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𝗣𝗗𝗙 | Since its launching at World Youth Day as a gift of Pope Benedict XVI, The YOUCAT, next to the DOCAT, the Catholic Social Teaching for young Its centers are in the making in the Philippines and Brazil. العربية · English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil) · Français (France). الخصوصية · الشروط · الإعلانات Youcat-Malayalam. ١٠ أكتوبر ٢٠١٢ · Our exclusive Link (You can read and DOWNLOAD as PDF) Click Here Vat ٥٢٥٢ · تعليق واحد٧. Youcat-Malayalam · October 10, ·. Download Our exclusive Link (You can read and DOWNLOAD as PDF) Click Here Vat · 1 Comment7 Shares.

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Its centers are in the making in the Philippines and Brazil. In many other countries it is actively used among larger official groups and non-official groups. This article will elaborate synergy opportunities between YOUCAT and higher education which could be a great initiative to spur the renaissance for Catholic young people systematically. This situation affects also Catholic young people, their relations with the Church, but also the development of the Church in the future. E-mail address: willem.

This great challenge of the Church to embrace its young people, really need a breakthrough that become the responsibility of all members of the Church, not just the pope and the religious.

The initiation of World Youth Day by Pope Saint John Paul II since that continues until today could be counted as one of important and memorable moment which described the path of the Church to embrace Her young people. World Youth Day always giving new energy and hope for the Church and young people. When Pope Francis replaces Pope Benedict XVI he did a similar way like his predecessors in World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by said that the best way to evangelize young people is through other young people and simultaneously called the young people to get out of the Church, to make a mess, and dare to swim against the current world today.

The call was repeated in World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland that young people do not just sit on the couch, but care about each other.

In fact, we need an integrative movement, synergy, and collaborations with all parties to address the challenges of the Church in caring the young people in this modern era. The biggest potential is the Catholic universities around the world that focus on the work and ministry in young people as well, and in accordance with the Apostolic Constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae pursues its objectives through its formation of an authentic human community animated by the spirit of Christ article The Apostolic Constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae also underlined that the Pastoral ministry is an indispensable means by the which Catholic students can, in fulfillment their baptism, be prepared for active participation in the life of the Church; it can assist in developing and nurturing the value of marriage and family life, fostering vocations to the Priesthood and religious life, stimulating the Christian commitment of the Laity and imbuing every activity with the spirit of the Gospel.

Close cooperation between pastoral ministry in a Catholic University and the other activities within the local Church, under the guidance or with the approval of the diocesan Bishop, will contribute to their mutual growth article This great vision basically initiated by some Willem L.

Johannes Eltz, Dr.

This groups of years old openly shared their difficulties in understanding the theological terminology, their questions and experiences as young people, and also some challenges in their life recently Michaela, A surprise then came in when Pope Benedict personally pleased to provide the foreword for YOUCAT book, then wished that YOUCAT not only given in limited basis to young people in Germany or in certain areas as the initial plan, but should also be given widely to all young people all over world.

It reflected in the process and result. Series of circle dialogues with young people in and inspired the authors to produce a simple book like a Travel-Guide-Through-the-Faith Michaela, Thus ,YOUCAT indeed become an enchanting and fascinating catechism book for young people as well as a dialogue companion for them to learn deeply the 4 Willem L.

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YOUCAT would not developed to change the format of the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, but the development of YOUCAT aims to make the root and basic of the religious knowledge of Christians translated into a language that suitable and aesthetic which can be understood and loved by young people.

The answers of every question are designed short and precise answers with references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church with understandable language for the young people and enriched by various attractive photos.

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Explanatory text with examples, to facilitate comprehension in the sidebar. Watching one after the other will be revealing the versatility and complexity of the Catholic faith. It becomes clear how the different issues are connected to each other.

References to the Catechism of the Catholic Church numbers in bold. Inspiring and provoking quotes from the Holy Bible, saints or great authors, prominent people, etc.

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Index at the end of the book which lists the most important terms in alphabetical keywords with the respective numbers of the questions. This also includes all foreign words as complicated concepts along with the question number where the explanation can be found. Table 1. The the inner workings of a computer. You need environment cannot be interpreted as a classroom, to understand it like a good musician knows but a catechetical sharing. Hence, before the the piece he is playing.

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Yes, you need to be study, it is important for the facilitators to prepare more deeply rooted in the faith than the well the venue and the topic seeking the help of generation of your parents so that you can experts in matters of faith priests, catechists, etc.

It is a with each other on the internet!

Life-Story Sharing very important phase of the study group, because — Small Groups through shared experiences, faith grows even more. This is not to establish theological o philosophical discussions, but a common sharing that is relevant to life. Young participants should be encouraged to share their views and ask questions about the topic.

Therefore, it is suggested that in this stage, group members should seek together the source of that love through prayer, the Sacraments, and the Mass. Bring the undiminished fire of Agape members should be encouraged to express through your love into this Church whose — Responsible for their talents and gifts, the joy of serving for the countenance has so often been disfigured by Fellowship New Evangelization.

In this stage, the group may man. It is advisable that the study group formed under coordination of two leaders who have a passion or knowledge in catechesis or faith, and for sure under the guidance or acknowledgement of the local responsible priest, director, coordinator. It is really expected that YOUCAT study group could be developed in the spirit of deep friendship with Jesus and with the atmosphere of brotherhood among its members.

It is a great project that within the context of the "New Evangelization" was created to help young people around the world to grow in the faith.

In the note with Pastoral Notes for the Year of Faith, released by the Vatican in , there is a request for the YOUCAT is arranged as a catechetical tool to provide young Catholics a living witness to the Lord and to cultivate your faith.

At the official presentation of 8 Willem L. The YOUCAT is acknowledged as an authentic catechism and as such is a valid instrument for the new evangelization for the youth all over the world. Detalhes do produto Formato: Later Printing Used 15 de junho de Vendido por: BCZL2 Leitura de texto: Habilitado X-Ray: What to Do? English Edition. Youcat Prayer Book English Edition.

Christoph Cardinal. Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Compra verificada. It has done something that almost no other book I've found has done: Mind you, the big green Catechism is great. I still haven't made my way completely through it, but I've read most of it at one time or another. However, it's scary-looking and huge and intimidating. It transmits important information easily, painlessly. I've been using it during our parish's Confirmation Boot Camp and in any class I teach since it's been released.

You might say I'm a shameless fangirl.

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You'd be correct. It's as important and as easy for parents to read as it is for the youth for whom it's written. Over the years, I've noticed a mantra that seems to come around and around and around, coupled with the "you're a convert so of COURSE you're a better Catholic" myth that seems so prevalent.

I don't KNOW enough. I want to help. But what I do isn't primary catechesis except with my own kids. What I do is similar to what all the farmers around me do: I plant. I might even cultivate. The growing, though, is the work of the Holy Spirit. Much of my job as a catechist and as a writer of things catechetical in places like this is to encourage and equip parents.

And here's a tool that will help.


As I told my Confirmation students this week: It's okay to doubt. It's okay to stomp and scream and shake your fist unless you're my two-year-old, and then we have a different set of standards.

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God can take it.