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Request PDF on ResearchGate | GEOFFREY PARKER (ed.): The Cambridge History of Warfare. viii, pp. Cambridge: Cambridge University. PDF | On Jan 1, , Michael Charney and others published Review of Geoffrey Parker (ed.), 'The Cambridge History of Warfare. The Cambridge History of Warfare, edited by Geoffrey Parker. David Leeson Related information. Laurentian First Page · PDF. Free first page.

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Title. The Cambridge history of warfare /​ edited by Geoffrey Parker. Also Titled. Cambridge illustrated history of warfare. Author. Parker, Geoffrey, (The Cambridge History of Warfare [READ]) Made by Geoffrey Parker of Warfare [READ] PDF files, Read Online The Cambridge History of. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . The Cambridge History of Warfare Edited by Geoffrey Parker Frontmatter More information CAMBRIDGE.

Toon meer Toon minder Samenvatting War is a compelling subject. It is common to almost all known societies and periods of history. The Cambridge History of Warfare, first published in , provides a detailed account of war in the West from antiquity to the present day, and is unique because of its controversial thesis that war in western societies has followed a unique path leading to western dominance of the globe. From the Greek victory at Marathon to the Gulf War, readable and authoritative, The Cambridge History of Warfare places in context the key events in the history of armed engagement. All aspects of war on land, sea, and in the air are covered: weapons and technology; strategy and defense; discipline and intelligence; mercenaries and standing armies; cavalry and infantry; chivalry and Blitzkrieg; guerilla assault and nuclear arsenals.

All fully show the interplay between warfare, economics, and social history.

Geoffrey Parker (historian)

There is a comprehensive bibliography and glossary, and as an introduction to the topic the book could hardly be bettered. But what makes it exceptional are the prologue and epilogue provided by the editor. Professor Parker meets head-on the criticism that this is only Most users should sign in with their email address.

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Volume CXXI. Michael Howard. Oxford Academic. Google Scholar. Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. Issue Section:. You do not currently have access to this article.

Warfare by cambridge parker geoffrey pdf history of

The Age of Guns and Sails: Ships of the line Geoffrey Parker; 8. Conquest of the Americas Patricia Seed; 9. Dynastic war Geoffrey Parker; States in conflict John A Lynn; Nations in arms John A.

Lynn; Part IV. The Age of Mechanized Warfare: The industrialization of war Williamson A. Murray; Towards world war Williamson A. The west at war Williamson A. The world in conflict Williamson A.

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The world at war Williamson A. The post-war world Williamson A. Murray; Epilogue: Review quote "Here is the story of war as the driving force in the rise of the West from the Greeks to our own day. Written by some of the world's leading experts in military history, this remarkable book combines scholarship with style. Without pulling any punches about the misery of the battlefield, it makes the case for the centrality of warfare in the history of the West and the world. Rarely has so much learning, lucidity, and wisdom been found between two covers.

The Naval Encounter that Saved Greece--and Western Civilization "This is, simply, the best survey of the history of warfare in half a century. It explains what the Western way of war is, whence it came, and how it dominated the planet down to the present day. The product of the collaboration of some of the best military historians now writing, it offers judgments as well as a compelling narrative, an argument as well as a story.

There can be no better introduction to the study of military history. Cohen, Robert E. Osgood Professor, Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies "This is a thought-provoking, enjoyable book to read and a good one to have on hand for reference.

Parker and his collaborators have produced an impressive and immensely useful survey, within which are invaluable--not least because they are concise, clearly written and very readable--surveys of major conflicts. In addition, the contributions of the various authors are made to fit into a coherent overall pattern or thesis.

The volume will no doubt--and deserves to--find a large market among those seeking among other things to set recent conflicts, and developments in the ways of war, into historical context.

A highly readable book, and an interesting one, both for the expert and the amateur enthusiast. A must for college libraries.