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Watkin_ David_A History of Western Architecture - Download as PDF File .pdf), An Outline of European Architecture - Nikolaus Pevsner David A History of Western Architecture [David Watkin] on *FREE* shipping a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Download Ebook A History of Western Architecture, 5th edition, by David Watkin. The advantages to take for reviewing the books A History Of.

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A history of Western architecture. by: Watkin, David, Publication date: 5 Favorites. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. download 1 file. Author: David Watkin Pages: Publication Date Release Date Group:Book Download Read A History of Western Architect. A history of Western architecture by David Watkin, , Watson-Guptill Publications edition, in English - 4th ed.

Jesse Gordon Mimesis Mimesis means imitation, mimicry, the representation of the original. Moreover, mimesis usually refers to the relationship between an image and the genuine — original. However, the concept of mimesis varies in art, literature, human behavior, in different historical and cultural context. Different philosophers interpret mimesis in relation to art differently. According to Plato, art is essentially mimetic. Thus, the art of imitation is real and worthy of critical analysis. Moreover, the essay will further elaborate on the roles of these theories: recreating the beauty and truth, revival of art and culture, and deceptive theatricality.

Since ancient times, humans have been questioning their existence, and searching for the truth. Humans have then come up with a notion of an origin, a creator — God — the almighty who governs the universe. Some believe nature is divine and perfect, and some other cultures believe in heaven or paradise, the dwelling realm of God, a perfect space.

Even in the Holy Bible or Al Quran, both mention heaven, a paradise that has perpetual beauty and perfection beyond any human achievements. Everything is well ordered and bound to the laws of God. Therefore, humans have ever since tried to recreate such a world on earth by copying the celestial realm that exists within their culture or religion. This has marked the beginning of mimesis in the built environment.

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Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders, The First and Groundes of architecture, , John Shute In ancient Greece, order was used to build temples or fanes to create a sacred place that bridged between two realms. To create a perfect order that satisfied the beauty of the temple, they started to look upon the human body which was thought to be the finest creation of God. The act of abstracting human proportion and applying it onto the orders is considered as mimetic.

Later, the third order — Corinthian — is an imitation of the slenderness of a maiden.

A History of Western Architecture, Sixth Edition

Vitrivius, Vitrivius: the Ten Books of Architecture. During the Byzantine period, especially the square plan, a circular dome and the orientation of the church were strongly emphasized to reflect the macrocosm of the divine realm of God.

For example, they designed the Hagia Sophia with a square surmounted by the dome which represents the universe, the earth covered by a dome of heaven.

However, Byzantine architecture has more curves and intersections, reflecting light on mosaic, which creates a transcendental atmosphere within the building — exemplifying heaven on earth.

Court of Lions left and Figure5. Rogers , Landscape Design: A cultural and Architectural History, New York Abrams, pp ,] Moreover, some Islamic architecture directly abstracts the literal description in the Quran to create an ideal garden.

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In the Quran, it states the existence of four rivers emanating from paradise, flowing with milk and honey. This imagery of paradise has influenced the architecture of Muslim empires, such as the early Persian, Moorish and the Timurid. The planting of the garden is metaphorical and symbolic of the elements quoted in the Quran. Moreover, the hydraulic system in the Court of the Lions Fig.

This also resembles the cosmological energy flow based on Islamic tradition. Leland M.

A History of Western Architecture: David Watkin: Books

Renaissance is a period where cultural rebirth took place after the decline of the Middle Ages. During Renaissance, art and culture started to flourish in Florence and spread to other parts of Europe. This is when revivals of culture of the ancient Greece and Rome occurred.

In this period, architects such as Brunelleschi and Alberti played an important role in the revival of classical architecture.

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By doing so, they learnt from the past, abstracting the key element in construction engineering, art, and philosophy of the preceding eras in order to revive the culture. This is an act of copying, abstracting knowledge, and learning. From early Renaissance to high renaissance, architects such as Brunelleschi, Alberti, Michelangelo, and Bramante had their own practice, ideology, and style, all contributing to the flourish of art and culture.

However, most of their works are bound to mimesis. Interior of S. Spirito, Florence, , by Brunelleschi. Even though the Florence Cathedral is more a Gothic style, the construction of its dome was based on the vaulting of Roman buildings suck as the Temple of Minerva Medica.

The only classical element would be the exedra and the lantern.

A History of Western Architecture

Apart from that, his other works such as the loggia of the Foundling Hospital, the churches of S. Lorenzo and S.

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