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Buku karya Ilana Tan ini mengisahkan tentang Tara Dupont, gadis keturunan Indonesia-Perancis yang tinggal di Paris dan Tatsuya Fujisawa, seorang arsitek . The title of each novel wrote the specific season and town: Summer in Seoul, Autumn in Paris, Winter in Tokyo, and Spring in London. I know. User Review - Flag as inappropriate. this is briliant. so touching and it was successfully making me cry. the most epic of all 4 books in the series. has a sad.

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Autumn in Paris has Ratings · Reviews of Books. Author: Ilana Tan. Tara Dupont menyukai Paris dan musim gugur. Ia mengira sudah memiliki. Audio Book or Epub for free. Copyright Ebook Online Publishing. Ilana Tan. ✓ Autumn in Paris ☆ PDF Read eBook free by. Ilana Tan. Title: Autumn in Paris. Ilana Tan adalah seorang novelis Indonesia yang dikenal karena menulis 4 novel roman yang masing-masing novelnya disajikan dengan cerita yang latarnya.

Now, I want to share about Ilana Tan novels again. Now I want to review about Ilana Tan season tetralogy. All these novels are connected. Now I want to share with you about these all novels one by one. First, I want to share with you the first novel which get published. It titled Summer in Seoul. This story have a background around South Korea especially in Seoul.

One day when Kazuto already leave New York and arrived at Tokyo he didnt greetings all his neighbor because he feel so tired. Then another neighbor who have good relation like a little family told that in front of Keiko apartement already get a new occupant after Tatsuya death. Sato Haruka Keiko Neighbor told Keiko the new neighboor didnt say greeting to anyone after his came and no one saw him.

Tan paris ilana ebook autumn in

Keiko who have curious character stand in front of Kazuto door and try to eavesdrop from Kazuto door after she thin that Kazuto get accident and death inside of there.

Kazuto who already woke up from his sleep saw a shadow in front of his door when he want to search drink. When Kazuto open the door Keiko get hit and curse in Bahasa.

After that they have special chemistry and make us who read this novel laugh.

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But there is any a little surprise when you read the last page of this novel. The last is Ill share about Spring In London.

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Spring in London have a romantic genre. This novel is the last book in this tetralogy. Danny fell in love with Naomi from the first time they meet. But no one knows that Danny make Naomi remember her past because Danny brother is Naomi ex-boyfriend which treat her bad because she is a model.

From that plot Danny begin try to convince that Danny and his brother are different. On the other hand, Sandy or Han Soon-Hee is a unique woman.

Her appearance, her way of think. I like both of the main characters. Autumn in Paris Tara Dupont likes of Paris and the autumn.

Novel ilana tan autumn in paris pdf

She thought he had to have everything in life Tatsuya Fujisawa hates Paris and autumn. He came to Paris to find the people who destroyed his life. But he did not expect fascinated by Tara Dupont, chatty girl but can soothe the soul and mind Tara and Tatsuya completely unaware with the thread that connects them to the past, a secret that destroyed any hopes, feelings, and beliefs.

When the truth is revealed, also revealed the meaning of despair Sense of helplessness The fact is so painful to push one of them wanted to end her life Gosh, this is the best novel of hers so far for me.

Tan in paris ilana ebook autumn

I put some quotes from this book. He wants to pour out his feelings for her without any guilt. He was willing to give anything as long as it stopped at that time. I know.

But believe me, I'm willing to let go of anything, do anything, to be with her. Just for now Just for a few seconds I want to be selfish. I want to forget all the people, ignoring the world, and forget about the origins and background.

Without load, demands, or hopes, I want to confess. I love her.

Simple as that. They just met in a wrong place, wrong time.

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Tara is an attractive and likes-to-talk woman. While Tatsuya.. This is totally worth! That's what he said, but I think the reason is more than that. He's such a good, fun, and reliable.

Slowly, perhaps since Christmas Eve I started looking at him in a different way. That's why I just couldn't get off of this book until the very last page. And even though it's pretty much predictable, but still, love story is not always as cheesy-weasy-lovey-dovey as people thought. My favorite quote from this book: Sesederhana itu. Tara adalah seorang gadis yang memiliki kepribadian menarik. Sedangkan Tatsuya adalah seorang pria pendiam yang membenci musim gugur. Ia juga membenci Paris, namun ia datang ke kota itu untuk menelusuri jejak masa lalunya yang tak terduga sampai ia bertemu dengan Tara.

Gadis itu telah mengubah pandangannya tentang dunia, dan memberikan rasa nyaman di hati Tatsuya.

Ilana Tan Tetralogy Review

Pertemuan-pertemuan mereka di Paris telah menanamkan kesan di hati mereka masing-masing, namun mereka juga harus bergulat dengan luapan masa lalu yang tak terduga.

Walaupun kisah cinta cenderung klise, namun kisah Tara dan Tatsuya tetap memberikan rasa penasaran dan kejutan hingga ke akhir cerita. Dengan gaya bahasa yang sederhana dan alur yang mudah dicerna, menjadikan buku Autumn in Paris ini sangat menarik untuk menjadi teman membaca kita di sore hari. Kisah roman manusia urban masa kini dikemas apik dalam buku yang merupakan salah satu bagian dari trilogi musim karya Ilana Tan lainnya, yaitu Summer in Seoul dan Winter in Tokyo.

Penggambaran adegan dan karakter yang kuat dari buku ini menjadikan kisah cinta Tara dan Tatsuya lebih menyentuh hati para pembacanya.

Buku ini memberikan gambaran tentang kehidupan dan kisah cinta yang kompleks, penuh dengan harapan dan keyakinan yang menepiskan keputusasaan. Memang, tidak semua kisah cinta harus manis, namun tidak semua kisah cinta juga harus menjadi getir, bukan? Menjalani kehidupan mereka yang penuh dengan kejutan dari sejarah hidup masing-masing, penulis buku ini menginspirasikan kita untuk menghadapi kenyataan hidup dengan cinta dan harapan.