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Title of document: Feminism in Late 20th Century American Literature: Black Feminism in Alice Walker's The Color Purple. Name of course: Bachelor Thesis. For Celie's speech pattern in The Color Purple, Celie's words reveal not only an intelligence that transforms illiterate speech into something that is, at times, very. In her award-winning novel The Color Purple, Alice Walker () tells the story of The themes presented in The Color Purple are very advanced, and the.

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and her. The Colo talent a. America. This ebo from the. Alice Walker. PDF. Fantastic Fic "The Color Purple is an American novel of permanent importance. THE COLOR PURPLE ALICE WALKER PUBLISHED BY POCKET BOOKS NEW YORK i POCKET BOOKS, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. The Color Purple - flliee Walker r TL Pulitzer Prize Winner Ik F TL Authors: Alice Walker Formats: PDF Ids: Fantastic Fiction, Barnes & Noble, Goodteacls,Skoob.

You are on page 1of 3 Search inside document The Color Purple Celie is abused and raped by her Pa, who takes away her children after theyre born. Eventually, Pa marries Celie off to a man who is just as abusive as Pa. Celies new husband, Mr. Celie is somewhat happy to marry Mr. However, after Nettie lives in Mr.

Celie quickly falls in love with Shug, and Shug falls in love back. For the first time in Celies life, she has a chance to enjoy sex, romance, and friendship. Together with Shug, Celie discovers the mystery of Netties silence for so many decades: Mr. When Celie finds her sisters letters, it unlocks a new world for her. Instead of being submissive and downtrodden, she realizes the full extent of the abuses she has suffered from Mr.

This knowledge gives her the strength to leave him. Celie heads off to Memphis with Shug to start a new life. Netties letters transform the way Celie sees the world. From Nettie, Celie learns that Pa isnt actually her biological father.

Celie also learns that Nettie is living with the Reverend Samuel and his family, working as a missionary in Africa. The Reverend Samuel had also adopted Celies two children from Pa many years back.

Nettie, Samuel, and the children plan to return from Africa soon. Celie learns that Pa has died.

Walker, Alice - The Color Purple

She also finds out that the house that Pa lived in actually has belonged to Celie and Nettie since their mother passed away. So now Celie owns a home, which she prepares for Netties arrival. Now an independent woman, Celie remains close friends with Shug, although Shug is not faithful or constant in their romantic relationship.

Celie also gains a new friend. After she left Mr. Hes reformed and is now a pretty decent guy. Although Celie isnt remotely romantically interested in him, they now enjoy each others company.

The Color Purple - PDF Free Download

After several decades abroad in Africa, Nettie returns with Samuel, who is now her husband, and with Celies two children.

The sisters have a blissful reunion, and although theyre now old women, we get the sense that theyve just begun the best years of their lives. Book Summary Alice Walker's The Color Purple weaves an intricate mosaic of women joined by their love for each other, the men who abuse them, and the children they care for.

In the first few letters, Celie tells God that she has been raped by her father and that she is pregnant for the second time with his child. Celie's mother is quite ill and after cursing Celie, dies, leaving Celie alone to face her father.

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Celie then turns her attention to protecting her sister, Nettie, from her father's sexual advances. Celie soon marries Mr. Celie becomes fixated on Shug Avery, a glamorous blues singer who is her husband's mistress.

Several years later, Celie eagerly accepts the responsibility of nursing Shug back to health, thus beginning a lifetime of friendship and love between the two women.

The oldest of Celie's stepchildren, Harpo, marries an independent young women, Sofia, and soon after, Celie encourages Harpo to beat her into submission, just as all men have beaten Celie.

She begins with a letter she had written to Danny Glover who embodies Celie's abusal husband Mr. Alice says that her grandfather has abused her grandmother for many years and explains that by bringing to life a character that was similar to him, Glover has allowed her to come to terms with her feelings for her grandfather.

Walker explains how there was an enormous controversy over whether such occurences as rape and incest, which are depicted in the book, reflect real live. Since it was filmed 10 years ago, she is often asked about her opinion of the final result. She recalls how sh egot a headache the first time seh watched it because seh felt everything about it was wrong, but her opinion changed when she attended the premiere. While the film received 10 Academy Award nominations and much praise, Walker said it was also attacked by people who loathed it and accused her of hating black men and being a lesbian.

Walker says that the film was a gift for her mother. She has mirrored one of the characters, Nettie, after her mother with the exception that she had given her all the adventure and no children. In order to communicate real things that you need to say to people, you also need to think of something visual and I do this with films. She states that there is a connection between a person's dreams and the path he takes.

The Color Purple

This is the story of two sisters, Celie and Nettie, keeping a relationship which sustains time, distance and silence over many years, a story about love between two women and extreme male abuse and brutality.

Summary The story is written from the sight of Celie in form of a diary which contains letters first to God, then to her younger sister Nettie. You can call this kind of book Epistolary Novel.

When Celie is 14 years old, her stepfather, who she thinks is her father, begins to rape her, causing the birth of two children which he gives away to a missionary friend of his. A short time after her mother has died, Celie is married with Mr.

Nettie runs away from home and comes to their house, but she rejects Mr. Nettie goes with them to Africa as a missionary, where she stays for thirty years, faithfully writing letters to her sister, never knowing if she's receiving them.

After years of abuse, Celie begins to become more optimistic when Shug Avery, a blues singer and old lover of Mr. The two women fall in love with each other. Then, Celie finds out that Mr. She starts to read them where Nettie's live is revealed. They all teach and nurse and Samuel preaches. Because there is such a strong ressemblance between Nettie and the childre, Corrine thinks that she's her mother and so agonizes herself to death.

Walker, Alice - The Color Purple

After she dies, Samuel and Nettie decide to get married and Adam marries Tashi, an Olinkan woman and they all return to America. Meanwhile, Celie leaves Mr.

Here they live in Shug's house. She makes a good living with singing and Celie starts to sew pants, first for Shug, then finally makes a business out of this hobby.

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But as Celie is away for some time to look after the house she has inheritted from her stepfather, Shug leaves her to have an affair with a 19 year old boy which whom she travels around to the Southwest to visit Shug's grown-up children.

Celie stays in her house, forgives and becomes friends with Mr. Before and when Shug comes back, she is very happy with her friends and her sewing.

At the end, the last thing to make her life perfect, her sister and her children, come home to her even if she had received a telegram saying that their ship had been sunk a long time ago.

Characters Celie: The main character of the book has a very hard life. She was abused as a child, had to give up her two children and went right from one bad situation to another, suffering through a loveless marriage, the only happiness being Shug Avery, with whom she falls in love and who learns her how to be as strong and woman.