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NET Build Ultra-Fast and Ultra-Scalable Web Sites. Using and SQl Server . NET to Implement and Manage Optimization Techniques Ultra-Fast presents a practical approach to building fast and scalable web sites using and SQL Server. In addition to a wealth of tips, . Ultra-Fast , 2nd edition, by Richard Kiessig English | | ISBN : | Publisher: Apress | PDF | pages | 5 MB.

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Ultra Fast 2nd Edition – FreePdfBook. Free Books Download PDF / Free Books Online / Free eBook Download PDF / Free eBook. NET provides a practical guide to building extremely fast and scalable web DRM-free; Included format: PDF; ebooks can be used on all reading devices. MVC, Windows Azure, and SQL Azure. Although I focus in this book on ASP. . That's what I mean by ultra-fast and ultra-scalable (which I will often refer to .. Free Framework. Free download. Office. Ultimate searching binary-formatted documents, like Word or PDF files, multilingual.

The first half of my career regularly put me and the companies I worked with in competition with Microsoft, and I was often surrounded by anti-Microsoft stories and propaganda. However, when I heard about. NET, I decided I wanted to know more and that the best way to do that was to learn at the source. As I got into the technology and the company, what I found was more than a little surprising. After working with Java for several years, which also has a definite elegance, it was refreshing and empowering to use a well—integrated platform, where everything mostly worked together seamlessly. At a technical level, I found that I usually agreed with the decisions and tradeoffs the platform developers made, and that the resulting system helped to substantially improve my productivity as a developer, as well as the quality of the resulting software.

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Ultra-Fast by Rick Kiessig - PDF Drive

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Essential C 3. You can retrieve a lot of data from SQL Server in ms, particularly if. Although there are still a small number of proxies that support only HTTP 1. 4.5 pdf ultra-fast

The other main source of HTTP 1. If I were building a large web site today, unless there was a specific requirement to support it, I would probably just block all HTTP 1. When the method is called, the arg string will have the value that you set in the VaryByCustom property on the page.

The runtime will generate and store different versions of the page for each unique value that GetVaryByCustomString returns think of the return value as the key for a hash table. For cases with greater complexity and multiple. Using this knowledge, you will soon be building high-performance web sites that scale easily as your site grows. Apply the key principles that will help you build Ultra-Fast and Ultra-Scalable web sites.

Identify performance traps such as with session state and learn how to avoid them. Put into practice an end-to-end systems-based approach to web site performance and scalability, which includes everything from the browser and the network to caching, back-end operations, hardware infrastructure, and your software development process.

How to apply key principles that will help you build ultra-fast and ultra-scalable web sites. pdf ultra-fast 4.5

How to use the ultra-fast approach to be fast in multiple dimensions. Tips for using Ajax and IIS 7.