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Updated coverage reflects the latest issues in pediatric nursing care, including childhood obesity and teenage pregnancy. Clinical Snapshots and Nursing Care Plans with critical thinking questions show how to apply the nursing process in real patient care scenarios.

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Written by noted pediatric nursing educators Debra L. Price and Julie F. Key Features Reading Level: 9. Free, built-in Study Guide includes scenario-based clinical activities and practice questions for each chapter. Complete, concise coverage of evidence-based pediatric nursing care includes cultural and spiritual influences, complementary and alternative therapies for pain management, and pediatric psychophysiologic responses to bioterrorism and threats of bioterrorism.

Note that the mask covers the nose and mouth, and the head is in a neutral posi- tion. Chest compressions are started immediately if there is trachea and must be avoided. An airtight connection is no detectable heartbeat. The lungs are inflated 1.

The infant is positioned on a firm surface.

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It may not be possible to maintain adequate inspiratory pressure with Ambu or Hope bags. The rise and fall of the chest are observed for proper ventilation.

Pediatric Nursing Procedure principles and Practice art of Pediatric Nursing

Air entry and heart rate are checked by auscultation. Manual resuscitation is coordinated with any voluntary efforts.

The rate of ventilation should be between 40 and 60 breaths per minute. Pressure should be adequate to move the chest wall.

In newborns with normal lungs, 15 to 25 cm H2O may be adequate.

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If the newborn has lung disease, 20 to 40 cm H2O may be necessary. If ventilation is adequate, the chest moves with each inspiration, bilateral breath sounds are audible, and the lips and mucous membranes become pink.

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Distention of the stomach is controlled by inserting a nasogastric tube for decompression. Endotracheal intubation may be needed. With preterm newborns, positive end expiratory pressure PEEP is required to help prevent alveolar collapse. If the baby is intubated and the color and heart rate fail to respond to ventilatory efforts, poor or improper placement of an endotracheal tube may be the cause.

External cardiac massage.

The lower third of the sternum is compressed with two fingertips or thumbs at a rate of 90 compressions per minute. If the heart rate is ab- uses both thumbs to compress the sternum. The two-thumb given through the umbilical vein catheter or the peripheral method is preferred because it may provide better intravenous IV setup.

When epinephrine is administered coronary perfusion pressure; however, it makes access by endotracheal tube, the IV dose of epinephrine should to the umbilical cord for medication administration be diluted with 1 mL of normal saline Glomella, Sodium bicarbonate is rarely given in the birthing room 3.

The sternum is depressed to sufficient depth to and only to correct metabolic acidosis after effective ven- generate a palpable pulse or approximately one third tilation is established. Dextrose is given to prevent pro- of the anterior-posterior depth of the chest at a rate of gression of hypoglycemia.

Naloxone hydrochloride 0. Oxy- ride Narcan.

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Whole blood by palpating the umbilical cord for a pulse. If the newborn O negative crossmatched against the mother , fresh frozen has not responded with spontaneous respirations and a plasma, and packed red blood cells can also be used for vol- heart rate above 60 beats per minute, resuscitative med- ume expansion and treatment of shock.

If bradycardia is present, epinephrine 0. It displaces morphinelike mothers because it may precipitate acute withdrawal syndrome in- drugs from receptor sites on the neurons; therefore, the narcotics can creased heart rate and blood pressure, vomiting, tremors. Naloxone reverses narcotic- Respiratory depression may result from nonmorphine drugs, induced respiratory depression, analgesia, sedation, hypotension, such as sedatives, hypnotics, anesthetics, or other nonnarcotic CNS and pupillary constriction.

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