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CAT Question Paper with Solution Here You can see, all CAT old question papers either in pdf file or in text format Return to CAT. Sample papers / question paper should be solved to crack CAT with good percentile. Below you can download CAT Previous 22 years Question Paper and Solutions here. . Download free previous years CAT question papers PDF. pdf Previous Year Question Paper of CAT - (Size: KB CAT Solutions and (Size: KB.

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CAT previous year question paper with answers & solutions. Solved past paper with answer key for prelims/mains exam. Detailed explanation given for all . Test Form Number: CAT PREVIOUS CAT QUESTION PAPER. 1 . detailed study to evolve reasonably satisfactory, fair and workable solutions. CAT Question Paper, This CAT Question will help all the students for their exam preparation, here the question type is MCQ i.e.

All the three sections were extremely lengthy and the result was that the number of attempts and expected scores fell drastically. Test takers need to take heart from the fact that the very best of candidates across the country attempted far fewer questions than usual. When we analysed CAT 99 paper last year, we said that that paper was probably the most difficult paper in about a decade. Three factors contributed to the overall difficulty level of the paper when compared with last year paper. This meant that many problems required 60 to 90 seconds and this brought down the number of attempts in Section III quite significantly. What all this goes to show is that there is really no alternative for a student but to be thoroughly prepared in all areas of the exam.

A round involves one match for each team.

The winner of a match in a round advances to the next round, while the loser is eliminated, The team that remains undefeated in the second stage is declared the winner and claims the Gold Cup. The tournament rules are such that each match results in a winner and a loser with no possibility of a tie. In the first stage a team earns one point for each win and no points for a loss.

Answers and Explanations: CAT Actual Paper

At the end of the first stage teams in each group are ranked on the basis of total points to determine the qualifiers advancing to the next stage.

Ties are resolved by a series of complex tie-breaking rules so that exactly four teams from each group advance to the next stage. The minimum number of wins needed for a team in the first stage to guarantee its advancement to the next stage is:.

Solutions pdf 2000 cat

What is the highest number of wins for a team in the first stage in spite of which it would be eliminated at the end of first stage? At the end of the first stage, no team eliminated from the tournament will have more wins than any of the teams qualifying for the second stage.

Solutions pdf 2000 cat

It is possible that the winner will have the same number of wins in the entire tournament as a team eliminated at the end of the first stage. Directions for the next 5 questions: Answer the questions with reference to the table given below: The total annual exports lay between 35 and 40 percent of the total annual business of the IT industry, in the years:.

The highest percentage growth in the total IT business, relative to the previous year was achieved in:. The annual software exports steadily increased but annual hardware exports steadily declined during The IT business in training during was higher than the total IT business in maintenance during the same period.

For the two IT business activities, hardware and peripherals, which one of the following is true? Instructions Directions for the next 5 questions: Question 1 Report.

CAT 2000 Question Paper with Solution free pdf download

What is the total number of matches played in the tournament? View Solution. Question 2 Report. The minimum number of wins needed for a team in the first stage to guarantee its advancement to the next stage is: Question 3 Report. Question 4 Report. What is the number of rounds in the second stage of the tournament? Question 5 Report.

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A The winner will have more wins than any other team in the tournament. However, the question which often strikes Aspirants is Why you are tested in Data Interpretation? The key to cracking this area is to quickly identify the key pieces of data that you will require to work on the questions asked.

It is not unknown for question-setters of the CAT to try and bewilder students with a large amount of data, most of it unnecessary. On the other hand, several seemingly innocuous questions may trip you up. Another interesting feature of DI that you as a student can use to your advantage is that, usually, not all questions in a set are of equal difficulty. Y etc. Most of these questions can be solved without calculation but by close inspection of the data presented.

There are other similarly easy questions in most sets, and you should practice identifying the level of difficulty of questions so you know immediately which ones to attempt and which to avoid.

There is no rule that states that you need to attempt all questions in a set, so it is a perfectly valid strategy to attempt selected questions across your DI section, without perhaps completely attempting even a single set.

CAT 2019 - Common Admission Test

These contain several graph and chart type questions, most of which are near CAT level. You can utilize these questions in the initial source of preparation to practice reading data off charts and tables, and then gradually move on to tougher questions from CAT preparation material.

GRE software comes with the added advantage of an inbuilt timer that keeps you on your toes. Data Sufficiency problems usually take the form of a logical puzzle, and are in the form of a question followed by two statements. You need to answer whether you can solve the problem using the statements individually, or using both, or whether you cannot solve the problem using the information provided.

The key to answering such problems is to pretend like one statement does not exist, try solving the problem, and then pretend like the other statement does not exist and try solving the problem again. These problems are generally tricky, and I would recommend lots of practice and perhaps solving them near the end of your section, after you have solved the other problems.

Although recent CATs have had question sets, be prepared for question sets as well.