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Download Aab e Hayat by Umera Ahmed PDF free full-text complete all episodes eBook. آبِ حیات Aab e Hayat is published in Khawateen. Aab e Hayat by Umera Ahmed Complete Novel - Aab e Hayat is becoming one the most famous novel now a days. Many people are reading it but carrying a novel everywhere is difficult.

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Aab e Hayat by Umera Ahmed Complete - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Upload Novel. Aab e Hayat by Umera Ahmed Complete Novel - - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. This is the next element to Umera Ahmed’s most famous book, Peer-e-Kamil. Aab e Hayat novel of Umera Ahmad’s Most Popular urdu Novel “Peer E Kamil” This tale contains the biography of Umaima and Salar after their wedding. Peer E Kamil novel By Umera Ahmad PDF Free Download.

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Aab e Hayat Urdu Novel By Umera Ahmed

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Aab E Hayat By Umera Ahmed Episode 5

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By pdf aab ahmed e umera hayat

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Meaghan Elyse Lueck. University of Hertfordshire. PDF Portfolio: Isabell Grothe. A very nice PDF portfolio, I thought. View 2 comments. Jan 12, Sheikh Madiha rated it it was ok. Unrealistic characters. Two extremes. Either too good or too bad. The entire novel revolves around "wo hil nahi saki thi" and crying episodes.

We didn't get some answers. They both appeared to know it but readers don't. I think it only created hype but couldn't unfold in that manner. I didn't really find any relevance in that. It was like digging a mountain to find a rat. She says "Raeesa" achi larki hai, Humain didn't apparently get it but the her intention was not addressed.

Overall, it was very typical stuff with Salar's brain tumor, Humain's narrow escape, Chunni's adoption and everything that could go right for one family! The only thing I liked about this story is that it highlighted the other side of "practicing" Muslims.

Not every practicing Muslim is a good human being. We fall for the stereotypes and they exploit our respect for them. People who try to judge who's going to hell and who's entitled to heaven, those who hurt others in the name of Islam and don't get the essence of Islam beyond the idea of being allowed to have 4 wives.

This needed to be highlighted. Dec 13, Inshal Abidi rated it really liked it. Probably the best sequel of the best book. However, the book is very different to Peere kamil. Its something unique. The idea , main theme of this book is about how a life can be laid down in view of Islam. Its a story about the man, who falls, but rise up again, encountering every hardship in his career and with family; but never give up.

He is the one who has to go with everything, because he has become Kamil. On the other hand, there is a woman with that man, torn and devastated for nine years Probably the best sequel of the best book. On the other hand, there is a woman with that man, torn and devastated for nine years, but eventually finds peace with him. How beautifully they are together. Salar and Imama. The best couple. And their children are also the best one.

Both of them face challenges in their own way, but are always with eachother: Definite this story is about, Salar's family: The words stop here. The best story finishes. But not life.

One challenge finishes, the other starts. Who are ready to fight the oppressive world and keen to establish a pure islamic society and financial system. The end. View all 7 comments. Jul 03, Daisy Dane rated it it was ok. I'm going to give my honest opinion here. I must admit that I had really high hopes for Aab e hayat.

I thought it will be as good as peer e kamil but was very disappointed. First of all two protagonists i,e Salaar and Umama were not as same as portrayed in peer e kamil. Umama was acting like a child and was being extra sensitive. At first author said that she spent her life in extreme conditions,but suddenly she demanded a mansion with a river and all facilities of the world. And thier "zaheen tareen " children ugh So intelligent I mean who becomes THAT successful by reading just one book which was not even related to his profession.

Q and they actually prepared for contest but for Humain they were no challenge at all It was shown as if he had some kind of super powers and unlike any human he predicted every situtaion very accurately as if he has already seen it It was very difficult to digest the story of these "zaheen tareen dimag".

To be honest i really started to hate them all. What does that meant? Though i didn't enjoyed it as much i thought i would Like In this novel It was clearly pointed out that why interest system is forbidden in islam and how much difficult it can be to get rid of it It also sheds light on a very important aspect, that was,non muslims ,specially westren people can never be sincere to us they will only use us and will help us untill we are of some use to them and they will never let our true religion spread or develope.

And what I really liked about Aab e hayat was how it portrayed ahsan said's family that althought they were leading a very pious life but there good deeds made them arrogant. I think it is something which each one of us should apply in our life. Overall it was a good novel. But honestly I only liked the last 2 or 3 chapters of the novel in which there was something serious going on other than Umama and salaar's repeatative story.

I don't thing I'm going to read it again anytime soon Jun 04, Mi Mi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Peer-e-kamil is still my favorite. I read it during my exams I was that desperate lol. Did skip story of their adopted daughter a few pages Going to reread the book after Ramadan Happy Ramadan.

Aug 14, Sana Munir rated it liked it. While reading Aab e hayat I was like that there is no need to write second part of peer e kamil. Because peer e kamil has it's own charm and worth. Although she picked a very good point and by giving us mind blowing examples she explain why bank job is not allowed in our religion.

Dec 01, Alina Naz rated it really liked it Shelves: For me Peer-e-Kamil ended with Salaar and Imama's reunion. What I did expect was another heart-wrenching, eye-opening story with some other social evil being tackled with. Yes the main characters were Salaar and Imama, but painted on an entirely different canvas.

Not only was Imama being a source of strength for many in Peer-e-kamil annoying but foolish in the first chapters. The story began from the 7th chapter as far as I remember , when Salaar finally realises the vices of interest. His genious children Humain especially brought a lighter note to the story.

Throughout the course of this novel, I was looking for more details regarding Salaar's new company SIF, but never found them and the story ended.

It would have been better with explanations included, regarding his work in SIF. Ayesha's depressing life story, Ahsan Saad's hypocrisy , Jibrails character, Eric's conversion to Abdullah. It all revolved around the 2nd plot. I found this story complete and satisfactory by the end of the novel. Ayesha and Jibraeel had a perfect conversation in the end, Raeesa's story although not clear was satisfactory.

I still have no idea what it was about I read the author's explanation but I am still unclear. Mar 19, Muhammad Abdullah rated it it was amazing. Insan ke nafs ko cheezein pasand hote hain woh pehle kar leta hai aur jo Allah ko pasand hota hai woh baad ke liye chor deta hai A fitting sequel but, obviously, not better than the first one.

Dec 30, Rameez Ahmad rated it it was ok. When we came to know it was an extension of "Peer e Kamil", the way writer carried the novel is questionable. The novel is full of flaws, Inconsistent, Ir relative.

In First quarter of Novel: In second quarter of Novel: Writer seem to be inspired from Hollywood Movie "Blood Diamond" those who have watched it can relate. In the next half of Novel there kids, you don't only envy to them but starting to hate them. In short the novel When we came to know it was an extension of "Peer e Kamil", the way writer carried the novel is questionable. In short the novel is full waste of time unlike the other novels of Umera Ahmed.

Dec 01, H. F Sheikh rated it it was amazing. The only plot up till now is how much Umama is insecure about her new life and how much Salar is in love with his wife and how perfect his is.

Problem is I've read and liked such novel where only plot revolve around the love life of two main leads but what's really off putting in this love story is a its boring and b the character of Umama. You know in the beginning of PK, Umama's friend asked 'What she wants most in life? And her friend said 'What would you do, if you don't become one? That's really what's happened in this novel, that Umama has died. Now in her place is a women who is weak, feels she is useless, is insecure and dependent, always in need of approval from Salar and cries A LOT.

That strong, resourceful and independent girl is lost somewhere in between PK and AH. She sulk a lot and cry a lot and for most childish things ever!! She sulk because Salar didn't say good morning, or had breakfast with her or say she looks pretty in blue while she was wearing purple etc etc She loves to read adult romance and has read up to to romance novels and as per Salar's monologue, 'not good ones but really cheap and dirty ones'.

Now I've read some books and romance is my favorite genre and I've my fair share of some cheap and dirty ones as well but after 'cheap' romance novel, you got to have to read some from E.

James, Silvia day or Belle Aurora etc. She not only read these but cherish all of her books as well, and while reading places herself as female lead and Jalal as male lead, no wonder she is messed-up in the upper department.

Aab-e-Hayat by Umera Ahmad Full PDF Book | Full PDF Book

For me this is all very unexpected from Umama who fell in love with Jalal after hearing his 'Naat'. After reading and re-reading these love stories for past nine year, she has very immature and unrealistic expectation from her marriage. She has a dream house, where all animals live together and gentle streams of water flow nearby her house. After admitting this dream and asking Salar to make her a dream home, Salar gives her are-you-crazy look and says her demands are impossible to meet, she immediately shuts off and thinks he is making fun of her dreams.

But everything aside, this novel lost its magic because it looses the the ishq e Haqiqi aspect. Story and Characters lost their connection with Allah, Umama more so that other. This made characters very bland with burst of awesomeness here and there. I might pickup this novel some other time. So much charm is lost in the transition, but I want to know why writer wrote AH. May 06, Neha Najam rated it really liked it.

The one missing star because of all the loop holes in the story. Book Name: Book Writer: Umera Ahmad. Book Language: Book Format: Book Size: Book Pages: Read Online. Share this article:

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