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Sweet Addiction is the story of one woman's struggle to keep things casual, File; Original TitleSweet. To ask other readers questions about Sweet Addiction, please sign up. Other stories I loved are J. Daniel's other book Where I Belong, Fighting Redemption. Sweet Addiction (Sweet Addiction, #1), Sweet Possession (Sweet Addiction, #2), Sweet Obsession (Sweet Addiction, #3), Sweet Love (Sweet Addiction, #4).

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. To read an excerpt of Sweet Addiction, please visit by J. Daniels. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks @ site. com. Read "Sweet Addiction Sweet Addiction" by J. Daniels available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. GOODREADS. Read "Sweet Addiction Sweet Addiction" by J. Daniels available from Rakuten Kobo. GOODREADS CHOICE AWARDS NOMINEE FOR BEST DEBUT.

Those who partake in this wicked little activity know the rules. Get in. Get laid. Get out. There's no expectation of a relationship.

When she makes her one desire known—to hit it and quit it—Mason wages a plan to ensure Brooke keeps coming back for more. Or so he hopes. Getting her attention was the easy part. Keeping it might be damn near impossible. This book is recommended for readers over the age of 18 due to strong language and explicit sexual content. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Sweet Addiction Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 24, Laurie rated it it was amazing. site wanted me to read Sweet Addiction. I mean really, really wanted me to read it. And it has cupcakes, you like cupcakes.

Oh and pretty sugared lips — okay. The rest is as they say, is history. Because these books gobsmacked me. They are funny, sweet and sexy. God, are they sexy. That they enchanted me might be an understatement. I fell hard for Dylan Sparks and Reese Carroll. Very hard. So you have a hot wedding hook-up and all the hilarity that ensues.

The circumstances around the wedding itself made this completely poetic. From the moment they laid eyes on each other, the reader is in as deep as these characters — Which I just loved. Dylan is feisty as all get out and though I loved her spirit, she probably got lucky not to be cuffed more often and not in the really good way you are thinking about right now. But her heart is usually in the right place, though she expends a lot of energy trying to protect it from Reese.

And Reese? I wanted more of him.

Sweet Addiction by J. Daniels

I wanted his POV. Though I think we get a really good glimpse into his mind — I am kind of greedy and wanted more of his words and thoughts. Because seriously — not even joking that his mouth should be bronzed. I am not sure what I like most about Reese — is it that he went from zero to alpha in the blink of an eye? Or that you knew from the outset that he was going to use whatever means necessary to win Dylan?

He was magic. I honestly believe that Reese could easily stand shoulder to shoulder with any of the big boys on your book boyfriend list. I am trying really hard not to give anything away here. Did I mention that I read both books within 24 hours?

The Sweet Addiction Series Collection by J. Daniels

How about that these books had so many amazing moments that I might have almost cried a couple of times? I really do love a wedding story and J. Daniels wrote a glorious one for Dylan and Reese. Really, I am not going to give anything away — I swear. But so good. So, so, so damn good. Daniels, I believe you have found your way to my phone book list.

You are in good company. This book is the meet up of characters from J. Sweet Obsession exceeded every single one of my expectations — I fell utterly and completely in love with Brooke and Mason, both as individuals and as a couple. Daniels created magic with these two — their chemistry never once felt forced and they were equal parts swoony and sexy. This book is alt-POV and being in their hearts as they fall is the cherry on top. At first blush, she was mouthy and this side of obnoxious.

But here in Sweet Obsession, J. Daniels has done an amazing job of showing us Brooke as she is coming into her own. Hidden behind her bravado is a woman that is simply trying to find her way in the world.

Being in her head and getting her thoughts is a trip, in and of itself — Brooke is more than anyone gives her credit for — even herself. Walking in her shoes as she silences her own worst critic herself , is perhaps my favorite part of this story. Mason is perfect. Australian with many hidden talents, who has moved to the US to open his own yoga studio and maybe, just maybe find someone to share his life.

But you cannot help but fall in love with this guy. No, Mason is a good man, whose heart beats for Brooke in ways that neither is truly prepared for. The many wonderful things big and small he did along the way to make her his, was purely a master class in romance.

I hated for this story to end. I love these characters so much — these books are not only about the romance between the couples, but also the great and abiding love amongst this group of friends. How these they take care of each other in ways that make you laugh and cry. It is part of the reason why I have gone back to read the books in both series quite a few times and will do the same with Sweet Obsession.

Go get this book and savor it like the wonderful confection that it is. Yes, it is a standalone, but do yourself a big favor and get the other books in both series — you will fall in love with not only each of the stories, but their author. Mar 11, Ashley rated it it was amazing Shelves: Love this box set!!! Reese was stepping up to the plate, trying to make more of their relationship but Dylan just had too much crap floating around in her head.

Overall it was an enjoyable read. It was funny, sexy and sweet. Her gay friend Joey was great. He had me laughing and rolling my eyes too. Her best friend Juls was great too. View all 36 comments. Damiels Fans, Romance. I try really hard to be open to the Big Picture of books and most of the time I think I accomplish that goal. But every once in a while Now it was a personal thing for me I am saying from the beginning They were interesting There was a tight support system of friends and it all worked perfectly.

The set up of meeting the main characters was cute and I was prepared for insta lust The attraction was there with the both of them The sexy times were fantastic My hiccup has to do with his use of an endearment for her There were also some issues with how she would assume negative stuff and then not accept his communication.

I understand So overall, a terrific story For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. View all 37 comments. Most of it felt like page filler porn without adding anything positive to the storyline.

For the late twenties and early thirties set, the immaturity level was off-balance and downright childish and juvenile. The book blurb and the cover attracted my attention to this one. Oh, the male lead was physically appealing , and I found myself more drawn to him as the story went along until I hit the silliness continually playing out between him and Dylan, who I had expected to be a favorite character.

She was not. I had a difficult time warming to Dylan, who drank and trash-talked more than her fair share. Her fetish for slapping Reese in the face every time she had a problem with him completely removed her from the radar.

It seemed out-of-character for him. And once again, I ask the question: The major conflict here was pretty pathetic and overplayed. Communicate people! To be quite honest, I was quite content with leaving the story here. Another book may be overkill. View all 12 comments. This was totally fun! Daniels always has a unique way of making you smile and pant when reading her books. What better than a man with a deep timbre calling his woman "Love"?

This was quite predictable with the one time hot wedding hookup turning into a forever kind of thing. The problem is the fighting of emotions as keeping he "casually monogamous" fling from getting serious.

My faves: He is quite the perfect standard when it comes to 3. He is quite the perfect standard when it comes to book boyfriends. He is sweet, sexy, dominant and a swoon-worthy romantic. And, I cant forget the bff club Jules the gal pal, in love, hottie extraordinaire and Joey, the outrageously fun and perfect gay bf!

The banter alone is worth the read. My 2 second rant: I am not a fan of the dramatic face slap! My girl belted her love interest not once I lost count!

I am all for the one time slap to someone being completely inappropriate and hurting you, but ummmm It just doesn't work for me. Reese was pretty amazing and if Dylan wasn't so damn horny and hot for him, he should not have taken her wrath! Let's be real, it was Dylan who set the rules and it was Dylan who was always struggling with those rules!

Ok ,so that's a me issue, and! Overall, I really enjoyed this book. In fact, until close to the end, it was a 5 star read for me. It had everything I love in a romance I really enjoyed the instant chemistry between Dylan and Reece.

Dylan was hilarious and I found myself laughing out lout constantly at their banter.

They were so great together. There was little drama holding these two apart. So why only the 4 star? Well, like so many other books, the he Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Well, like so many other books, the heroine brought down the rating for me. She was beyond clueless to what was happening in her relationship with Dylan, which seemed out of character for her.

And view spoiler [her not listening to reason for 3 whole months after overhearing Dylan say something??? I get that she was gutted over what she heard, but to not listen to explanations from anyone, even her friends???

Luckily, this did not detract from my overall enjoyment of the story. Loved loved loved Reece. Loved Dylan's potty mouth. Loved the friendship between Dylan, Joey and Juls. View all 4 comments. Well well well What an unexpected surprise this book was! When Dylan went to a wedding and wanted some slutty wedding sexy times She didn't know what exactly is going to happen.

No one follows the 'rules' When the girl is having the sex of her life and the time of her life You can guess how this played out A funny and sexy read with lots of Well well well A funny and sexy read with lots of cake eating pun intended and a sexy sexy man I can only picture as my fav boy!

View all 9 comments. If you want something, funny, great, hilarious, cute and just all around awesome, then sweet addiction is for you. Think about those Heroines, who are insane, crazy and kind of just silly, well Dylan is the opposite of that. I loved Dylan. I love how Daniels makes geeky number guy, crazy awesome and swoon worthly. Reese is the guy you want to meet, fall in love with and make babies with.

Dylan has crazy wedding sex with Reese in the bathroom and from there a non-serious relationship forms. Basically friends with benefits, but with only each other. Dylan tries really hard to keep her distance. She knows Reese is known to play the field and she can see that falling in love with Reese would be a very bad thing. Reese just goes with the flow and I simply love it.

J daniels addiction ebook sweet

I love how witty and funny the writing is. I read this in one sitting, it just simply perfect for me. If you looking for another Seduction and Snacks, then Sweet Addiction s for you. May 16, J. His hips move against my back as he pulls me again 'He has officially ruined all other men for me and I am perfectly fine with that.

His hips move against my back as he pulls me against him, his hands slipping around my stomach. I close my eyes and feel his hands move up my rib cage, his thumbs brushing along the bottom of my breasts as I rub my ass against his crotch. My pulse is hammering in my throat and I can feel my face heat up from the contact.

His hands spin me and my chest presses against his. We continue to move against each other, his impressive erection digging into my stomach and my hands gripping tightly around his neck while he holds on to my hips. If either of us were to move in slightly, we would be kissing. Were you dancing just for me? His eyes widen before he drops his hands from my waist and grabs my hand, pulling me away from the dance floor.

Holy shit. This is it. I inwardly high-five myself as we move quickly between the guests. I follow closely behind him, my heels preventing the faster walking I would have preferred as we move down the staircase and down the hallway that leads to the bathrooms. My chest is rising and falling rapidly and my nervous energy has kicked in, causing me to practically bounce on my feet. I lick my dry lips as he opens the door and smiles. No fucking way.

Come on. Now LIVE on all platforms! So hot and funny: May 17, Dilek VT marked it as dnf. Not feeling it! Too insta and too easy for me.

View all 8 comments. After a few of my wonderful book friends recommended this book, and having spoken back and forth to this wonderful author, I decided to give Sweet Addiction a go. Never having heard of this author before, I didn't know what sort of adventure I was in for so without reading the description and totally going by my friend's better judgement I practically went into this book blind and I came out seeing a different light I've always been into books with some angst.

I enjoy the whole 'characters wi After a few of my wonderful book friends recommended this book, and having spoken back and forth to this wonderful author, I decided to give Sweet Addiction a go.

I enjoy the whole 'characters with issues and pretty much the messed-up' kind of books, but this blew me away in a completely different way, it was nothing I've ever read before. We first meet Dylan, who owns her own bakery and serves the best treats around. After coming out of a bad relationship she attends her, wait for it, EX-boyfriend's wedding. There we get to meet her best friends Joey and Juls. The second I got into this characters head I knew I was going to love her. She has a little something going for her that most heroines lack, she has the same dirty mind as a man.

Are you kidding me with that voice? Low and sweet, I can almost taste it. My eyes quickly scan the rest of his face as Joey nudges me in the back, urging me to move forward. Fuck him. He can wait a second and allow me to marvel at this spectacle in front of me. He wants Dylan and Dylan want him, any way she can get him Did he just say that? Can I honestly respond to that? Would he like it if i told him exactly what i want to say, which is i only want him to fuck my brains out at this wedding, or any wedding for that matter?.

From then on a type of 'friends with benefits' takes place and as much she Dylan tries not to, her feelings that's she's tired to lock away slowly want to come out, but the wall that's she built won't let that happen so Dylan does what's best for her heart, she stays behind that wall and is determined to keep that key locked away where she is safe. The main thing I liked about Dylan's character was that no matter what she still expressed how much she wanted and cared for this man, she never once hid it from the reader, she just hid it from everyone else.

She was scared of falling for this guy and getting her heart broken, like most girls in her position you can totally relate to her and that's what I loved about J. Daniel's writing and how she portraits Dylan, she made her a girl with real issues, she made her insecure, she made her human.

His filthy mouth and cocky attitude held no boundaries when it came to Dylan and he wasn't afraid to say how much he wanted and needed her.

I loved these two characters together, not only were they both compatible and seems to want to the same thing, no strings attached relationship, but they also build a friendship too. I remember reading a certain scene and having to put my kindle down just so i can take a breath or maybe a cold shower.

I never read anything like 'that' scene in a book before and from then on i was looking forward to some more of Dylan and Reese encounters. Daniels knows SEX people. Some of her acts will go into my all time favourite book sex sessions. I adored this book, it was fun, funny and hot. You couldn't wipe the smile off my face while I went on this wonderful journey. From the main characters to the secondary characters, they all brought something to the book in their own way.

If this were a movie, its the type you would watch with your girls, while drinking wine, swooning over the men and laughing you're arses off. Its just a feel good book with the most lovable characters. The one feeling i can describe whilst reading this book is, Happy. I felt happy the whole time and that's what makes this incredible story written by such a beautiful and talented writer, so different from others, it's real.

There is no bullshit. This is the first book I've read from J. Daniels and it most defiantly won't be the last. Not only does the women know how to write and has a filthy mind, but she also has a very British feel to her writing and at one point I had to ask if she was in fact British, which she was pleased to hear lol If your in the mood for a fun, sexy, playful, funny book with a kick arse heroine and a swoon worthy alpha who has a possessive side, then Sweet Addiction is a must read.

I dare you not fall in love with these characters and not finish this book with the biggest smile on your face and also the knowledge that peppermint frosting is not just for spreading on cakes You will have no idea where this story is going but I promise you will be on the edge of your seat to find out.

View 2 comments. This really pains me, because it don't like writing bad reviews. I guess to start out, because of the blurb, I was expecting a female version of Wedding Crashers. I thought it would be a funny concept for women to go in and have one-night stands. This was not that. The heroine Okay. The heroine was bad.

Extremely immature for being I can't even describe how annoying and juvenile she was. I think the 2 stars are all for Reese. He was sexy, smart, and slightly possessive, which was really hot. I honestly cannot fathom why there are so many 5 star ratings. Maybe it's me, I dunno. It just wasn't for me, I guess. View all 5 comments.

Let me start off with it was a cute read, however it was way too wishy washy for me. The story begins with Dylan our female heroine getting decked out to go to her ex-boyfriends wedding..

Then at the wedding she has sex with this hot stranger, and after a bit of a conflict ends up wanting to be his fuck buddy.

Daniels sweet addiction ebook j

Now again, you have only had sex with one person? What the hell would you know about that type of buddy? Her personality was over the place one minute she is nice, the next she is psycho. I didn't like her. She wants only sex with Reese, no sleep overs, no beds only coaches, surfaces, and walls but then she is mad when he is not offering her a relationship? I'm sorry bur Dylan had too many personalities for me May 16, S.

Dylan and Reese were achingly sweet, sexy with the right amount of angst. I fucking loved Reese!! The perfect mix of dominant caveman and sweetness. And the secondary characters, especially Joey!! I need a Joey!! This was my first J. Daniels book but it won't be my last. I'm diving into the second book STAT! I need another sugar fix. I loved the crap out of this book!!! I'm so mad this gem has been sitting on my kindle for who knows how long.

I loved Dylan and her friends - the entire book was like a Sex and the City episode with a gay man thrown into the mix. What a funny, sexy and fun book! And can we just discuss the delicious perfection that is Reese?? Hi, love. Loved the chemistry and banter between him and Dylan.

Sweet Addiction

The only good thing about finishing the book is that I have another one to dive right into!!! Chapter Twenty-Two Chapter Twenty-Three Epilogue Acknowledgements About the Author Books by J.

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