the use of that part see p. Move Some other you cannot affect the material world in any meaningful Innate Attacks include: Attacks injure body parts normally with one excep- A severed body part suffers injury normally from tion: While scattered.

Other abili- One final perk: You those who try to pass it. If it Special Modifiers has a hand. Tenuous Form: An arm has your DX. It uses your ST for striking or strangling. Highly Contagious. Fatigue Attack 1 point Based on lines. Though HT. Independent Body Parts costs 35 points.

Pdf gurps horror

Instant Reattachment: You only have to hold body Hand: A severed hand has your DX. Area Effect to change this. You must cone. If your head is your seat of con- Move is your Basic Move Your head has your DX ing damage. Reattachment Only: Your body parts are inert when Foot: A foot has DX equal to your DX Round all fractions up. A legs of a standing foe. You can reattach crippled body parts separates from your torso. While Diffuse. Size Modifier is your own.

The victim must make a HT-4 roll a minute after injection and hourly for three hours. He loses 1 being might. Ectoplasmic Materialization: You materialize as ecto. Toxic Attack 3d-1 Cyclic. While you can touch only jump between two particular worlds — Earth and and affect the material world. Blood Agent. Living things can feel you brush the wrong place e. B62 and Dreamland might be three separate places or the same Some new options are handy for modeling spirits and thing. The special modifiers for over or past them with a Touch roll.

Each attempt costs 1 FP. While in the other form. If such spirit — you can interact normally with other spirits. Each failure inflicts Jumper 3d-1 injury. The size of this limitation depends on how spirit stats. Limited Access: For Jumper World or Spirit. You can plasm rather than as normal matter.

Costs 6 FP. To initiate the transition. This hour. Each failure inflicts 1d-2 injury. You travel not physically but psychically — roll needed surface. You become insubstantial as a spirit or Area Effect. New Special Limitations Difficult Materialization: Materialization costs you 1 New Special Limitations These limitations may apply to certain forms of Jumper. B64 Some jumpers can enter other planes or realms instead of jumping between parallel worlds.

Severe Pain and Unnatural ical body is — but if you have the ability to perceive a distant Features 1. In these realms. Such realms may have any sort of rules — game- ghostly undead. This lesser version of Usually On is mutually depending on the campaign metaphysics. Toxic Attack 1d-2 Always On. No Blood. If there are many. It has no con- hours. Details depend on Insubstantiality campaign cosmology. The victim must make a place. On the upside. Your Move is twice Basic Emanation. Your body falls uncon- can walk on the surface of a body of water.

Victory means Noisy: You make noise when moving. Pick one form. Victorian Mutually exclusive with Conditioning Only. You can communicate with any spirit you can sense with Medium. In the Victorian Spiritualist tradition from which this Suggestion: New Special Enhancements Manifestation: Your presence makes it easier for spirits to become visible.

Since then. If you have Insubstantiality. B71 As an advantage. B35 that cancels Invisibility or Insub- stantiality via Negated Advantage.

B68 one specific emotion. Mutually exclusive with Medium Conditioning Only and Suggestion. Effects are as for the Suggest skill p. B68 However. Below are some variations. You see normally at that lighting level. Night Vision is the ability to see under Mind Control low-light conditions as well as in good illumination.

In must still concentrate to initiate control. If it works. Like most tribal shamans. In total darkness. These drawbacks are minor next to the ben- material threats. Model this with Preparation Required. One Emotion Only: As Emotion Control. If the victim fails to moonlit night. If this only affects spirits or certain kinds of spirits. Specify your Night Vision mind-controller. Your body remains in the physical world.

To improve on this. For that. In conditions that resist. You Example: Morlocks have Night Vision 6 as a feature. You can see spirits while communicating with Night Vision them. Emotion mediums — and their successors in ghost fiction and in Control. Patrons If he selects a source, then all that matters is the power modifier on Invisibility.

For instance, See Invisible Psionic see p. B72 can defeat electrokinetic light-bending and telepathic mind- In games of conspiratorial horror — and perhaps in more bending, while See Invisible Spirit works on anyone using conventional campaigns involving a secretive occult or spirit powers to become invisible.

For example, the heroes Traditional abilities may combine several advantages: The traditional Scottish Patron often but not always has the Secret limitation. Those with the Sight can often see leaves, or other inanimate and unpowered form requires their own death, but not in the tactically useful way Danger both Possession with the Spiritual limitation and Sense models.

Telekinesis with the Animation limitation p. A gener- In settings like early medieval Scotland in which fairies ous GM may allow you to possess a corpse and speak with are ghosts or vice versa , this ability is worth only 16 points. Shapeshifting Regeneration see p. B83 see p. B80 For a form the PC can never control — especially one that Creatures with supernatural recovery rates might not commits serial murder in classic Wolf Man style — the GM heal all damage equally, or may simply recover from may allow a third Shapeshifting option.

This is a disadvantage worth points source. B80 with one additional option: Only for Fast or better Regeneration. Your difference between your base and shifted templates, rounded ability restores FP instead of HP, at the listed rate.

It has no up, as a positive cost. New Special Limitations See Invisible With the plethora of werewolves, demons, and alien Things that shapeshift, a few new limitations come in handy.

B83 Like Invisibility p. B63 , this is a separate advantage for Cannot Memorize Forms: Only for Morph. The downloader must choose either a memorize the forms you copy. To assume a form, you must type of perception Electromagnetic, Sonar , a power always be able to see or touch the original.

Every form you take is cosmet- category Cloaking Devices, Deception, Ghosts. You still gain the abilities of your new form. See Invisible Deception makes him immune to Needs Sample: You must physically invisibility through mental influence, be it chi-based or sample anything you wish to take the form of. Projected Form: Only for Alternate Form. Your Alternate Reaction bonus: When you use your ability, your native Poet: Reaction bonus: To return to your native form and awaken, ers of your work, literati.

While entranced, your Alternate Form is a Telekinesis real, physical entity; if either form is wounded or killed, the same happens to the other! B92 Skinbound: You assume your Poltergeists and other haunts sometimes use this ability, Alternate Form by donning the skin of a creature of that as do a great many cinematic demons and witches.

Another week in the life of GURPS - Sean Punch's Journal

download either ver- Demons and other spirits who possess and animate sion as a set of gadget limitations, but halve their total inanimate, unpowered shells such as corpses have value, as they apply only in one shape. The skin can be Telekinesis with the following limitation: Your TK works by enabling inanimate objects urally able to separate from yourself, or an artifact with to flex and move.

The minimum level required to animate uncanny powers. B89 of leaves or pool of swamp scum ; see Object Hit Points Table p. An animated object can grab, lift, strike, and throw Folklore offers lots of different ways to kill the super- with ST equal to the TK level needed to animate it. It has natural, and almost as many ways to keep them killed. B95 to equals your TK level minus the level needed to animate it.

Objects return to their rest state once you relinquish control. B94 True Faith is useless against Things Man Was Not Meant To Know in most cosmic horror campaigns, predicated as such games are on the notion that mankind and his gods are Talent meaningless specks in the void. Ghouls, vampires, and other undead may exist in such a background — and be equally see p. B89 immune to True Faith. Cunning Folk: Animal Handling, Fortune-Telling, Herb see p.

It is, however, and those sympathetic to it. Autohypnosis, Brainwashing, Captivate, Ges- p. Checks see Stress and Derangement, pp. Otherwise, it works normally.

As a twist, the GM could restrict this trait to heroes who An ER can only power abilities of the same source. It can are too jaded, ignorant, stupid, or crazy to be scared. He pay the basic FP costs to use advantages, those added by might even require anyone who wishes to possess it to have Costs Fatigue, and expenditures for extra effort.

It can also an appropriate mental disadvantage or substandard IQ, fuel related skills; e. Only associated the disadvantage also neutralizes Unfazeable. In this powers can deplete it. You can recover FP at the same time if you Familiar Horrors: Factors that alter FP recovery generally have no effect already, but the new and alien can still get a rise out of you!

For instance, the Recover Energy spell p. B corpse. Abilities of that spectral rat might still give him the jim-jams. Model this as follows: Ghostly Movement: Requires One Power: Only available if you have two or more a Move maneuver in combat. You can get anywhere powers of a given source. Your ER works with just one of within Move yards, provided that nobody is looking and your powers.

Your ER recharges slowly. It closed behind you, in a second. As a special effect, any only recharges via DR with Absorption, Leech, the Steal mundane requirements for getting from A to B replace Energy spell, etc. This is incompatible with Slow Recharge.

Beings embodying alien advantages. Leech is a general case of Vampiric Bite p. B96 that Energy Reserve can be modified to suit all of these horrors and more. You heal 1 HP per ER advantage. This is always tied to a particular power full 3 HP you steal. Cost depends on what you drain: You can only use the whether to heal HP or FP.

You can take extra HP from frightened peo- breaks free or dies. Your months stolen. Sharp Teeth or Doleovore: You can drain bonus HP from people in pain. For example. Attribute losses affect skills based on those Leech only affects living beings. You can take both those with High Pain Threshold halve it. You stealing HP. Regardless of what a variant ability — Leech Mechanical — that only affects you steal.

Steal Youth: You permanently age your victim instead of in combat. Addictive Bite: Your drain is addictive for the victim! These options and the From a given subject. You can combine Steal FP with one of the mod. Contest of Will for Malediction every second once per turn. B to steal dreams Missed Obligate Metuovore: You can only feed on fear. If he survives. Leech requires Malediction 1 or 2 times with different enhancements.

With Steal HT. If Special Enhancements you can steal more than one of these. The point cost is identical. Each second of draining ages him by months can only affect one victim at a time. See Age and Aging p. You heal 1 HP per HP stolen. This is incompatible with Heals FP.

From a given victim. Your total Sleep. ST theft reduces BL and damage.

Horror pdf gurps

You steal ST. Sharp Beak p. You can only feed on pain. You heal your losses to the same hazard. The drain ends instantly if you release your victim. Leech B91 is indispensable. B for long- ments can further tailor Leech to specific monsters: Drain occurs at the rate of 1 point per level of Leech. Roll the Quick neously. The following enhance. Each victory lets you drain 1 HP per level. To drain more. Steal FP is off limits for machines. The traditional vampire has also acquires Uncontrollable Appetite Some ond equal to half his current pain penalty — that is.

In this case. For possible to drink human blood. Previously unknown disad- disadvantages p. The GM should remain alert for these! Someone ins with character hooks pp. B Only allowed on abilities that affect others for at least A large part of running a horror campaign is adding a minute.

Power Investiture. Animal Empathy — late this is to assign PCs secret advantages p. The default effect is 1 point of Corruption per 5 points of unmodified disadvan- tage value each time the sufferer fails the self-control roll.

Secret Advantages and Disadvantages The protagonists of horror adventures are often discovered previously. Use this to model. This Corrupts. B Corrupting can also be applied to a disadvantage that at They Magery. Addiction is a prime example of this.

In that case. One way to simu. Terminal Condition Addiction Variable see p. B — qualities that even their play.

Should you injure a living person through eunuch mandarins. And anyone might have an old family Patron secret disadvantages. Trained by a Master is Corrupting.

The GM may vary this ratio in his campaign. B33 and without ever realizing it. A person could easily possess encountering the supernatural for the first time.

Ritual Magic. Simply give a vague ber of points — or even give all PCs secret traits! This hint: Such secret traits make good tie. Magic Resistance. When a secret trait comes into play. B crops up 9 or less.

Depending on the specifics. A trivial motivation. If the junk comes from sentient beings vampires. Ring the main tower Code of Honor Oathbound: Many black magicians — bell of St. These are supernatural restrictions. There are ghosts in Compulsive Behavior my attic.

Vampires in literature Major points — are particularly appropriate and and games often belong to a centuries-old. Cabal p. B of the society where possible. If you seem to be drawing out the p. B until the omission is remedied.

B vampires in my cellar. Ring the main tower bell of Code of Honor Cabalistic: The Code of Honor of the St. But Unluckiness p. If kept away from vampires for long enough. Ring the main tower bell of The first literary vampire. Psychological horror games and campaigns in which mon. B rather than an Ghostly Repetition Addiction. His only motivation.

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Chronic Pain migraine. Code of Honor -5 points: One of many motivations. The following is especially appropriate for horror: As Mulder and Scully proved for nine seasons. Lord Ruthven. His points: His primary motivation. Codes of Honor especially uses up at least half his time. Ghosts are often bound to repeat specific actions when- demons. Craving vampire bites is an Addiction. This Obsession p. Ring any church bell you see on Sunday. Code of Honor Traditional Secret Society: Suitable for conspiracies.

If the ghost likely cheap if not precisely easy to satisfy. B that allows no self-control roll. Failure means affect your life. The Crucial Memory: These memories go to the core of your being. False memories usually result from debunkers all do their part to make sure that the field of the alien abduction.

Memories like these deal with major affect the rest of the encounter. Affects combat against a large category of foes. This kind of Delusion is common in psychological and wannabes. And in a world where both may exist. Recalling the truth may GM may permit other make some things snap into self-control numbers for place.

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Meaningful Memory: The Success lets you act kind of memory that could normally. On your turn in combat. Untrue Beliefs. B Roswell saucer as a kid in against a value of Point value depends on the believe in violet energy. Affects combat against a rare category of foes. Such Delusions have other effects instead. Recalling the Out Attack. Trivial Memory: The mem. On a critical failure. In or you had a brief affair with a combat. Some dementophobes routinely test Use the limitation below to model such metaphysics.

Also make a self-control roll Phobia in any situation involving heavy machinery. Your imagination will ensure that things reminiscent Ghosts Spectrophobia: This fear kicks in not only of what you fear regularly provoke phobic reactions. Make a self-control roll whenever it looks like the You can likely be murdered or re-murdered with no legal food might run out. Make self-control rolls whenever symp.

B Poisoning Toxicophobia: One of the most common Here are some more. For during actual encounters with the spectral undead. A threat hidden at -4 if the person is someone you know.

Prior to fer the effects of their Dread only when they can perceive the s. Some vampires will trigger coitopho- Being Buried Alive Taphephobia: A common fear in bic attacks. Rats Murophobia: A vampire who commands rats will toms of the apocalypse appear.

Horror pdf gurps

In the classic insanity. Affects almost all supernatural encounters. Any mutilated person or Insensitive: Your Dread kicks in only when you physi. In practice. You fear not only the taxmen Social Stigma and spies that most people distrust. Apeirophobes flee pure in heart. Peter Cushing whips out a crucifix from behind roll at -4 in milieus where inherited insanity is scientifically his tweedy lapel.

In some campaigns. B merely fear obviously crazy people but constantly obsesses Some vampires. Reactions range from obsessive afraid of: Roll cally sense the hated object or substance. B military. Apocalypse Millenniphobia: Men In Black..

B to Dread attempts to use related skills. You have no claim to prop- Hunger Limouphobia: Coitophobes also react badly in Victorian times and earlier. Phobia for cosmic horror campaigns — or in any horror -5 points. I would also recommend you to try any of the horror games in the history section as well.

They might take a bit longer to set up, and have a bit more of a learning curve, but these games will more than make up for that in play value.

These were the games that set the benchmark for horror games in general, and as you will see changed the course of role play gaming in a lot of ways. The game company Chaosium who created RuneQuest another Dungeons and Dragons variant, wanted to do something different than the average fantasy quest and they were looking for new ideas.

The original conception of Call of Cthulhu was Dark Worlds, a game commissioned by the publisher Chaosium but never published.

He took over the writing of Call of Cthulhu, and the game was released in , using a version of the Basic Role-Playing system used in RuneQuest The setting of Call of Cthulhu is a darker version of our world, based on H. The protagonists may also travel to places that are not of this earth, represented in the Dreamlands which can be accessed through dreams as well as being physically connected to the earth , to other planets, or into the voids of space.

For as long as they stay functionally healthy and sane, characters grow and develop. Call of Cthulhu does not use levels , but is completely skill-based, with player characters getting better with their skills by succeeding at them. The players take the roles of ordinary people drawn into the realm of the mysterious: detectives, criminals, scholars, artists, war veterans, etc.

Often, happenings begin innocently enough, until more and more of the workings behind the scenes are revealed. Call of Cthulhu has a reputation as a game in which it is quite common for a player character to die in gruesome circumstances or end up in a mental institution.

Unlike most other role-playing games, eventual triumph of the players is not assumed. For those grounded in the RPG tradition, the very first release of Call of Cthulhu created a brand new framework for table-top gaming. Unlike its predecessor games, CoC assumed that most investigators would not survive, alive or sane, and that the only safe way to deal with the vast majority of nasty things described in the rule books was to run away.

A well-run CoC campaign should engender a sense of foreboding and inevitable doom in its players. TSR and Gygax now had some real competition and were losing a major share of the market and they needed to do something fast. They play-tested the adventure with a group of players each Halloween for five years before it was published. When they began work on Ravenloft, they felt the vampire archetype had become overused, trite, and mundane, and decided to create a frightening version of the creature for the module.

When TSR was struggling to win back the market share Tracy and Laura were asked to update the rules and get it ready for release in The story involves a party of player characters PCs who travel to the land of Barovia , a small nation surrounded by a deadly magical fog. The master of nearby Castle Ravenloft, Count Strahd von Zarovich , tyrannically rules the country, and a prologue explains that the residents must barricade their doors each night to avoid attacks by Strahd and his minions.

Before play begins, the Dungeon Master or DM, the player who organizes and directs the game play randomly draws five cards from a deck of six. Two of these cards determine the locations of two magical weapons useful in defeating Strahd: the Holy Symbol and the Sunsword.

In this work, it is revealed that Strahd had fallen in love with a young girl, who in turn loved his younger brother. Strahd blamed his age for the rejection, and made a pact with evil powers to live forever. He then slew his brother, but the young girl killed herself in response, and Strahd found that he had become a vampire. All six possible locations are inside Castle Ravenloft.

There are four possible motivations for Strahd. He may desire the love of Ireena, whose appearance matches that of his lost love, Tatyana.