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ADOBE® FLASH® PrOFESSiOnAL CS5. CD-ROM Included for Windows and Mac OS. Classroom in a Book®. The official training workbook from Adobe. Converting art between vector and bitmap formats (CS only) The Adobe Flash Professional Toolkit for CreateJS is an extension for Flash as an AI, EPS, or PDF file, Flash preserves the same attributes as for pasted Illustrator artwork. Adobe Flash Professional CC release provides you capabilities to Note: (Flash CS5 only) If you save a Flash CS5 AIR file in Flash CS4 format, set the.

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Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Classroom in a Book. WHERE ARE THE LESSON FILES? Thank you for downloading this digital version of: Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash CS5 and understand the basics of Flash animation. you will be able to end up with a fully animated Flash web banner for your website. Stage. The Stage is the white, rectangular area of the Adobe Flash Professional CS5 workspace (Figure 1). Objects you place on the Stage will appear in your.

Adobe Flash Professional CS5 is an authoring tool that you can use to create presentations, applications, and other content that responds to user interaction. Flash projects can include simple animations, video content, complex user interfaces, applications, and everything in between. In general, individual projects created with Flash Professional are called applications or SWF applications , even though they might only contain basic animation. You can make media-rich applications by including pictures, sound, video, and special effects. The SWF format is extremely well suited for delivery over the web because SWF files are very small and take little time to download. Flash projects often include extensive use of vector graphics. Vector graphics require significantly less memory and storage space than bitmap graphics because they are represented by mathematical formulas instead of large data sets.

In , the first major version of ActionScript was developed, and released with Flash 5. Actionscript 2. The last version of Flash released by Macromedia was Flash 8, which focused on graphical upgrades such as filters blur, drop shadow, etc. It introduced the ActionScript 3. Adobe Flex Builder built on Eclipse targeted the enterprise application development market, and was also released the same year.

Flash 10 improved animation capabilities within the Flash editor, adding a motion editor panel similar to Adobe After Effects , inverse kinematics bones , basic 3D object animation, object-based animation, and other text and graphics features.

Flash Player 10 included an in-built 3D engine without GPU acceleration that allowed basic object transformations in 3D space position, rotation, scaling. With AIR, developers could access the file system the user's files and folders , and connected devices such as joystick, gamepad and sensors for the first time.

In , Adobe AIR reached a milestone with over , unique applications built, and over 1 billion installations logged across the world May However paid licensing is still an option for device makers who want to use Adobe software. Apple restricted the use of Flash on iOS in due to concerns that it performed poorly on its mobile devices, had negative impact on battery life, and was deemed unnecessary for online content.

In , Adobe rebranded its Flash authoring environment as Adobe Animate to emphasize its expanded support for HTML5 authoring, and stated that it would "encourage content creators to build with new web standards" rather than using Flash. Users who want to play Flash content need to manually set browser to prompt for Flash content, and then during each browser session enable Flash plugin for every site individually. Furthermore, browsers show warnings about removal of Flash entirely after December Microsoft Edge based on Chromium will follow the same plan as Google Chrome.

The Flash source file format is a proprietary format and Adobe Animate is the only available authoring tool capable of editing such files. Flash source files.

Note that FLA files can be edited, but output. Flash Video files [spec 1] have a.

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Next, giving material to the learners should not use too much new language. Later on, to activate the prior knowledge of the learners, it is better to provide several understandable inputs. Interactive media is a multimedia learning that use computer as a tool to help learners to connect into the video Heinich, Heinich, et al ; Gay says that Adobe Flash Professional is a multimedia authoring program that is used to create and design web application, games, video and animation.

This software was released in for the first time. It is developing day by day until now. Discussion 1. Preparation In applying the interactive video by Adobe Flash Professional CS5, the teachers have to make some steps and preparation before beginning the class in order to make the teaching learning process runs well.

It also helps the teacher to be more confident in teaching learning lear process. The preparations are: a. The teachers choose the topic based on the current curriculum and create an interesting video by adobe flash professional CS5.

The teachers make lesson plan which includes the activity and step in applying interactive video by adobe flash professional. Teachers prepare in-focus, focus, laptop and speaker in the classroom. To create an interactive video, teacher has to install Adobe Flash Professional CS5 to their laptop or computer. The software can be copied from one laptop too another laptop easily.

The first step to create the video is to prepare some listening materials audio and video , pictures and music in one folder.

After that, the creator can import the material, pictures and music based on their own design. For instance, nce, the topic of the interactive video is descriptive. This model is created based on the curriculum needs. It means the video can be adjusted as the curriculum requirements. The learners have to be able to listen to many kinds of conversation or monologue story about descriptive one. So this interactive video consists of one conversation and one monologue story.

One of the models of interactive interac video is as follow: Opening Page Figure 1 First page is the opening page of video. In the second page until the last page see appendixes ,, blue dark color is mostly used. Gale in Dagget, Cobble, Gertel says that learners in high school hool are more interested in darker colors.

As a teacher, it is very important to know the intention of the learners in order to get their attention. Besides choosing the color, choosing the design is also considered. The writer chooses Angry Birds design for this material.

Flash professional pdf adobe cs5

It is chosen because Angry Birds is a popular game for teenager and children at this time. Because students more often feel bored to study listening, encouraging them by giving material based on game can give a positive effect.

In addition, to design the menu page does not have to be consecutive. Because this video is an interactive video, so the operator can go everywhere they need. Like the example video given, the menu list is not arranged consecutively. This is not matter because the learning process will not be bothered.

Flash professional pdf adobe cs5

The operator canan clicks the questions button easily after finishing the discussion part. Later on, the questions session should ask the information in the dialogue.

In this video, the questions are about every information in the dialogue. They are knowledge and comprehension levels. These levels are about the definition, concepts and descriptions that is available in the dialogue. By using these two levels of questions, the target of listening listening can be obtained, that is, knowing the information deeply.

To operate the video is very simple.

In the menu, there are four buttons. Dialogue1 is a conversation that will be discussed. Then, in discussion, there will be cut of the dialogue1. The conversation has been chunked into each statement by each speaker.

After finishing the discussion, go back to the main menu to choose the next dialogue. It is the question about all the conversations before.

Professional pdf cs5 flash adobe

Based on the model of interactive video given, students can be encouraged by seeing the video. They will be interested to listen to the material because it is not boring material anymore.

This video is designed by using colorful pictures. They just feel that they are playing Angry Bird together in the classroom. The first one is pre-teaching. The second one is whilst teaching. In whilst teaching, teacher plays the video and discusses the content of the video with the students. The third is post-teaching.

In post teaching, teacher gives the conclusion and reflection to the students.

Automating tasks in Flash Professional CS5

Pre-teaching The first one one teacher greets and prepares the students. Greeting the students is important to know how the students are.

Besides that, teacher has to make sure that the students are ready to study by their attendance in the classroom.

The color is blue and it is rather er small. Based on the example, the students can think and guess why the teacher gives them that example. Therefore in their mind, the teacher may describe about something and the topic is descriptive.

This example directs thethe students to think critically. After that, teacher asks the students some questions. The questions are about the topic given. Now the teacher directs them to the main topic in the conversation that will appear.

How does it look like? The last, the teacher introduces the content and what happen in the conversation in order to direct the students to focus on the material. Her son just moved to his new apartment. His mother called him to know everything in his new apartment.

So, listen to the conversation carefully. Whilst Teaching First thing to do in applying interactive video is by playing the video. Teacher plays the video in front of the class and all of the students watch the video together.

The Save as Motion Preset option allows you to save the animation attributes to the Motion Preset panel for use across projects. Name the default layer shape.

Right-click the keyframe on Frame 1 of the shape1 layer and choose the Create Motion Tween option. Notice that 24 frames are automatically added to the Timeline. Change the physical properties of the shape at Frame 20 by moving it on the Stage and distorting its shape with the Free Transform Q tool.

Creating your first Flash Professional CS5 document

Notice the motion guide line that connects the two instances on the Stage; you can select the line and drag the handles to bend it into a curve, if desired. Right-click the keyframe and choose the Save as Motion Preset option. Open the Motion Presets panel and notice that your custom preset is saved in the Custom Presets folder see Figure 5. Figure 5.

The Motion Presets panel, a new feature in Flash Professional CS5, allows you to choose default animation presets or create custom presets. To apply a saved preset, add an instance of a movie clip to the Stage on a frame that contains a keyframe. Select the instance on the Stage.