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Business Mathematics & Statistics (for B. Com students). Book · March with 34, Reads. Publisher: first. Publisher: Kalimata. This post is to give you a heads up on best business mathematics books & a The author is a professor and has been teaching mathematics and statistics in. A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library .. require a practical foundation of Mathematical and Statistical techniques used.

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The sixth edition provides a thorough grounding in basic mathematical and statisical techniques for business students, and students on a professional course. Title, Business Mathematics & Statistics. Author, Agarwal B.M.. Publisher, Ane Books India, ISBN, , Export Citation, BiBTeX . download Business Mathematics and Statistics (Business Textbooks) on Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers.

Ranjit Mishra Dr. Junior College, BhubaneswarDr. Atonomous College, Bhubaneswar S. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of thePublisher. This book has been written by a team oflearned academicians namely Dr. Ranjit Mishra, Dr. Uma Chand Lal, Dr.

By Dheeraj Vaidya 2 Comments. Top Books. Books written on Business Mathematics subject needs to come from experts and we have a list of such books for you. A very good and easy to read book by the three experts of mathematics has is a 4 star book when it comes to understandable and applicable content and theory.

The authors come from different universities and have written a number of books also individually which are still in use by readers.

They are B. S and also PhD in mathematics and are members of Mathematics department of various institutions.

Statistics business mathematics book and

The authors have created the best base for students through this book, they have made sure they use text easily understandable by students using content that makes connect between what the students are learning and between what they apply. This book gives litheness to the tutors to tailor the course as per the requirements of their students.

They have created a very determined and effective book for students. This best business mathematics book gives the students required knowledge and experience in modeling and solving real world business mathematical problems with the help of its applications its examples and exercises. An informative book with real world examples with more than 4. Even readers who hate Math as a subject will find this book and its chapters very easy to follow.

This book has been used for years now and thousands of students and a number of tutors have used this book as reference. Very good learning experience is given in this book for both the tutors and the students. The authors have made the book engaging with experience and personalized learning scenarios and this is proved by their results. It includes the realities of the business world along with the reflection of their insights.

Students can visualize, discuss and analyze the information to take decisions along with immense practice which helps then 1 st to understand and then to master the subject. The authors have given proven knowledge and experience hand in hand with realistic business applications and a lot of case studies.


This tp[ business mathematics book is just perfect to help you master business concepts and scenarios. With a variety of educating situations this book comes with both classroom training to individual instructions.

Mainly for students, this book makes learning business mathematics easy and understandable. It is an understanding of detailed enlightenment of concepts of business and mathematics involved in it along with practice which is most important for the subject.

The authors have made the book a three step book in order to make sure that the students gain their expertise by practicing the concepts relevantly. These steps include, 1 st explanatory content which lead the students through examples which may be one or more. These features added by the author makes the content of the book very effective for students.

This best business mathematics book is a combination and it covers whole numbers, decimal numbers, fractions, payrolls, insurances, bank records, percent analysis of the financial statements, use of present value and compound interest and much more than that.

This top business mathematics book is an easy to understand book with a step by step process on real-time financial situations.

Each step of the process is explained very well by the authors. Very user friendly book as the authors have divided the chapters into sections for better understanding. This book includes a number of quizzes and absolutely to the point making the subject easy for the reader. The author has summarized this book as a classic, comprehensive introduction to business math as he has presented each topic in a very clear and a logical manner which in detail explains each step in a very precise discussion of business applications of every topic.

This book consists of dual approach to problems which sharpens the students along with giving them the experience and confidence of entering the business world. The author has used a dual approach system in the book along with covering topics such as introduction to accounts, finance, statistics, taxation, insurances and other topics that are related to math.

This best business mathematics book is a necessary book of mathematics if you are from the business background. This book is full of mathematical formula of business along with its descriptions it has the compatibility of your classroom text which is a very rare combination. The authors of this book are leading experts and professors in their line of business and are enthusiastic in improving interest, career and lives of people who read the book.

This book and its author has been trusted by more than students during their exams and their success in their classrooms. Course information is presented in the book along with easy to follow step by step format.

This book includes practice problems with complete explanations of these problems that retain knowledge. The developments that are most up to date are given in this book by the author. Deep knowledge of the practice reviews and applying their modules is explained very well. The author is a professor and has been teaching mathematics and statistics in high school, graduation and college. He wanted to create guidelines for mathematical calculations used in the day to day activities of business.

He is a writer of three mathematic books and done wonders with this one. Be it day to day transactions or calculating taxes and keeping inventories this book teaches you how to use plain simple and very effective methods if mastering mathematical skills.

This book will help you master very basic business mathematical concepts in a standard curriculum of business math course.

The author guides you through complex terms in a format that is easy to read and on and on and on this book is a perfect shortcut. The author very easily helps you understand depreciation, stocks, promissory notes , inventory, bonds, financial statements and much more.

This top business mathematics book covers most of the basic business math which makes this book very good for learners or people who are new to math. However the information covered is covered very well and thoroughly.

Mathematics and statistics book business

The author has kept the book very well organized with informative content and has used a single method of solving all the business math issues. Junior College, BhubaneswarDr. Atonomous College, Bhubaneswar S. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of thePublisher.

This book has been written by a team oflearned academicians namely Dr. Ranjit Mishra, Dr. Uma Chand Lal, Dr. Jenaand Dr P.

Parida and reviewed by eminent professor of the state Prof A. I would like to record my sincere gratitude to all of them for accomplishing this maidenventure in time. The main purpose of developing this text book is to provide a thoroughexposure to the students of Commerce in this subject. The book prepared accordingto the new syallabus prescribed by the CHSE, Odisha, and as per new pattern ofquestions, shall cater to the needs of young students.

I owe my special thanks toProf. Nayak for making necessary revision in the text and questions accordingto new pattern. I believe that the students and teachers of commerce stream shall welcomeand appreciate the book.

I would also like to welcome constructive suggestions forfurther improvement of the book. Its application is found in various diversifiedfields such as business, industry, management, economics, planning, agriculture,insurance, sociology, biomtry etc. We, the writters are pleased to commend the readers the new edition of this bookwhich is commensurate with the latest syllabus of CHSE, Odisha.

The textbook is preparedto fully cater to the needs of the students both in terms of the course content as well as thelevel of knowledge required to excel in the examination. Further the textbook is throughlyreviewed by experts to incorporate the requirements of the students. The main features of the book are : - The book has two parts, namely Mathematics and Statistics - Simplicity of expression - Sufficient illustrations to tackle practical problems - Systematic presentation of subject matter - Latest course content - Meaningful focus on new question pattern The book is unique in its presentatin because steps have been taken to keep pacewith new syllabus and new pattern of questions.

Sufficient Multiple Choice Questions andother objective type questions are provided along with their answers in addition to longquestions. We wish to thank the Odisha State Bureau of Textbook Preparation and Production,Bhubaneswar for their efforts and co-operation in the publication of the book in time. Any suggestion for improvement of the book will be highly appreciated.

Partnership Logarithm Simple Interest and Compound Interest Annuity Discounting of Bill of Exchange Stock and Shares8. Conceptual Framework of Statistics9. Statistical Survey : Meaning Its Steps Data and Collection of Data The price atwhich an article is purchased is called cost price C. P and the price at which it is sold is calledthe selling price S.

The difference between the selling price and cost price is either profit orloss. These are also known as overheads. Anyexpenditure incurred relating to sales are to be deducted to get the net sales price. It also includesthe expenses incurred in connection with the purchase. Thus, cost price C.

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It is usually expressed as a percentage. Discounts are of two types suchas i Trade discount ii Cash discount. P or list price or catalogue price of anarticle. Cash discount : It is allowed on selling price or on amount due from credit customer. Find the buyer's cost price and amount of discount. Solution : Let the M. P Discount C. Find the cash selling price ifM. P of an article is A From whom the customer would prefer to buythe goods?

Example:7 The Marked price of an article is A Acustomer pays A He was allowedtwo successive discounts. Solution : Given C. P, AAgain profit per cent is 10When C.

P is , S. P is A C. It is preparedby the supplier and sent on supply of goods to the purchaser. It contains the information regardingthe quantity, quality and price of the goods sold. The following terms are usuallyused in making invoice: a C. This means FAS along with boarding charges to ship or cargo plane but excluding the freight charges. This means cost, insurance and freight.

Business Mathematics and | Matrix (Mathematics) | Determinant

In this case exporter bears all expenses for sending goods to the importer's place. What percent does he gain or lose on his outlay bydefraud.

Book statistics business and mathematics

His selling price of article of A at A Find his gain per cent. Solution Let C. Solution : Let the C. P is , C.

And book mathematics business statistics

P of the article is A8, Find the C. P of the article. Solution : Let S. P Ax and C. P of the horse and thecow separately.

P of house is , then C. P is xWhen Difference in S. P is 2, then C. Find the rate of discount allowed and profit. P is , Discount is 25 25When M. P is 1, Discount is 25When M.

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V and a Ratio. If he sells the T. Find the cost price of each.