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aprilynne pike wings pdf, spells aprilynne pike epub, illusions aprilynne pike ebook. Destined. Laurel (Series). Book 4. Aprilynne Pike Author Mandy Siegfried Narrator (). cover image of Earthquake · Earthquake. Earthbound (Series). Book 2. Laurel faces the fight of her life to save everything, and everyone, she loves. This is the final part of the extraordinary faerie tale which began in the bestselling.

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1-Wings - Aprilynne [Pike_Aprilynne]_Destined( Do you have Arabesque book 5 to the wings series by Aprilynne Pike please?. Read “Destined”, by Aprilynne Pike online on Bookmate – Destined delivers all the romance and To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate. Destined delivers all the romance and action that fans expect as it brings Aprilynne Pike's Wings series to a deeply satisfying conclusion. Home>; YOUNG ADULT FICTION>; Fantasy>; Destined - EPUB. Share This Title: Destined.

Posted on , by zebelkhan They were terrifyingly beautiful--too beautiful for words. Laurel turned to the mirror again, her eyes on the hovering petals that floated beside her head. They looked almost like wings. In this extraordinary tale of magic and intrigue, romance and danger, everything you thought you knew about faeries will be changed forever. Spells Wings 2 "I can't just storm in and proclaim my intentions. I can't 'steal' you away.

We want your feedback! Click here. Subjects Fantasy Young Adult Fiction. An extraordinary faerie tale of magic and mystery, romance and danger. Fantasy Young Adult Fiction. Publication Details Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Imprint: Aprilynne Pike Author Aprilynne Pike has been spinning faerie stories since she was a child with a hyperactive imagination.

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Destined epub pike aprilynne

Save For Later. Create a List. Destined by Aprilynne Pike. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. HarperTeen Released: May 1, ISBN: Book Preview Destined - Aprilynne Pike. Tonight, he was Fear-gleidhidh twice over. Now he played prison warden too. I would have given up everything for you. Her words were hushed but clear.

Tamani felt Shar stiffen at the sound of her voice, breaking the thick silence. Tamani wondered if she understood just how right she was—or how little it tempted him. And might not. If only they could know for sure. Until they did, Tamani had to assume they were a threat—a lethal one. Laurel arched one eyebrow in response. I wanted to see for myself. Laurel said tentatively. Are you okay? Then why did you come? Tamani hated that she was right.

If you could just tell us— Tamani has the keys, Yuki said, looking over at him, malice gleaming in her eyes. Laurel spoke to Yuki again, cutting them off. What about the poison? Laurel shushed him. Yuki, do you know who poisoned my father?

I have a home and family to protect. And I will do whatever it takes to keep Avalon safe. Laurel bristled. Does it matter? Yuki asked, her face unreadable. Set me free. Tamani drew back, silent. She turned and the door opened before she could touch the knob. Keys, Chelsea explained as she pushed past Tamani.

She was silent for a while. Thank you, Laurel said. There are things he could do without entering the circle, Laurel said. Like she had a choice? Thank you, he said.

Can it really hold her, Tam? The circle? He was silent for a moment. I think so. She knew he was talking about more than just the salt circle. Hey, is that. Back, David growled. To make things right. But I put her in there. But David was shaking his head. Start your free 30 days. Page 1 of 1. I found the first three at Goodwill, and then went through a saga trying to get the electric format from the library to load on a Kindle that somehow didn't respond to any wifi.

Somehow I survived the cliff hanging and lived to finally receive the paper copy from the library actually from another library sent to mine.

Pike epub aprilynne destined

The ending was good, kind of perfect even, though there was a sad twist to it that made sense but still. I wish the epilogue had gone a bit farther, but it was good. I sincerely hope that Aprilynne Pike will return to faeries in future books. I'll start by saying that this book is my favourite from the entire 'Wings' quartet, that being said, it fell short in a lot of the usual ways mediocre writing, lack of characters, unsatisfactory ending, typically overused historical trope "with a twist", etc.

For the first half of this book I was more or less convinced I was going to hate this book as it had all the workings of being just yet another teenage love triangle gone wrong, which has been a recurring side-theme throughout the series. I'm not ashamed to say that I was really very disappointed with it after all the build up.

Destined epub pike aprilynne

There were all these little things that bother me like Pike's tendency to place her main characters in a situation together and then get swept up in the musings or actions of one in particular, effectively forgetting the existence of the others until they magically reappear pages -even chapters -later with no semblance of an explanation.

Other than that, the use of a matronym in lieu of a surname to differentiate fae is all well and good but 'Tamani de Rhoslyn'? I have to ask why, when, and how did it occur to faeries -ones who speak Scottish Gaelic and English almost exclusively, I might add -to use a French word for "of"?

Their only 4 gates into the human world, which they never stray far from regardless, are let out into Japan, Scotland, and California which leads me to believe their 4th is nowhere near France, and the only dealings they had in said human world was not anywhere near the Norman occupation so I can only imagine that Pike added the word in as a fancy faerie term. Another irritation is the faerie use of "Goddess protect you" or "Eye of Hecate!

But these are all minor flaws, I suppose, in the grand scheme of the book. Now for the good! The second half of this story was fantastic! I particularly loved that she was willing to give the life albeit, rather anticlimactically of one of the few characters that she had not only introduced and named, but also brought to life with a level of depth. Pike wasn't afraid to show her readers that devastation and death can and will grow anywhere it's allowed to -even in her wondrous version of Avalon -which is something I always find refreshing in YA novels.

The story really did take off in the second half and come into its own on its final stretch, adding levels and a complexity to both the story and the characters which are things her first 3 novels definitely lacked.

It's always upsetting when you see such a promising story light up just as the wind blows out its flame.

Quick Review- Not my favorite read. Too much non-stop action in the first two thirds of the story. The last three chapters were well done, but overall, I expected to enjoy this far more than I did. It has everything I've always wanted in a book. There's romance, humor, a little bit of grief and sadness here and there, courage, OMG moments - and believe me, there's a LOT!

The ending broke my heart and made me cry, but not just because of sadness. Those tears were a mixture of overwhelming joy, sadness, grief, awe. I loved every moment of it.

Epub destined aprilynne pike

David was awesome. Chelsea was unbelievable. Laurel completely won my heart. And Tamani really undid me. It's been so long since I've read something like this. I'm still swooning over Tam!

This review contains spoilers from the previous three books. Read at your own discretion. I honestly enjoyed this series really much. The heroine was, at times, very, very annoying and a pull-along, but she makes up for that, I think. Pike based her fey off of the seasons, and that is an idea I have never heard of. So originality made me give this series a chance. And I'm glad I did. This final conclusion to the Wings series is stunning. It surpasses all the other books by ten-fold; it is that good.

The ending was fantastic, so was the romance and all the action created in this novel. This book picks up right where it left off in Illusions; where they capture the Winter faerie Yuki. Let me start off by telling you this -- twenty pages into the book and the action already starts. Like, real action. Action that hasn't really present itself in the other books. Starting from page 35 and all the way until something it is PURE. It has fights, suspense, hopelessness, drama, and all other things.

And while the I do have a few a couple issues about the love triangle, I will voice them later in this review. Let me start talking about the main aspect of this book. I started out with this series in , back when the first book, Wings was released and I absolutely adored it. The climax was great and so was the tantalizing romance aspect of this series that was so hard to just ignore not that I wanted to!

When Klea is discovered as the bad guy, it honestly wasn't such a big deal. It was kinda predictable, maybe because Pike did a lot of foreshadowing in Illusions or it was just predictable. But when she was discovered as Callista I was like This is bad. Even more so than Divergent for those of you who've read it, but that's probably because this book is only pages.

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Okay, now the love triangle. The first two books of this series focused more on Laurel's and David's relationship than hers and Tamani's. Now, starting from Illusions, the whole romantic conflict changes as she dumps David and is officially "open" to Tamani's liberties and David's.

So Illusions had the turning point. Don't jump ahead and think she ends up with him because I'm not telling you! In the last book, David was completely moping and depressed when Laurel broke up with him.

In Destined, he gets his act together and tries to focus on the task in hand rather than Laurel and their circumstances together. This is one thing I admired about David -- his courage and stamina; his love for Laurel and her homeland. It's definitely admirable because he's just human, and though I'm Team Tamani, I can't help but love David also.

Here's my issue: When she ended up with Guy -- let's just him that -- I found that it was definitely It wasn't great and dramatic like it usually is, but really just Nonetheless, not everybody got a happy ending. While Laurel cannot just choose both guys WHY!?! And while I am on both teams, I was equally happy and depressed for the other guy, too.

But who Laurel chose was not only accurate, in the sense of where her life was going, but also logical and a good choice. So the other guy has to move on.

Live his life without her, like he always used to do. And it's really really really sad, because he ends up saying that he wants to forget her, and takes a memory potion to exclude all the painful memories.

It makes sense. But still, it's really sad because he won't remember Laurel anymore. Destined is, hands-down, the best book out of this series. It's not a happy one, it's more bittersweet and kind of tragic. I loved spending time with these characters!

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And while the book is amazing, it's also sad that it's the last book. Thank you for such a wonderful read these years, Mrs. Adios, Laurel and Tamani and David and Chelsea.

You guys were awesome! Who am I kidding? I loved the entire series. This book was the perfect ending to a perfect series. I even loved the original ending that the author put at the back of the book. If you loved the other books in the series, you must read this one.

[ZS] Aprilynne Pike - Wings Series - EPUB

It wraps everything perfectly up. Wow, we have been on quite a journey with Laurel and starting the last book was a bittersweet experience for me. I have to admit that I was not blown away with the last book, Illusions. I enjoyed it, but it did not love it. In the dedication of Destined Aprilynne talks about wanting to finish strong and thankfully that is exactly what she did. This final installment is by far my favorite in the series and I was so happy Aprilynne was able to finish out on a high note.

The ending of Illusions left us with quite a cliffhanger. We discovered that Yuki is a winter faerie working with Klea. Their end goal is the destruction of Avalon.

Since the pair is looking to take over Avalon a battle that lasts for almost the entirety of the book ensues, making it nearly impossible to walk away from this story.

So many lives are lost, many of them being characters we have come to love. It was tough to watch Laruel lose people she cares about, but unfortunately when there is a war lives are lost. Aprilynne does do a nice job of setting the scene for the battles and they were exciting to read. They take place all over Avalon and I was thrilled to see more of this mystical world, even if it was under such tragic circumstances. Avalon fascinates me and I always enjoy the story taking us there to explore it.

The love triangle is still going strong in Destined, but it becomes very clear as the book progresses that Laurel has made her decision. I cannot say whether I was happy or not about it, because I have been very vocal about being team Tamani, so any opinion I give on that will be a giveaway.

I can tell you that while Laruel is struggling with her decision, it does take more of a back seat in this book due to the constant battle.

I thought it was going to bother me, but I enjoyed all the action and events that were constantly moving the plot forward. It also made the private moments that Laruel got with the guys more precious. He tries very hard to keep his emotions in check and because of this we do not always know what he is thinking. Thankfully, he gets quite a few chapters all to himself in this book and I relished being in his head again.

Especially since there are quite a few events in Destined that rocked him to his core. He has quite a bit to deal with and if we did not get his point of view it would take away some of the substance of the story.

His actions and thoughts add so much to the plot, keeping it intriguing and connecting us to him emotionally.

I cannot say what it is, but wow, did not see that coming at all. Aprilynne ties in some familiar mythology that fits well into the world of Avalon. I was intrigued to see how it played out and how David would handle the repercussions of his decisions. It was an interesting twist that was incorporated into this world seamlessly and had me looking at David a little differently as well.

I will forewarn you though, the book ends and then Aprilynne has an extra chapter. She does warn you that you might not be happy with it, but I had to know. I am not sure what Aprilynne has in store for us in the future, but I will be sure to keep an eye out for her books. If you have started this series at all, then you need to read Destined, it brings everything together and is a fantastic finale to this magical tale.

This is the fourth, and final, book in the Wings series by Aprilynne Pike. I enjoyed it and thought it wrapped up the story nicely. This story was more about everyone and less about Laurel.

Much of the book was a big epic battle between Klea and the other fairies of Avalon. This book picks up right where the last book left off. Laurel and crew have discovered that Yuki is a Winter faerie and is working with Klea to destroy Avalon. Now it is up the Laurel and crew to face off against magic immune trolls and try to save Avalon from certain destruction.

The whole book was kind of one big epic battle for Avalon. Seriously it was pretty much action from the first page to the last. This was fine and it kept the plot moving at a good clip.

The problem with it was that in Laurel's own words As a result Laurel spends a lot of time hanging back and watching David and Tam kill stuff. This story ends up being less about Laurel and more about everyone else who is actively fighting in the battle to save Avalon.

So you ask, what about the love triangle between Laurel and David and Tam? Well it is resolved and it is resolved in a totally predictable way. That's not to say it's bad that's just to say that things end up in the way that is easiest and makes the most logical sense.

That being said there isn't a ton of romance in this story. I wasn't really feeling chemisty between Laurel and anyone The only bad thing about having all this battle is that action scenes aren't Pike's strong suit Still they don't have the inertia that I expect from really solid fight scenes. I will say though that everything is wrapped up very nicely. There are some really interesting things that happen in the story. Tons of magic, tons of faeries, and David gets a certain sword that really makes things interesting.

Overall this was a decent conclusion to this series. The book is basically one giant battle between Klea and Avalon. Not as much romance as previous installments but the story does tie up nicely. Highly recommended for fans of this series. Also recommened for those who enjoy paranormal YA reads with a heavy element of faerie in them. However this is also a bittersweet ending, with both happiness and sadness for our beloved characters. I personally would love for Aprilynne to revisit this world years later and possibly from Yasmine's POV, that would be so cool.

ExcitementThere is never ending excitement in this book, from beginning to end the book does not slow down in the least. Avalon must be protected at all costs and that is what they will do. Excalibur joins the fight and guess who gets the infamous sword! Constant battle and a race against time, what is not to love. I will always love David and he really shined in Destined, but I adore Tamini even more.

AvalonMost of the book takes place in Avalon and I really liked that about Destined. I really enjoyed Aprilynne's take on Avalon and the fae and I'm glad we got to spend more time in this land even though it was the battle ground. Almost TearsAt the end there is a letter that was so sad and wonderful and I came so close to tears. I will miss this series and I hate to say goodbye, good thing I own them all and I can go back to them one day.

Recommendation If you haven't picked up this series yet you really should. I loved it and will be getting a finished copy of the book. Laurel, Tamani, and David together tell the story of how they were destined to meet, fight together, and open Avalon to change.