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Bitter Sweet Love book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Dez wasn't just Jasmine's crush. A gargoyle Warden like Jas, h. The Dark Elements - Jennifer L. Armentrout (Complete) - The Dark Elements - Bitter Sweet Love - Jennifer L. In a sizzling prequel novella to her new series The Dark Elements, #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout draws readers into the extraor.

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In a sizzling prequel novella to her new series The Dark Elements, #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout draws readers into the. Rev Bitter Sweet Love Excerpt - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Uploaded by Jen Armentrout Bitter Sweet Love, Chapter Two I was not happy. . WHITE HOT KISS by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Jennifer L Armentrout - [Dark Elements ] - Bitter Sweet Love (epub) - dokument [*.epub] In a sizzling prequel novella to her new series The Dark Elements.

With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability. Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Armentrout draws readers into the extraordinary, irresistible world of Wardens and demons. Dez wasn't just Jasmine's crush. A gargoyle Warden like Jas, he helped her come to terms with her destiny--fending off demons and maintaining the balance between good and evil. He was her everything It didn't help that Jas's father had just announced that she and Dez would one day be mated.

He wasn't supposed to be home! I shed my true skin quickly, taking on my human form a half breath before he hit the ledge in a crouch. One look at him and I knew it was too late.


He knew. Crap on a cracker. My father rose to his full height, standing close to seven feet. His wings, spanning several feet on either side of him, rippled as he stepped over the ledge, causing the roof to tremble under his sudden weight.

In his true skin, he was an intimidating sight to see. His flesh was the color of granite and would be just as hard to touch, making him and all Wardens almost indestructible. Two dark horns parted his mane of black hair, each curving into a fine, wickedly sharp point. His nose was flat, nostrils thin, and his eyes, normally the color of the sky at dawn, were now a vibrant electric blue.

He was my father, but as the head of the New York clan, he was the most powerful of all Wardens here. Even I knew to tread lightly when he was in a mood. And apparently he was in one now. The curve of his jaw jutted out and his eyes flashed.

Bitter Sweet Love

He made it sound as if I was chilling in the Gaza Strip instead of merely flying over mountains. I decided to play the old avoidance game. The effervescence of his eyes faded as his wings receded into his skin and his features became more commonplace. But he was no less fearsome as he stared down at me, and it took everything I had to match him, glare for glare.

I got my dark hair and my height from my father, but the rest was from my mother-the fair skin and more curves than the back roads of Greenwich. At nearly forty-two, Claudia was the oldest female in our clan and our token matriarch. Most females didn't make it to that age. Not when they regularly died during childbirth or were gleefully picked off by demons. It was a worrisome trend. Without females, the Wardens would eventually die off.

Like me, she was keenly aware that being shut up in the house, as pretty as it was, was still being caged. In the sky, the fat moon slipped behind a cloud, as if taunting me. I took a deep breath.

I didn't go very far. I was just-" "It doesn't matter. Unease poured into me. Since when did my sneaking off not matter? He placed a heavy hand on my shoulder and squeezed gently. You won't be able to take flight whenever you feel like it going forward.

When he smiled, it meant something good, and he hadn't smiled much since Mom was killed.

Armentrout bittersweet love pdf jennifer

Unlike most Warden matings, theirs had turned into a love affair, going beyond their duties to our race. Once upon a foolish time, I had hoped the same thing would happen to me. Or to DC? I was practically bouncing at the prospect. Because they make it seriously hard for a girl to do some shopping. And they scare people. So it's awkward. Our house, which was the size I imagined a high school to be, was as heavily guarded as Fort Knox.

It's better than that.

Pdf bittersweet armentrout love jennifer

Once inside the house, he turned to me. Warmth radiated from his gaze. I tensed up, seconds from squealing. I knew I hadn't heard him right. There was no way.

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I was knee deep in freak-out mode. Dez was back after leaving for three years, without so much as saying a "Hey, I'm skipping out and leaving you," or a goodbye or anything? He'd just up and left after I tried to swallow, but there was something huge in my throat.

I hadn't heard from him in three years. Not a single phone call, email or letter. I hadn't even known if he was dead or alive. No one in our clan had known. He'd vanished, his sudden departure as horrifyingly abrupt as the death of my mother. There one second and gone the next.

Rev Bitter Sweet Love Excerpt

Home hadn't even been home since he left. I stared at my reflection in the vanity. Light blue eyes stared back at me, set in a face way too pale against the darkness of my hair.

Even my lips looked leeched of blood. My cheekbones appeared too sharp, too angular. The last hour had blurred. Somehow, the entire clan knew that Dez was back and they'd swooped in on me within a nanosecond of my entering the house. I'd been shoved into a shower, because apparently, I needed one. Danika had dried my hair, letting it fall loose in long waves down my back because I was beyond the ability to do it myself. Then Claudia, who either didn't know I'd sneaked out or had chosen to ignore it in light of what was happening, had brought in a blue gown that I'd never seen before.

It was tight around my chest and I knew if I bent too low, my breasts would be coming out and saying hello. It was tradition to look your best when a male claimed you. The whole ritual was barbaric, absolutely wrong on so many levels. Part of me understood the necessity of having to mate and produce some babies.

Our kind was dying off and what the Wardens did was a necessity to maintain the balance of good and evil and blah, blah.

Armentrout bittersweet pdf jennifer love

The other part wondered why in the world I would sign up for something that would most likely result in my death at some point. We were given seven days after the male made his claim to say yes or no, to ensure that both parties understood that mating was a lifelong commitment.

I picture their skin close to something like granite, very smooth, hard, and almost shiny. Zola: Protagonist Jasmine is to be mated to her long-time best friend Dez —that is if she agrees to the match.

Jennifer Armentrout

Is it more important that Wardens mate for convenience rather than for love? They are not forced into relationships. They can choose who they want, which, in a way, gives them the most power. Do you know what your role will be if both are picked up? Zola: Do you have any actors or actresses in mind if you had your way with a dream cast?

Zola: You write adult and new adult NA romances under the name J. What made you decide to use a pen name for your novels of these genres? However, my readers were like little private investigators and discovered J.

Lynn and Jennifer L. Armentrout were one and the same pretty quickly. I gave up keeping the two profiles separate after that.