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Kourosh Dini - Creating Flow with - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Creating Flow walks a fine line between a philosophy and technical as a PDF download, which makes its a perfect reference for OmniFocus. Creating Flow with OmniFocus book. Read 27 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. - Grasp basic through advanced concepts of OmniFocus t.

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Creating Flow with OmniFocus - Kourosh Dini, MD 2 . Finally, a white-paper pdf, OmniFocus, GTD, and You, is available online to get. Table of Contents. Acknowledgements. Foreword. Welcome. Versions & Applications. Other OmniFocus Resources. Beyond Creating Flow. MB. Education pricing and discounted prices are available to users who.

OmniFocus 3 This session was recorded using OmniFocus 2. During the session he talked about his long history with OmniFocus and what motivated him to write this book. He also shared some of his own workflows and answered a wide range of questions from participants. Many thanks to Kourosh Dini for taking the time to share his knowledge and to everyone who participated in the live event. If you qualify, visit this page to purchase Creating Flow with OmniFocus at the discounted price.

How this work is best tackled is up to the user. Do you have a lot of time? A little? Where are you now?

Kourosh Dini - Creating Flow with | Attention | Mind

Mastering the use of perspectives will provide the best methods towards not only deciding what and where to begin, but also getting to a list that reflects the present state with as little fuss as possible.

I don't want to spoil the contents of this book, so let me just say that I've been impressed by Kourosh's attention to details, app preferences and user cases -- a kind of attention that's hard to find in most OmniFocus manuals and "in-depth" online resources. This is a book for every kind of OmniFocus user, casual and pros, new users and experienced ones who, maybe, didn't really dig in all the available features.

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With lots of screenshots, suggestions and tips, Pomodoro implementations within OmniFocus really, awesome stuff and considerations on people's approach to productivity and task lists, Creating Flow with OmniFocus is a must-have for every OF user. I don't know what else to say about it -- it's simply a great book. Or if you'd like to wait until tomorrow, we're giving away two PDF copies of the book.

“Creating Flow with OmniFocus” Is The Book Every OF User Should Read

Check out the giveaway rules below. He has been able to take OmniFocus and lay out the different configuration elements into their component parts.

As well as this, there is a running narrative which describes the theory behind some of the productivity techniques that OmniFocus was designed to help you implement in considerable detail. Also, I have to point out that you really can be at ANY skill level to read through this book. It seems daunting when you first look at the Table of Contents because there were subject titles in there that had me scratching my head as to exactly what they were as I said, I thought I knew a lot about OmniFocus — boy was I wrong!

No question.

2015-02-21 – Creating Flow: Kourosh Dini

The book starts at quite a lively pace and this is maintained all the way through, with the first chapter giving an overview as to how the mind processes information, how trusted systems work, through to demonstrable exercises on how to capture information and actions. I started reading the book exclusively on my iPad, however this quickly changed when I realised that I really did want to take part in some of the practice exercises that Kourosh has crafted.

I therefore switched to reading via iBooks on my Mac. The practice exercises themselves have been designed perfectly and really fit in with the overall flow of the book.

Sometimes, people decide to have a humorous theme running with some of their examples, with joke names and content that is designed to raise more of a laugh than a thought process.

However there is a class element to this book that rises above that.

Creating Flow with OmniFocus

OmniFocus is a serious application and this is a serious book. As you would hope and expect from a book of this size, there is a logical flow excuse the pun to the order of the chapters and exercises.

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Once the interface and action entry is taken care of, you are swiftly moved onto the concept of contexts and why they make a difference in your task management system. Deferred vs Due Dates is covered in great detail and there is a lengthy but essential section on the best way to deal with repeating tasks for routine maintenance tasks and habit formation.

Indeed, the theory of habits and their importance in your daily life is comprehensively described.

From contexts to projects, perspectives to meta-tasks, I would challenge anyone not to be able to pick up any new tips and tricks from this book.

Kourosh acknowledges that there are certain situations where OmniFocus is not an appropriate tool, giving clear instructions how to use OmniOutliner for creating project templates and checklists for actions.

There is also an appendix section that explains how to use third party applications like Keyboard Maestro and TextExpander to make data entry faster and more efficient. I always refer to Getting Things Done as my productivity bible and I go back to it regularly to ensure that I still follow the sage advice given within.