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Free download or read online ✅Himu - [] bangla book from the category of Humayun Ahmed. Portable Document Format (PDF) file size of Himu - [] is. All Free Bangla Book by Humayun Ahmed (with HIMU & MISIR ALI Collection) - Free download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. All Free. Himu or Himalay (Bengali: হিমু or হিমালয়) is a popular fictional character created by the Himu, as depicted on the cover of the book Himu () However, Himu walks endlessly – never using any form of transportation. The charterer is decidedly . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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Himu Series Books (হিমু সমগ্র) By Humayun Ahmed Free Download He wrote over fiction and non-fiction books, all of which were bestsellers. His writing. Bangla pdf books of Himu. Bengali pdf ebook download. All books of Himu download in pdf file. Collection of pdf Bangla ebook. Bangla books of Himu. Himu Somogro By Humayun Ahmed Novels, Pdf, Romance Novels, Romans Basor By Humayun Ahmed PDF Ebook Pdf, Books, Free, Seo Tips, Novels Somogro By Humayun Ahmed | Humayun Ahmed All Books Free Download In PDF.

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His second novel was Shonkhonil Karagar.

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Humayun wrote fictional series featuring recurring characters such as Himu, Misir Ali and Shubhro. Himu Ebong Harvard Ph. Do you like this post? Share It!! All rights reserved. All Humayun Ahmed Books Do you like this post?

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Himu Mama By Humayun Ahmed [2004] – Himu series(Bengali Translation, PDF Book)

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Moreover, it is seen that Himu often develops ambivalent feelings towards his father- often thinking that he failed his task and at other times thinking the other way round. Personality Himu is decidedly eccentric.

This makes him popular with teenagers. The way he responds to different and seemingly unwanted situations is unusual and unpredictable.

For instance, he can give a Taka note to a beggar or a rickshaw-puller or he can spend a night in rail station - acts which are totally random. Himu has a rare courage of speaking the truth before powerful people.

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He also attracts people by his great sense of humour. Intuitive power Himu appears to possess a strong intuitive power though he dismisses any of his intuitions coming true as mere coincidence. Some people think Himu has similarity with the characters created by a Dostoyevsky.

He also has the ability to make people angry and he thinks this should be done because according to his opinion anger makes a man healthy.

All pdf himu books

Evolution of Himu The first book having Himu as a central character was Mayurakkhi published in May Since then as many as 23 books have been written by the writer with Himu as the protagonist. In the recent stories of Himu, his super natural powers are increasing. In the early novels he tricked people by his influencing presence, and he led them to a pre-determined future he set up the situation, as people didn't know, they thought that as a supernatural power, e. Himu as a protagonist Himu can be considered a protagonist that has been created by Humayun Ahmed as a silent but powerful protest to modern human personality.


The common traits of modern man, namely, ambition, greed, opportunism, self-mindedness, materialism, compliance, fear of the state and police, lie, hypocrisy and trickery are conspicuous in Himu by their total absence. Himu is smart because he can stand up to any situation, but he does not try to be smart by conventional norms.

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He lives in the present and is not obsessed with the future. He does not suffer from sense of guilt which is a common feature of modern psychology. The author's approach in creating the character is unbiased.

Nevertheless, it has turned out to be impressionistic. The young adults of Bangladesh and West Bengal India are highly inspired by the uncorrupted spirit envisaged in Himu's character. Novels featuring Himu.