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Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS ): Asbestos Demolition, reconstruction or maintenance work. Committee on Hazardous Substances - AGS. On this page you can find information available as PDF-files for viewing or downloading. If you have installed the browser plug-in for PDF files the documents. TRGS Annex 3 · TRGS Annex 4 · TRGS Advanced Training Please download the free broschure about BauAkademie GmbH (Information about.

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TRGS Asbestos: Demolition, reconstruction or maintenance work. Technical Rule for Hazardous Substances. Version: January , corrected Download. The Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS) reflect the state of (1) This TRGS applies to the protection of workers and other people who work. Downloads Technical Rules for Hazardous Materials · Fibre dusts · TRGS Working with asbestos - Demolition, renovation or repair · TRGS

Proof of registration is sufficient for registration in the commercial register in the prescribed form VHB self-declaration of suitability. In the case of pre-qualified tenderers, the reference to the registration in the listing list of the Association for the prequalification of construction companies is sufficient. In the case of pre-qualified bidders from a to c in the prescribed form VHB self-declaration of suitability for use or proof of the required proof in point d , the reference to registration in the listing register of the club for the pre-qualification of construction companies is sufficient. The Contracting Authority reserves the right to request that, where there is reason for doubt as to the accuracy of the self-declarations, or the equivalent information in the prequalification or its equivalent, the contracting authority may ask for the tenderers to be informed: for a the submission of audited financial statements or similar documents B. The contracting authority reserves the right to request appropriate evidence from the designated undertakings for the purposes of determining the amount of a short period. The detection shall be carried out by: A a self-declaration in the VHB form for the provision of comparable services for the last three financial years for which accounts have been closed; For b a self-declaration in the VHB form that there is a sufficient pool of staff to carry out the services which are the subject of the tender; C a copy of a valid certificate of competence issued according to TRGS , Annex 3 for asbestos removal and according to TRGS , demolition, rehabilitation and maintenance of old mineral wool KMF ; With regard to d , a copy of valid certificate of approval as a specialist undertaking for ASI-bound asbestos work according to gefstoffverordnung and; For e a list of staff and equipment types, similar to category HA 2, perform demolition work under the RAL quality labels.

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These are the determination of the fungi that cause mould and house-decay, asbestos and artificial mineral fibres. In addition the layer thickness of paints and coating materials can be examined on the microscope. Dark stains It happens often that in interiors dark stains appear on tapestry or other surfaces. There are several causes that might be responsible, such as a fogging effect or the growth of mould fungi on the surface.

Air Recirculation in Fume and Dust Extraction Systems

To determine what the cause is in a concrete instance, an examination under the microscope is necessary. The fungal spores of mould are found practically everywhere.

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While they can survive a long time under unfavourable conditions, they start to grow when the surrounding environment is right. In particular this requires the presence of a certain level of moisture inside the building material or on its surface.

Download trgs 519

Moreover, blower-assisted breathing protection is required They are specified in detail in the technical rules for activities involving asbestos concentrations in TRGS. However, it is also permissible to achieve excess of This includes both TRGS are used to derive protective measures.

The methods for assessing the exposure tion measures, ventilation and air-conditioning and the effectiveness of technical protective systems, industrial vacuum cleaners and dust measures are described. Furthermore, require- extractors are described. If the air manufactured until approximately which extracted is to be recirculated into the working can release fibrous dusts classified as carcino- area, it is required, among other things, that the genic.

Depending on which type of work is per- filter penetration is 0. In exposure category 1, where no or only very limited exposure to fibres Technical Rule for Hazardous Substances: occurs, the fibrous-dust concentration is below TRGS as of September Therefore, further cal rules TRGS , and , describing, minimisation measures must be aimed at.

Spe- among other things, activities involving the expo- cific protective measures are described for this sure of employees to respirable dusts of quartz exposure category as well as for exposure catego- and cristobalite.

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The various water level recognition systems using electrode disconnection or floats also disconnect effectively with foam. Initially, there may be more moisture in the air output until the disconnection takes place. However, the vacuum cleaner will not be damaged. How can I extend the vacuum hose? How is electrostatic charge discharged?

Is it possible to use several vacuum hoses point of use with one vacuum cleaner? If the vacuum cleaner is used with two points of use, then there will be a reduced volume flow rate available for each. Up to what temperature can the vacuum cleaner be used?

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Flammable, explosive or burning materials or liquids are not to be vacuumed. When vacuuming fine dust friction , depending on the humidity e. The electro-static pull increases dirt levels in the vacuum hose. An anti-static vacuum hose is needed to combat this; it discharges built-up charge immediately and without you noticing. What electrical power can the automatic switchon of the power socket be run at? The automatic switchon responds from a power of Watt. What is the benefit of the automatic switchon function?

This allows dust to be vacuumed up conveniently, right where it is created. Before the vacuum cleaner switches off, it keeps running for ca. What is the benefit of the soft start function? Soft start reduces the initial currents, which prevents the mains fuse from being tripped.

But also, the life span of the motor is increased thanks to the reduced strain. What is the maximum hose length with which the appliance can still vacuum?


We recommend the use of hoses up to a total length of max. What is the maximum pH value for the liquids being vacuumed?

With respect to the type of liquid to be vacuumed, the user must consult the data sheet and, if necessary, contact Electrostar. Most important: be aware of combustion points.