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I've searched the internet for a Chrono Trigger PSX eboot, but I simply can't and every time I try to run the converted eboot, my PSP crashes. While I have no problem making custom eboots whenever I feel like it, apparently are and preview stuff without really needing to go on your PSP. .. Chrono trigger, techno mage, dukes of hazard, Mr. Driller, ace combat 3. I've never played Chrono Trigger before, but with Chrono Cross out for PSN, I think it might be a good idea to finally pick it up. However, friends.

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Home» Eboots» RPG» Chrono Trigger (USA-PSN) PSP Eboot. Chrono Trigger is a RPG video game published by Square Enix released on September 28, for the PlayStation Network as PSOne Classic. In order to play Chrono Trigger on an emulator search the PSX ISO version. Game information, description, and download page for Final Fantasy Chronicles - Chrono Trigger (USA) ISO for PSX on PSP PSX2PSP eBoot. Im currently playing Chrono trigger as a psx2psp and I know the loading Then you can get Chrono Cross as a PS1 eboot for your PSP and.

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Once the PSP has been completely turned off turn it back on while holding the R button. Now that you have them enabled go back and exit out of the Recovery Menu. If your save is in another format then you need to convert it.

The epsxe save needs to be named after the game's Game ID. You can have up to of these saves, -1, -2, -3, etc.

Chrono Trigger (USA-PSN) EBOOT PSP - NostalgiaLand

To activate CWCheat, hold down the Select button it may take seconds. MCR to memory card slot 2 At the bottom is will show the name of your save game file where it says: Currently selected memory card file: Press Right or Left to change the epsxe save, then select your option.

Trigger eboot psp chrono

If you want to load the epsxe into your game, you'll want to select "Load memory card 1 from memory stick". If you want to back-up your savegame so you can copy it onto your computer maybe put it back onto a Playstation system via your Dex Drive , select "Save memory card 1 to memory stick".

Psp eboot chrono trigger

Provided they seem like worthy additions to? On that note, wasn't Lord of Arcana the second game in some series the west never saw the other two entries for, or am I remembering wrong? Think some anons might caution against Lunar PSP.

Trigger eboot psp chrono

Something about it having an added prologue that spoils various stuff. Or is it a series where you can get by without reading moon?


As of now, all of them but 7th Dragon II are in English, with the first two having been fan-translated and the last actually having been officially brought over. Mar 7, Pantsuland Welcome to the amazing revival of dead and useless frills that nobody ever gives a shit about.

Since it is such a pain in the ass trying to have some beautiful eboots, I've decided to dump ones that I make into this thread.

I'm also going to upload them onto filetrip Thus the only times the thread is actually "alive" is after I make a couple of eboots or I update something myself. It's up on my github or on filetrip and it is pretty much a glorified Eboot creator hub that allows you to set where your executables are and preview stuff without really needing to go on your PSP. Feel free to request if you are like me and just can't fucking stand having fugly shit on that PSP you never use.

That is lame.