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For Nearly Ten Years, The Unified Modeling Language (Uml) Has Been The Industry Standard For Visualizing, Specifying, Constructing, And Documenting The. For nearly ten years, the Unified Modeling Language (UML) has been the industry standard for visualizing, specifying, constructing, and documenting the. classes and operations are discussed in Chapter 9. You may notice that the names Security and presentValue are written a bit differently than others. There's a.

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The Unified Modeling Language User Guide (Addison-Wesley Object Technology Series) · Read more · The Unified Modeling Language User Guide. The Unified Modeling Language User Guide. Front Cover. Grady Booch. Pearson Education, - Computer software - pages. 3 Reviews. In "The Unified Modeling Language User Guide," the original developers of the UML--Grady Booch, James Rumbaugh, and Ivar Jacobson--provide a tutorial to.

Start reading Book Description For nearly ten years, the Unified Modeling Language UML has been the industry standard for visualizing, specifying, constructing, and documenting the artifacts of a software-intensive system. As the de facto standard modeling language, the UML facilitates communication and reduces confusion among project stakeholders. The recent standardization of UML 2. Its inherent expressiveness allows users to model everything from enterprise information systems and distributed Web-based applications to real-time embedded systems. In this eagerly anticipated revision of the best-selling and definitive guide to the use of the UML, the creators of the language provide a tutorial to its core aspects in a two-color format designed to facilitate learning. Starting with an overview of the UML, the book explains the language gradually by introducing a few concepts and notations in each chapter.

The Unified Modeling Language User Guide

During his Ph. Rumbaugh was one of the inventors of data flow computer architecture.

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His career has dealt with semantics of computation, tools for programming productivity, and applications using complex algorithms and data structures. Rumbaugh has published journal articles on his work and has spoken at leading object-oriented conferences. He writes a regular column for the Journal of Object-Oriented Programming.

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Rumbaugh is the lead author of the recent best-selling book Object-Oriented Modeling and Design, published by Prentice Hall. His latest book, OMT Insights: He and his colleagues developed the OMT methodology described in the book based on real-world applications at GE, and they have worked to extend the original methodology.

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He has taught courses based on the methodology to different audiences around the world, ranging from one-hour seminars to intensive several-day training courses.

He has a B. During his career at GE, he worked on a variety of problems, including the design of one of the first time-sharing operating systems, early work in interactive graphics, algorithms for computed tomography, use of parallel machines for fast image generation, VLSI chip design, and finally, object-oriented technology.

The unified modeling language user guide

Jim developed OMTool, an interactive graphical editor for manipulation of object model diagrams. The editor is commercially available.

In addition, he led a five-year programming effort producing production-quality software. In addition, he performed personal research.

Unified Modeling Language User Guide, The, Second Edition

He also led a team of four programmers in implementation. Jim developed and implemented the object-oriented language DSM, combining object-oriented concepts with database concepts and distributed it within GE for use on production applications. The language was heavily used at Calma Corporation and was extensively extended based on user feedback with a preliminary version.

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He implemented user-interface applications based on this system, including a configuration-management tool and a user-interface generation tool. Jim developed the concept of state trees, a structured extension of finite state machines incorporating a new model of object-oriented control.

Later, it was used in the OMTool object editor. Jim also developed the Flow Graph System, a generic interactive graphic system for controlling a network of design engineering jobs, including management of multiple versions of data and coordination of information flow among applications. He received a patent on the underlying concepts. In addition, Jim developed algorithms for the reconstruction of images for computerized tomography using fewer input points and with reduced noise in the reconstructed images.

The Unified Modeling Language User Guide - PDF Free Download

However, content has been thoroughly updated to reflect changes to notation and usage required by UML 2. With this essential guide, you will quickly get up to speed on the latest features of the industry standard modeling language and be able to apply them to your next software project. I've decided not to read this one cover to cover.


I think it will be used much better as a reference book. Grady Booch , James Rumbaugh , and Ivar Jacobson are the original designers of the Unified Modeling Language and three of the most widely known names in the field of software engineering. Highlights include: A new chapter on components and internal structure, including significant new capabilities for building encapsulated designs New details and updated coverage of provided and required interfaces, collaborations, and UML profiles Additions and changes to discussions of sequence diagrams, activity diagrams, and more Coverage of many other changes introduced by the UML 2.

Introducing the UML. Morgan Kaufmann series in data management systems: Designing data-intensive