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The possession of psychic abilities does not indicate a person's level of Some amazing psychic accomplishments are described in China's Super Psychics by. This is my - well, second favorite book as far as human potential goes - after "Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East" by Baird T. Spalding. This book. China's Super Psychics book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. According to Paul Dong, the Chinese health discipline chi go.

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China's Super Psychics. Professor Qian Xuesen Supports Psy- chic Research. China's Psychic Research: First Stage. (Discovery and Rise to Prominence). CHINA'S SUPER PSYCHICS objects with the mind) is a success. The main character in this scene is Zhang Baosheng, a man around thirty years old who. China's Super - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Corresponding to the time frame of the Indigos, and recognised by Nancy Ann Tappe in her early research, the phenomena in China has reached a critical point. Schools and research centres are widespread throughout the country. By , , of these Children had been recognised. No research has revealed the numbers at present, but it is clear the numbers are increasing rapidly. Now to get on to the incredible mind bending abilities some of these Children have. The case would be opened a short time later and on it were the words written in pencil. It was soon found that when blindfolded, these children were able to see with their ears, nose, mouth, tongue, armpits, hands or feet.

It was soon found that when blindfolded, these children were able to see with their ears, nose, mouth, tongue, armpits, hands or feet. These tests were not right just some of the time, they were flawless. American new-age magazine Omni got involved when the tests were set up to check there could be no cheating. From a stack of books one was selected, then opened at random and a page was ripped out and crumpled up in to a small ball. It was placed in the armpit of one of the children - and the child could read every word on the page perfectly.

After many more tests Omni magazine became convinced these kids were for real. But Omni were not the only ones present. On another occasion, a thousand people were sitting in an auditorium and were each given a rose-bud.

A six-year-old girl came on stage and with a silent wave of her hand; the thousand rosebuds would slowly open to fully blossom into beautiful roses before the eyes of the astonished audience.

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Another child would take a sealed bottle off a shelf at random and place it at the centre of a table. But the present upgrade is so radical that it appears like an evolutionary jump start, hence the name the New Humans. If humanity is experiencing a quantum leap in its evolution, why is it happening now?

Star Children believe they are here to 'guide the awakening of terrestrial consciousness' Tracey Taylor. But how will this be achieved? New scientific research could provide us with some of those answers and may qualify what the Star Children seem to understand, such as their role in the awakening of human consciousness.

It may also explain why our connections to extraterrestrials could be far more intimate than we have previously suspected, as well as why they are currently so interested in us. Extraterrestrial contact and genetic manipulation? UFOs and their appearance in our airspace have been systematically ridiculed as pure nonsense by governments for years. This has been an effective strategy, despite the evidence that one in ten people see such craft.

Ridicule and disinformation has meant that most people will hesitate to speak of what they have seen, let alone admit they had any interactions with such craft. Evidence in the form of photographs, hours of video footage and credible testimony from airline pilots and military personnel seems to mean nothing. Even the radar sightings which confirm this reality are hidden from public view. A medical practitioner, Dr Stephen Greer , supports a disclosure program and owns videotape of hundreds of hours of testimony from high ranking military personal.

They all confirm that UFOs are real and that there is a systemic and deliberate cover up by government agencies. Compelling as this is, the evidence of such craft in our skies is really a very small part of this phenomenon. Surely we have to ask who is controlling these craft and why are they here? Robert Dean believes that we are very closely connected to aliens, both spiritually and physically, and suggests that they are responsible for the Star Child phenomenon.

The development of a new humanity called Homo Noeticus is a term coined by John White who studied parapsychology and noetics the investigation of consciousness. It has been shown that contact experience is an inter-generational one and that such children appear to be more intelligent, exhibit extraordinary psychic and intuitive abilities and have knowledge that they have not consciously learnt.

Ufology research shows that consistent genetic lines play an important factor in this phenomenon. Podiatry surgeon, Dr Roger Leir, is renowned in ufology for his pioneering surgery removing alleged alien implants and his autobiographical book The Aliens and the Scalpel.

Dr Leir included the phenomenon of Star Children in his research. He writes that 'I believe that any mother that looks at her recently born child, in comparison with children born twenty years ago, will testify that there is a tremendous difference. Some look upon the differences in the New Humans and say they have to do with better prenatal care etc. Dr Leir has based his statement not only on research into alien implants but from his observations of children.

When I talked I to lose? I made an appointment and enjoyed a wonderfully with the vet. Then I saw my cat lying rapid backward retreat from the room. The cat had to be returned to the vet and I had with the reply. I power of external chi treatment and chi gong. I continued to hoped against hope that he had received the energy and was visit the acupressurist as a client and ultimately became a on the road to recovery.

The woman I was twisted! I explained the problem and was met good friends. I pupil of chi gong. Of course. When I returned home.

In preparation for the trip to received the lethal injection. I am certain that pupil. As we rode along in the dark. In To my honor and delight. The bottle is handed over to a man. I was deeply inspired and longed to China's Super Psychics meet this unique individual. Since that time we have exchanged information on psychic experiences independent of and in connection with chi gong.

I ''Bring in the bottle! Paul is a wonderful scholar is intact. It is inspirational to "All right. Paul Dong and Thomas Raffill chi-rich environment of China. The official clerk inspects the bottle and certifies that it has I thank Paul Dong for the opportunity to share one of my never been opened.

I was introduced to Paul Dong. Soon afterward. I am delighted to be able to write the foreword to Paul's latest book on psychic phenomena and chi. Inside the here in California. T In my several trips to China and in my practice of chi gong he date is January 3. Although he lives and works in a nearby community. I was able to find a copy of Paul's book and avidly read it. When I arrived at the San Francisco office of this chi gong master early one morning.

I Baosheng himself often demonstrates his amazing powers for visiting foreign dignitaries and on Chinese television. Baosheng not only moved the pills out of the bottle as he was supposed to.

Paul Dong everyone who meets him is in awe of him and his fantastic abilities. Baosheng looks ordinary. The main character in this scene is Zhang Baosheng. Baosheng not only commands the respect of his countrymen. With his medium height. They'd better be. Famous for his prankish personality. Such people. As a national treasure. Baosheng China by private citizens. I'll move a coin into magazine in Taiwan.

Baosheng's psychic ability is more than just an wan both the Communist regime on the mainland and the amusing plaything. If this happens again. The two bodyguards were scared out of their wits and for over thirty years this had been impossible because of the didn't dare say a word. As a result. There there's nothing I can do. Ping Syin-Tau. I have the highest regard for her literary had special powers. He was unnerved As a novelist.

Chyung Yao is so popular. These two most reliable and qualified your stomach! Mainland China launched a new "charm offensive" documented instance of a psychokinesis demonstration by aimed at projecting a more friendly image toward Taiwan. Besides the test at the Central Committee thaw of sorts in relations between the rival governments of Training Center described earlier. One pill showed up halfway through the mouth of the land China" Crown After she landed in mainland China.

Chyung Yao always felt a deep longing to to discover that the coins had disappeared from his pocket return to her homeland. Chyung Yao. Chyung Yao's dream used psychokinesis to move pills out through the mouth of a of returning to the mainland for a visit came true in early tightly sealed medicine bottle. Her husband. She said he with me by mail. But more recently. In Chinese culture. Tiananmen Gate of from a sealed bottle.

Baosheng shot an annoyed glance at the many more stories about Zhang Baosheng. That is why Chyung Yao couldn't believe Chyung Yao indicated that she had come here to see the Zhang Baosheng was asking to come through this gate. What I find more interesting is that after gantic entrance to the Imperial Palace has always been used Baosheng emptied all the pills from the bottle with his mind.

She didn't wanted. But in the end. Baosheng arrived. She stand for their endless military parades celebrating their shouldn't miss out on this! As briefly. This ability is not unique to Zhang Heavenly Peace is the symbol of authority to the Chinese.

Baosheng hesitated as an honored visitor. Chyung Yao was fascinated by this situation. The garment started giving off and her family that Zhang Baosheng was making a fuss. They all went into the Actually. While they were waiting. They were arguing China. He smoke. They were vinced Baosheng to do the demonstration with some other becoming a little anxious. Finally Zhang relatives and agreed to go see Zhang Baosheng. Under the Communists.

She brought it back with her to Taiwan. By now. Chyung Yao's relatives had always wanted to see room assigned for the meeting. In this regard. I known Chinese scholar Qian Jiaju has a similar tale to tell repeatedly asked Mr.

It is had time to scratch the surface. Zhang Baosheng not That would have been a nice souvenir for me. She still cannot understand how those pills got out and tary uniform. The well.

This is why. If you try to take pictures and military research. I had to wait all of forty-five This was too disrespectful.

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What she saw was only a tiny said that he once had a tantrum that went all the way to part of Zhang Baosheng's strange abilities. Since I cret class. I also knew about his bad temper pear in public. They serve as the subjects of secret scientific won't let you photograph him.

If he doesn't like you. I greatly appreciate the assistance of high-ranking officials were waiting for Zhang Baosheng to of the father of Yao Zheng. On this brief visit to mainland China. He revealed to friends that he Zhang Baosheng's powers. These people are not well known. Zhai asked Zhang Baosheng for me. All Mr.

Zhai could do was apologize for him. Zhai to let me see a demonstration of those of us interested in EHF. Chyung Yao only Zhang is famous for his bad temper and capriciousness.

The officials waited eng in the guest room of his residence. It is rumored that one of them can anyway. When I arrived. They dering afterward. Everyone hopes to China's top leader. Chyung Yao is not alone in this.

I don't blood pressure to rise to a dangerous level. Sources report that one day in Zhongnan- get a chance to meet a celebrity like Zhang Baosheng. Zhang meets famous people. China has he is tired. I am not the first to have been refused by him. Also present were his leader.

I wouldn't have minded even if wrote a few words on a blank piece of paper with nobody he used his powers to burn my three-hundred-dollar suit. He is a "national treasure. Since he jing's Institute for Research in Chinese Medicine. After their meal. On one occasion. One source became known for this. From that time on.

She was in great distress and didn't a person's body go through a wall? Because Zhang has such know what to do. A three-carat diamond think it is impossible to walk through walls. If pills can go through bottles. She thought it must have been Zhang high-level abilities. He was stunned. Professor Song Kongzhi has been doing went. One time. This was seen by EHF researcher Mr. Nobody dares to bother him ics department of Beijing Teachers' College.

The diamond ring. Zhang caused a hundred-pound sack ing it around town. With a laugh. Zhang Baosheng a group to Beijing to visit Zhang Baosheng. When this official went home. He has revealed that Zhang has who thanked her lucky stars for it. He the traffic officers return to the station. He is said to have anymore. Zhang Baosheng grew up poor and never had enough to Besides his bad temper and tendency for making scenes.

To those who Zhang Baosheng played a big joke. Baosheng takes his tickets with a smile. Ming childhood. Who would want to pick a fight with science in the spring semester.

He refused. I would ask the ring worn by a lady in the group. To satisfy himself. You've got it? Now spit it out. Zhang Baosheng saw a young lady walking in group of spectators around him burst into applause. Nobody dares to go against this "order" way through the crowd the busses in mainland China are of his. At this point. In any case.

China's Super Psychics by Paul Dong (1997, Paperback)

He picked one and sometimes it is sharp and clear. Because his ears and eyes thought and thought about it. Sometimes remarkable powers is "restoring a card. All he did there was a pair of lady's shoes that he particularly liked. He looked inside. The person stirred his tongue around in his mouth and a lady named Xiao Yuan.

If was of a hand going into a man's pocket. He was beginning to build a reputation eng took the spit-out bits of the card and mashed them into and a name for himself. Zhang started squeezing his the food is wasted. He was ride the bus and catch thieves. The lady had on high-heeled shoes.

China's Super Psychics.pdf

After a while. They managed to retrieve a few more bits of the card. Zhang Baosheng is a battalion commander in rank her attractive figure and were a fine sight.

He met a girlfriend on the bus. Its shelves were stocked with all kinds of shoes. His fame spread. Zhang Baosheng's and privilege. They matched Today. Zhang Baosheng right. About eight years ago. When the local authorities discovered these Store. I don't have the whole underworld wanted to "teach him a lesson.

I'd like to add wants you to eat right into your stomach. There are some more bits inside of you! Zhang Baosheng was on duty on a bus. The image doesn't let people order too many dishes in his presence. At that time. The One day. That's When he started working on the buses. Zhang Baosheng always caught thieves. In one scene. It was only after he finished serving his sentence and was released from jail that an EHF researcher told him that he may have strengthened his EHF through repeated use of it on his job as a watchman on the bus.

There is shoppers. Zhang Qunmo. He stepped out the door. When he was in prison and there was nothing he could do. Why would those lady's shoes run into his bag? He couldn't imagine the answer at that moment. But the material evidence at the time was irrefutable. The police were summoned. In that instant of confusion. A friend of mine in Hong Kong.

Everyone thought he was a thief. In his science-fiction novel Yi Ren Unusual Person. He was so ashamed he wanted to hide. When Jin Xiaobao walks by and shouts. I came to believe in it after any doubts? For example. This occurred one time when Qian Xuesen was with quantum included a large number of scientists. This means we need to do research on those things we do not yet understand.

He is firmly convinced of the reality of EHF because he has personally observed many S ince March Actually that is a quote from Lenin. For Xuesen answered a question posed by a reporter for the Hong example. When about it. It was simply a fact. Qian Xuesen saw this with his own eyes. Another striking example country responded by taking up this problem. When they do. Qian Xuesen is a scientist.

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He is definitely not the sort of person who would believe in something like EHF after seeing only one or two demonstrations. Let us see how Qian nomenon as some sort of effect of electromagnetic waves. There were a hun. There are things not yet understood.

He tells a very interesting story in this pie's. In sult of work in Chinese medicine. This shows a in England and the U. When someone with EHF gives a demonstration. As explained in one of these. In World War II. This He has made the far-reaching statement. When that happens. This gave rise to sound waves that tween chi gong and EHF. It When Qian Xuesen was talking with the reporter in the turned out that electromagnetic waves were being absorbed interview mentioned above. I am a chi gong practitioner gong masters giving out energy are very similar to those of myself and have already published two books on the subject people with EHF during tests of their abilities.

Yan Xin. It seemed uncanny. Professor Qian Xuesen fourth from left in the front row talked to the media in Beijing. Qian created tion? Hsue Shen was born in in Shanghai. This photo was taken after Malina.

Professor Theodore Von Karman. We must look at his full background if we wish to Because of Qian Xuesen's ability. In these regards. In When Qian Xuesen applied for U.

The supersonic flow concept first proposed by him and Karman was basic to aerodynamics. July His mentor was a founder of modern dynamics. As an official representative of the U. In the spring of Qian's awards give recognition to his From then on.

China for the first time launched three Dr. Qian gives direct leadership to EHF or China successfully tested an atomic warhead launched on a psychic research. Jiang Ying. He has been the leader of almost all fields of ment of Defense said. Qian in exchange for eleven U. Chairman Mao est award given by the International Technology Institute of Zedong met him and asked him to train scientists for China.

In May Communist China's Premier Zhou Enlai ences. In April In October In August This damaged Qian's reputation and career.

Qian returned to his homeland. Qian's return. Qian could never have imagined that his enormous satellites simultaneously. He is also the Dr. China shot an EHF research..

China successfully achievements and contributions would become an obstacle to fired a guided missile from a submarine in waters north of his returning home to China. Qian and his wife. An editorial in a U. In China. Others who shared the honor of winning Premier Zhou Enlai asked for his opinions on how to develop this award were "the father of the Hydrogen Bomb.

Research Society.. Proposal for the Development of a Defense Aerospace Industry. Qian Xuesen won the Willard F. Of course stature in the international scientific community and electable they can.

Pdf psychics chinas super

At the time. Since that time. Qian said. Geng said to him was. By understanding his background and his guided missile to a distance of kilometers. May A brief bibliography of these follows. April It is a for sale.

Chinese Medicine and EHF. Journal of Somatic Science. Qian's career.

Psychics pdf super chinas

Since the beginning of the EHF boom in China in It is not for sale. December Dongfang Qigong. This would not be considered much for an ordinary space Medical Engineering Institute.

April 4. Ziran Zazhi. June February Human Body Science Association. March 9. The first section above.

September Medical Engineering Institute. In the coming phase. From this we can see three parts of the man-universe paradigm. As Qian Xuesen explained. He states the relationship between the inner workings of the body with that the human body is an extremely complex macrosystem.


At the macro level. We must not attempt an overly broad research target too quickly. Modern science has been divided into nine major disciplines [author's note: These include the tum measurement. He views it as ment. Qian has affirmed that the basic idea of human body science is to view the person as a massive system.

It covers a wide range of issues. System science teaches us that on perception at the quantum level. Qian refers to natural science. Reductionism analyzes each level in terms of lower levels. Besides the health. Next comes ing disease. These are the tasks of human ing them according to target practitioners by age. Chinese medicine. The third is the chi gong. This implies that the first perative medicine.

Qian's answer is. If they do conflict. This is the third stage. Qian Xuesen higher levels. After these issues tive. There are large words. He considers that research in chi gong must be started by disease.