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CARTOON HANDS ARE TRICKY TO DRAW, STUDY THE HANDS SHOWN BELOW. THE FINGERS . OR STUDY OTHER EXPRESSIONS IN THIS BOOK. Please draw all of the cartoon characters shown below. Add colour where possible to enhance the drawing. After each drawing is complete please e-mail. Character design is a key ingredient to the success of any comic-book, also help portray a certain personality, as is widely seen in stylized cartoon drawings.

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the basics of film animation. The book ends to draw cartoons, or if you've ever with a section of questions and answers for dreamed of being a cartoonist, then. master, for in all the world there is no one more capable of illustrating a book on " How to Draw Funny Pictures." Page 7. *. ***. A Sketch of the Author by ZIM. To date, Brian has published seven annual “best of” cartoon books featuring the best cartoons grown up (and are still growing up) with a passion for drawing cartoons. Acrobat. To view and print a PDF file you first need to download and.

All rights reserved. This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out or otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent downloadr. Acknowledgements Drawings by Pat Finn: Figures 77, 78 and Drawings by John Ball: Figures , , , , , , , and Drawings by Colin Henderson: Figures , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , All the other pictures are by the author. Contents 1.

Then he got out his old corncob pipe shaped something like a little foot and puffed a line or two of smoke all shown in fig. See how rumpled. Concerning the preparation for this routine: The babe should be enlarged on the paper by means of an opaque projector. While the image is on the paper light-blue-line it so only the chalk artist can see what' s there. Think it through and decide on the process as explained above. Mentally combine the patter with the movement of the hand.

The width of the chalk line should be strong enough to be seen by viewers in the back of the room. The crazy drawings on these two pages were drawn in time to hillbilly music before a TV camera.

The piece of chalk held in the hand became a moving baton as if di-. Try to time the music so the sketch and the music end up exactly the same time.

If they don't, have a "cushion" in the routine so that you may stop with all the essentials of the drawing on screen. Anywhere there are people of any age and culture you' 11 have a ready audience for this.

It doesn't have to be done on TV. Unsophisticated folk lacking in urban polish and refinement make likely subjects. Some of the best comics to a-. There are five examples of lovers on these two pages. They're not hard to find. They're both planning on getting advanced degrees perhaps a Ph.

Already he has his eye on his MA-in-law. He has two BVD's. The lovebirds below have their love to keep them warm. After the wedding their parents have promised them each a pair of shoes.

So far her suitors want to see the prize before they propose. Closely akin to hillbilly music are folk music, country music and western music. Invent some characters to fit into these labels. In his. In this particular ad was a "before" and "after" picture of a per-. This fig. But, alas, she regularly bounced him off the walls and pinned him down. In the history of cartoon comics the female has been the head honcho in many a household. I once hbe: Often it's very funand so ny the cartoonist doesn't pass it by.

When we hear. In an overpopulated worLd the cartoonist sees little heads by the score everywhere. On the ship in fig. John Q. Talkative has the captain cornered. Women take up flying in fig. The car in fig. Octane atoms become the fuel of tomorrow in fig. At right is a guy trying to cheat a meter. Spots on. We can't do without them. If we rode less and walked more we'd be in better shape physically.

Let' begin with these two and draw additional ones as we increase our expanded vision's expectations. Just think, we could go to sleep with many of these eyes leaving just one open as a guard eye! Her hat, flowing hair, neck, shoulders and bodice are mouths. She is exceptionally.

Beginning with her real nose we'll complete the face and the other lines with noses or parts of noses. She loves perfume! He laughs handily pianist using many fingers!

At the left we see that most of the world is one big stomach. Some try to curb j their appetite by eating out , fig8.

How to Draw Cute and Easy Cartoon People PDF ( Pages)

The gentle eating gentleman at right fig. The fig. Problem is more than the cake. It's a good thing that these characters are not typical or we'd lose the war overnight. The big fellow in fig. The deputy marshal in fig. Jaywalking is not the thing to do fig. Antics of the Keystone Cops from yesteryear entertained movie goers, Having graduated at the.

The honest? We is. See examples fig. Many cartoon characters today have four fingers on each hand. More newspapers are featuring symbols drawn into. Ignoritall has settled down for a night of rest. In just a few seconds he maybe completely unsettled. In fact, he may be blown. On his beat his main concern is our safety. Our support of him will turn the chart line downward.

Deceptively the criminal is wearing a white suit and a black mask. Van Snort who marri a rich cattleman Many times he thought if he just put a. She liked social affairs as did Mrs. Van Doren fig. She had a springy buoyant movement which wasn't overly graceful.

Vanderbilt fig. This daughter fig. So she pulled the skin up and back in front of her ears with adhesive tape. She then combed her hair down over the tape so it wouldn't show. This uplift gave her a perpetual smile. The lady whose profile is shown fig. She coated her lips with thick lipstick so they'd be in kissing position. Later when she reaches her nose she'll have it evened out. At the left we have two of the ladies at a tea which is a reception at which time tea is served to people with the little.

Her curls are still in their cocoons awaiting liberation. She has had a manicure, a pedicure which she is repairing and a pedigree which is recorded purthe affair. She's almost ready to take a long shoehorn in an effort to get a 15 inch foot into a stylish 7 inch shoe they' re on the floor by turning all her toes out, over and under in a torturous knuckle-breaking crimp.

By late afternoon the nail polish she's using will be chipped and in need of repainting for the next tea. She is the only one on earth who knows her toes have had this much attention but it may help psychological-.

When you get right. It's been said money doesn't download happiness. The gentleman at the left is dressed in a cutaway coat, is wearing an expensive tie and has. He had spent tons of money on her Though he cannot swim fortunately the air space in his hat is. He seems to be experiencing disbelief over something that happened. The fellow above could well be singing the ole comic classic "I've got tears in my ears, from lying on my back just crying over you.

The clown-like characters in fig. Comic tears may fly off into the air. So much of comic humor is built on tragedy.

Drawing pdf cartoon book

If all the funny paper cases of tragedy occurred, the whole world would be in a terrible fix. One way we can avert real tragedy from hurting so much is to read about funny people who get it in wholesale quantities. Our funny bones are tickled in seeing make-believe folk get banged, bonked and whamed. It would be a sad world without comic pages in newspapers and magazines. What a taste he must have in his mouth tears are salty and the poor guy may swallow some of it. His tears squirt; they t just fall.

His mother-in-law may His wife may have banged up the family car. His children just flunked out of school. His favorite team just lost the championship in the last two seconds of the game. Some people think he is a little weird. The wife at left has pulled the cover off the poor husband. She has plastered her ice-cold feet on his back. He is shivering and his teeth are chattering.

His blood has stopped running. He'll be a no good wreck in the morning. Just enough air gets to his nos-. No, that is not a pillow in his stomach that's him. A hasty rundown: Pencil still behind the ear while napping Sleeping beauty. A fantasy trip on a flying carpet. Getting into the laughably absurd even the ridiculous. The semi-absurd on a couch. Z's for sleep vs. BUZ's from the bee about to land on this poor guy's nose.

A big Z, an insecurely tied hammock and a big tack directly beneath. Bowed in bedposts and sagging mattress good for cartoon. Disturbed sleep horrifying! Mom gets breakfast in bed a semi-cartoon. Preposterous position feet propped up, head on a rock. Resting in a hospital bed. Man who has learned to sleep standing up. Study shows one female fig. The couple are not married they are. By day's end the little guy who is out front by a small margin will be taller due to the growing bump on his bean.

After all is said and done, the exercise obtained will help extend life that the The ironskillet may have shortened.

The way married couples react to one another depends on a number of factors. Just who has the upper hand male or female? Actually, a heavy handed cartoonist may not help at all. But here goes. Oftentimes expert hairstylists go to great lengths to be creative.

One has to be careful when petespecially ting dogs big dogs. Real birds will be attracted during nesting season. If the lady will remain more or less upright the eggs will not. In the summer waves just enough to automatically cool the head on hot days. It is made of real hair which has selected broom straws to give it body. After tall women have swept the floor, they can quickly brush the ceiling by spinning around the room. In fact, it's ready the moment she gets the hair.

If she is frightened by an intruder, one look and the intruder leaves immediately. This style of grooming is a delightful coiffure. The hair needs to.

The top resembles a grass fire under control. The hair growing from the back of the neck should be trained and bunched. Says he 'Td better call agin;" Says she "Think likely, mister! Apparently kissing has been going on since the beginning of time. On these two pages, ways of doing it and the resultant sounds that attend it, are thoughtfully discussed. No one likes to be licked by or kissed on the lips by a hound dog usually they'd prefer a human kiss over that of a hound.

Yet fewer germs are dispersed, some doctors say, by the friendly dog. Let's go immediately to fig. He bends down and gives her a sterile top-of-the-head kiss. Do you hear a quaintly peculiar peck coming from a little chicken on the next page? In the middle of the ridiculous, a does bit of the sublime. The question one or the other or both close their eyes at stage four?

At left in fig. Could be the peckee is a little disappointed. This quick momentary contact is about as affectionate as the quick peck on the empty tomato can by the chicken.

The poor guy involved. No question about the union or junction of surfaces here. Perhaps the best sound would be a plunger on and off a wet drain. This demonstration is the exact antithesis to the couple's. She ran in a substitute. The timing could not be betdid. Our hero never had such a kiss in all his borned days. There were two sounds here " slurp" and off frame and out of view a "tee-hee. This poor guy may have kept his eyes closed hoping for a follow-up! And the milkmaid? She may have stepped in quickly and gotten ter.

Studies show that a touch of the zany will not only capture attention in advertising, but will produce results in the cash register. A number of these spots were in color.

They are to assist in an experiment. No one knows what will be drawn. What is needed are five dots: The stipulation is that the chalk. The board is on a central spindle making it so that it. F for foot and HE for head.

As the three people stand by, the lines are begun. Just before the sketch. Always place these anatomy parts so the wrists and arms point in toward the center of the board; otherwise the whole person cannot be assembled.

The last. When the drawn only the outline appears the facial features are added last for an interesting climax to the experiment. After the hands and feet are on the board, the artist steps back and asks, "Would anyone here like to finish the job?

Anything drawn before a TV camera must be done quickly as possible. The suc-. These examples are really too detailed. Since viewing screens are miles away and usually smaller than the instudio screen, the reduction in size makes the final result look better. Lots of practice in preparation helps the artist anticipate. The character above seems to be screaming for mercy. Positions 1 through 7 are all impossible for real people to assume.

Notice the. The two individuals selected do not have to be in the same family. They may be boyfriend and girlfriend, or two friends of the same sex. In away it's easier to caricature the individual features than to try for portrait exactness.

If we go the caricature route it's well to select parts of the face which may it's funnier be exaggerated that way. Also, profiles work out better than front views. It's a good idea to experiment on to. Just use pencil, and have an eraser handy. If you wish to ink it later, it's wise to go lightly with the pencil underdrawing. There are three ways accomplished: download rgandy which is a very fine transparent muslin with a rather stiff finish. Fold it so there are four thicknesses.

Lay it out to measure 5" x 30" when it's folded. Use a few stitches or staples. Have your assistant or "accomplice" pull it tightly at the back and secure it with a safety pin.

You can 6ee the black: Draw one continuous line as in figs. Treat mouth same way. Who can say that the face above his neck was entirely satisfactory to the one behind it? We learn to live with what we look like. Accepting that,. Enough for introspective philosophizing. But since. Now let's play the part of a feature plucker. Following the directions above the heads at top right: There are two faces in fig. The first one is improved by reversing it.

Sothern was a pert American comedienne both on stage and TV. She made scores of fine films including the uproariously comical "Maisie" series. He won 47 fights by knockouts. Manassa, Colorado, was his birthplace. Later he was called the Manassa Mauler because of his aggressive style. He was the first fighter to draw a milliondollar gate. This transformation was done with pre-cut cards. The card is poster board with one sheet of newsprint mounted on top. It is important that the two faces are the same size.

Both Sothern and Dempsey were lightblue out- lined previous to the show. Only Dempsey is put on cards. An opaque projector was used to enlarge the faces. The cards were placed to one-side as shown in fig. L They were held in place by a thin coat of repositioning rubber cement.

As each facial section of Dempsey was finished it was pressed into place over the Sothern sketch which was completed before the show to shorten the time for this routine. It is necessar y to li ght-blueline fig. Phase No. He learns i. C being on the chin; No. Much can be mad e of thi s for until now the child is not superstitious; No. Lastly the chalk artist tears off the drawing with "so he marries the girl and the poor lad's mind returns to its former.

First, carefully remove the top portion of the lady's coiffure 1 and place it as a broad shoulder line in fig. The lady' s eye 4 may serve as the burly bruiser's brow. The feminine. The flower in her hair becomes his cauliflower ear.

1-2-3 Draw cartoon people.pdf

His eye is her earscrew. Her lips are the shadow under his jaw and chin. What he doesn't realize is that every line of his profile can be duplicated in every line of his lady love. Starting with No. For example, his eye 6 and his upper lip and mouth 10 are at the very bottom of the lady's formal attire.

All the lines numbered in fig. Begin with a simple understructure which looks right. With a seethrough tissue lay. They may be simplified and practiced if part of a program before and audi-. Her shoe heel is half his smile. The line which is an essential part of both big head and small body we call the master line See this in figs.

1-2-3 Draw cartoon people.pdf

Small sketches may be enlarged with an opaque projector, then light-blue lined where they can be traced later with black or colored chalk. First off, the succeeded in part because They do care and have The comedians? If they make fun of from the start. Fields, a noted stage and motion-picture comedian. The hippopotamus seems a natural for him. His style of humor at age He made his large nose the object of playing the violin. She holds her little fingers out when sipping tea or handling her slim cigarette.

Farm" boys' livestock brings record prices at a recent show fig. This was an actual happening,. Because it was done in the least possible One of the secrets of effective TV drawing is to save the it was kept simple. In this case it is the comic faces of the canine singers. Since it is first developed on paper with light non-reproducing blue lines, the chalk artist can skip around. This keeps the viewing audience in suspense as to the outcome.

For example, the two tails could be heavy-lined Last of first, the two noses sticking up in the air second, the body sections of the dogs next, etc. Nearly every comic page has two, sometimes mor dogs entertaining readers.

Purebred dogs are wonderful, but the dogs themselves couldn't care less. If we as human beings smiled as often as dogs wagged their tails it would be a. In reality dogs never complain about their food as the bespectacled one is doing in fig. The second dog in fig. In truth no veterinarian ever saw a dog flinch from his rabies shot like in fig.

Give a dog-head feet 5 and he'll sit for you. Following the pointer 6 are Give them the benefit of the doubt it's the backend that smiles. In the animal world unusual things occur. Since people have more dogs and cats for pets than any other creature, they observe and report extraordinary events.

The charming female with the ribbon in her hair g. The bloodhound 6 can outsniff all others breeds and some of them look comically sad and wrinkled with drooping jowls and big bags under the eyes. Notice the sketch lines in contrast with the bold lines in fig. The hound in fig. The siren tingles his sensitive ears so he howls. His nose can pick up a scent in the wind The bull dog in fig. Wait a minute! The little spaniel 13 is a cute begger wanting a snack.

If circus dogs could speak in fig. The kitten at the extreme right is from " How To Draw Animals " by the author of this book. I do not care for the rough I preand tumble and parties fer tea. By the way, have you heard about Mrs.

Now, don't SSSp-ssptell a soul ssssp! You don't say! Well, what do you know about that! Tsk Tsk-" with apologies to cats. Insects for the most part are uninvited pests to the point of becoming hateful pestilences.

They lend themselves to comic treatment. Actually, under the magnifying glass they are fearfully terribly made! The critter in 6 credits his illustrious parent for his unparalled appearance.

The plea Pity the poor cow in fig. Many of our streets were once called "cowpaths" fig. The brahman bull of fig. Mfhat's wrong with the big bear at the right? There's a lot right about it: But a smile?

Not only can't bears smile, actually in real life they can't even look pleasant or. A dog can' smile either, but he can look friendly. Even a confined bear possesses the strength of up to ten men especially the Alaskan brown bear.

Human beings emit something intangible through their eyes. It's hard to keep this from happening. This is not true of bears. It is interesting to note there are more toy bears on the market than any other animal.

Teddy bears by the thousands have been sold. Soft, cuddly bears are big sellers. Greeting cards featuring comic bears move well. Even little cookies shaped like bears are on the grocery shelves. You'd never dream that it's an easy matter for even a medium-sized bear to break the neck of an ox with a single blow. Just the swat of one front leg of an an angry bear has the smash of a sledge. Like many animals the underdrawing can be a couple of circles fig.

The steps. The twin cubs in fig. The thick-lined technique, the double-ringed eyes, big feet, checkered pants all contribute to making them funny. The telephone conversation going on in fig. The little. Here is a white polar bear cub engaging in a little reading. By way of contrast the black figfi cub with the big eyes and button nose smiles at us as he sets ouXon his morning walk.

His team just won a championship title. The next page takes up mascot possibilities in the bear. Afearly every state in the union has a junior high, high school, college or professional team called the.

Coaches and athletic directors feed players and fans alike with footballs to cure what ails.

How To Draw Cartoons and Caricatures.pdf

At some time during the comes a warning: Former students come from. But, don't go 'way, they'll be back before long with renewed enthusiasm!

Theirs is an interesting study. However, we've reduced our concerns to the female wearing a little lady' s hat and the gander losing his man's hat. Apparently he has not. Goose philandering. So she bites his tail cartoon style and he goes "honk" see cartoon sounds pp 10 to 16 this book.

Birds and fowl lend themselves to comic treatment quite Especially see fig. Whatever expression crosses a human face can grace easily. From bats f igs.

See the big Goon ey Birds the latter part try some of your own! This is true from the tiny hummingbird to the giant condor. There are birds all over the earth. Many of them are unusual if not clownishly crazy looking, but none of them seem to mind.

Likewise, other birds possess posi-. These qualities may be used in drawing a human? Alongside the bird's expression is a similar one in cartoon. The ramifications in this respect are endless.

The treatment given these facial features fulfills the two great principles dealt with in the early pages of this book: If on that particular square directions are indicated then the bird must follow those directions. The first one reaching "Gets Corn" wins.

Now, turn the page for our application in this chapter. As a reader of these pages you at once admit to being interested in laughter. Most people who read the comics drawn by cartoonists laugh inwardly rather than outwardly some do both.

Though anyone who tells a joke or draws a joke or invents a punchline to a joke is strangely rewarded if the hearer or reader laughs out loud. If there is laughter in a circle of friends the host or hostess feels good about it.

Our whole body functions better when we're happy. Medical science attests to this. The bird's crest on top of his head grows that way naturally. The fellow' s hair to the right just hasn't been combed since he got out of bed this morning. Most comic characters are not too well-groomed.

We invite them into our homes as special guests despite this fact. What self-respecting newspaper doesn't have one or more comic pages? Denning always alert to meet the needs of every manu-.

Cartoon No. She rowed and swam to trim down her figure. After splashing out most of the lake's water there was a different shoreline. The older teenagers in fig. A special tribute here paid to these preachers of the Gospel. In the opinion of this author these men possess a this, despite the fact that they are not in one of the highest paid of 'built-in sense of humor' is. The character was named "Stupe the Student.

With each drawing was a paragraph or two in written by Stupe this case the author of. The lino cutters and pre- mounted blocks can be obtained from your art store.

Drawing pdf cartoon book

The blocks were locked into place for a tabloid-size. You twiddle it a time or two which doesn't help You try to catch hold of it, but it's far too short for. You had never seen one before. You wanted to do the best job possible, for the pattern you put down would be used for all humankind forever. Let's begin with the nose, the very center of this new concept. And I believe it would be a real improvement. I would place the nostrils at the top. Say you're ever trapped in rising water Another thing: If you sneezed, you wouldn't be so likely to mess up your vest.

Still another advantage if the nose were reversed, it would be in shadow. You know how many of them worry about a shiny nose! It would be more sanitary above not put. It would be better for people who talk through their hat; it would be more convenient if the mouth 2.

This way they would be closer to the ground, and we'd better see where we were going. We would not be so likely to stumble.

Our would be more sure. If there happened to be an obstruction we I. It would be a big help in tying these our work. If your hat is too big, it wouldn't be face likely to cover up your eyes if they were low on the. Above the eyes as we have them today?

I'd put them below the eyes. This way they could serve as tear catchers should one need to cry. It would give a person more time to reach for a. Also, the rouge on the ladies' cheeks wouldn't get streaked up. At the bottom of the face? If the chin were on top of the head, you could get a shave and a haircut at the same time. For a bald-headed man, he could just let his beard be his hair.

It would do away with baldness "Where would you place the ears? On each side of the head? To be sure but make them upside down! The reason for that is. They would 1. The women would be pleased. Instead of just one, they could wear two, three, four or more.

Then say you sometimes slipped through a hole. If your ears were upside down, they'd serve as a safety catch and break your fall. Not below, but on top of the head. This is logical because: An aspirin or two could be taken for both sorethroat and headache. You wouldn't need a scarf just put your hat on and you'd have protection from the. On the topside instead of hidden underneath your chin.


Male birds have their decorative and ornamental plumage on top to attract the females. This is a front view of …. A croquis is an outline sketch of a figure, it can be in various poses.

It is a design template for sketching costume ideas of …. And the number one request on the list has been …. You can find them on their personal website and Deviant ….

One of the most important things when drawing a comic book is the background. You can have the most stylized or realistic characters, but if ….

Research is very important when working on a comic book. Thumbnails are very important when your drawing sequential stories. To help with this you can use Comic Book Layout Pages to sketch down your ideas. You …. Posts in category PDF. Ralph Contreras , March 18, Read more 0 Comments.

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