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History of Computers. Earliest Computer. • Originally calculations were computed by humans, whose job title was computers. • These human computers were. आज की हमारी यह पोस्ट में हम उन PDF Notes को उपलब्ध कराऐंगे जो Specilly मेरे द्वारा बनाऐ गये Major Computer Terminology PDF in Hindi Free Download Medieval Indian History Notes PDF in Hindi by Rakesh Rao. H i all. I am Sharath Chandra, a daily follower of As you know, I have been sharing materials related to Computer.

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Computer GK कम्प्यूटर जीके. Mode: PDF. Total Number of Questions: Questions. Language: Hindi. Size: 2 MB. Author: SarkariHelp. Download Free Computer Lucent Book in Hindi PDF प्रश्न एवं उत्तर सहित PDF हिंदी में प्राप्त करे | · NCERT History Part II. Basic Computer Knowledge यह पीडीऍफ़ नोट्स आप सभी competitive exams की तैयारी करने वाले students के लिए बहुत ही.

Subsequent versions have become increasingly sophisticated as they incorporated features of minicomputer operating systems. Windows 1. In Microsoft released Windows 2. This version added desktop icons, keyboard shortcuts and improved graphics support. Windows 3.

Microsoft focused on mobility for both editions, including plug and play features for connecting to wireless networks. The operating system also utilizes the Windows XP is one of Microsoft's best-selling products.

In computer hindi pdf history

Windows Vista November Windows Vista offered an advancement in reliability, security, ease of deployment, performance and manageability over Windows XP. New in this version was capabilities to detect hardware problems before they occur, security features to protect against the latest generation of threats, faster start-up time and low power consumption of the new sleep state.

Windows Vista simplifies and centralizes desktop configuration management, reducing the cost of keeping systems updated. Windows 7 October, Windows 7 was released by Microsoft on October 22, as the latest in the year-old line of Windows operating systems and as the successor to Windows Vista which itself had followed Windows XP.

Windows 7 was released in conjunction with Windows Server R2, Windows 7's server counterpart. Enhancements and new features in Windows 7 include multi-touch support, Internet Explorer 8, improved performance and start-up time, Aero Snap, Aero Shake, support for virtual hard disks, a new and improved Windows Media Center, and improved security.

Windows 8 Windows 8 was released on August. Windows 8 will replace the more traditional Microsoft Windows OS look and feel with a new "Metro" design system interface that first debuted in the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system.

The Metro user interface primarily consists of a "Start screen" made up of "Live Tiles," which are links to applications and features that are dynamic and update in real time.

Windows 10 Windows 10 is Microsoft's Windows successor to Windows 8.

Computer Fundamentals DCA 1st Sem

Windows 10 debuted on July 29, , following a "technical preview" beta release of the new operating system that arrived in Fall and a "consumer preview" beta in early Microsoft claims Windows 10 features fast start up and resume, built-in security and the return of the Start Menu in an expanded form. This version of Windows will also feature Microsoft Edge, Microsoft's new browser. It is asked in almost every examination. A well designed llb study material in hindi can help design a professional document with unified style and design.

Syllabus of Secondary Courses. Founded in by Leon Leonwood Bean, L. In Hindi, too, there are eight parts of speech.

To decide what to produce and in what quantities, it is first necessary to know what is obtainable.

History pdf in hindi computer

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History pdf in hindi computer

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Learn how and when to remove this template message By the end of its operation in , ENIAC contained 20, vacuum tubes ; 7, crystal diodes ; 1, relays ; 70, resistors ; 10, capacitors ; and approximately 5,, hand- soldered joints. While ENIAC had no system to store memory in its inception, these punch cards could be used for external memory storage.

XEEED Computer book pdf in hindi download - DAILY MATERIALS

Arithmetic was performed by "counting" pulses with the ring counters and generating carry pulses if the counter "wrapped around", the idea being to electronically emulate the operation of the digit wheels of a mechanical adding machine.

ENIAC had 20 ten-digit signed accumulators , which used ten's complement representation and could perform 5, simple addition or subtraction operations between any of them and a source e.

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It was possible to connect several accumulators to run simultaneously, so the peak speed of operation was potentially much higher, due to parallel operation. Army photo [23] It was possible to wire the carry of one accumulator into another accumulator to perform double precision arithmetic, but the accumulator carry circuit timing prevented the wiring of three or more for even higher precision.

The other nine units in ENIAC were the initiating unit started and stopped the machine , the cycling unit used for synchronizing the other units , the master programmer controlled loop sequencing , the reader controlled an IBM punch-card reader , the printer controlled an IBM card punch , the constant transmitter, and three function tables.

If one of the numbers had fewer than 10 digits, the operation was faster. So a division or square root took up to cycles, or 28, microseconds—a rate of 35 per second. Wilkes [16] states that a division with a 10 digit quotient required 6 milliseconds.

If the result had fewer than ten digits, it was obtained faster.

Computer Fundamental download Hindi pdf

Special high-reliability tubes were not available until Most of these failures, however, occurred during the warm-up and cool-down periods, when the tube heaters and cathodes were under the most thermal stress.

According to an interview in with Eckert, "We had a tube fail about every two days and we could locate the problem within 15 minutes. Programming[ edit ] ENIAC could be programmed to perform complex sequences of operations, including loops, branches, and subroutines. However, instead of the stored-program computers that exist today, ENIAC was just a large collection of arithmetic machines, which originally had programs set up into the machine [28] by a combination of plugboard wiring and three portable function tables containing ten-way switches each.

Due to the complexity of mapping programs onto the machine, programs were only changed after huge numbers of tests of the current program. This was followed by a period of verification and debugging, aided by the ability to execute the program step by step.