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Geotecnia Ambiental Boscov Pdf Free -- R()Jim.. PDF | Among municipal solid waste disposal solutions, the most used in Brazil is the disposal Maria Eugênia Gimenez Boscov at University of São Paulo .. de Lixo de Anta (RJ) In: VI Congresso Brasileiro de Geotecnia Ambiental REGEO. Nakahara, Oliveira, Boscov, Boggiani. Selection of MSW landfill site by means of the Analytic. Hierarchy Process - p. Punctuation criteria.

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Veja grátis o arquivo Geotecnia Ambiental 2 enviado para a disciplina de Maria eugenia Gimenez Boscov é engenheira Civil, doutora em engenha- ria de . BOSCOV - Livro Geotecnia Uploaded by. María Huamán · GFalmula. Uploaded by. María Huamán · Apres Palestra Milton Vargas Decourt Geotecnia Ambiental - Ebook written by Maria Eugenia Gimenez Boscov. Read this iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Geotecnia Ambiental. Flowing text, Google-generated PDF.

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The values of dispersed clay indicated little dispersion of fine material in the soil samples analyzed.

Boscov geotecnia pdf ambiental

Greater values were expected since the hydraulic conductivity results indicated that clay dispersion occurred when distilled water was percolated through the columns. However the samples were stored for two months and 23 days justified by the time necessary to decide on the appropriate sample analyses and it is believed that they suffered a tixotropic effect.

Compacted clays may exhibit a considerable tixotropic effect increase in resistance and rigidity with time leading to a natural tendency to flocculate during storage.

According to Boscov , the structure of adsorbed water may change in stored compacted samples and can be detected by measurements that show the decrease in neutral pressure with time after compaction. Dispersed clay in samples withdrawn from the soil columns. The photos taken with the scanning electron microscope SEM permitted visualization of a greater quantity of sample fissures in the control CP06 than in the columns percolated with contaminant solution CP02, CP04 and CP No mosaic was made of CP08 due to insufficient sample quantity for evaluation.

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Optical microscope mosaic of samples withdrawn from soil column: a CP02; b CP04; c CP06 control A greater quantity of dark stained macropores can be observed in control column CP06 that had the greatest hydraulic conductivity.

Sample CP04 presented larger pores than sample CP02, consistent with the larger final hydraulic conductivity of sample CP04, which could be attributed to less plugging of macropores. More fissures are present in CP06 Figure 20 than in the other samples. The fissures in the other samples may possibly have been blocked by precipitates formed during the percolation of the contaminant solution in the soil columns and also by particle washout during the test Figure Various fissures present - CP06 Fig.

Few fissures present - CP Conclusions Of the various conclusions to be drawn, it should be emphasized that initial percolation of distilled water to saturate the soil without counter pressure influenced the column test results since the soil structure was altered, especially when a large pore volume was percolated.

Hydraulic conductivity values decreased significantly in all soil columns, although the difference differed among the samples. The difference in number of pore volumes percolated T and the amount of cations leached during percolation of distilled water in the soil columns directly affected hydraulic conductivity when the contaminant solution was percolated possibly because of an alteration in soil structure caused by initial percolation with distilled water.

Evidence of pore obstruction caused by heavy metal precipitation was observed, explaining in part the decrease in hydraulic conductivity. Dispersed clay measurements indicated high flocculation indexes but the results may have been influenced by a trixotropic effect occurring in the stored samples.

Comparison of Mn transport parameters determined in the present study with those obtained in a previous study showed that Mn mobility was practically independent of soil hydraulic conductivity when all other factors were held constant. Hydraulic conductivity affected metal mobility of the other five metals studied.

References Alloway, B. Heavy metals in soils. Azevedo, I. Hydrodynamic dispersion coefficient and retardation factor for heavy metals in residual compacted soils. In Portuguese. Solos e Rochas — Revista Brasileira de Geotecnia. Determination of heavy metal transport parameters in residual compacted soil. Campina Grande, PB. Determination of transport parameters for heavy metal in residual compacted soil using two methodologies. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering.

Barbosa, R. Characterization of a pollution plume caused by urban waste disposal. Geochimica Brasiliensis, Rio de Janeiro, v. Boscov, M. Contribution of design of systems of hazardous waste containment using lateritic soils. PhD Dissertation In Portuguese. Coffin, D. A method for determination of free iron oxides in soils and clays.

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Journal of Soil Science 43, p. Cooker, E. Metals in sewage sludge and their potential effects in agriculture. Water Sci. Folkes, D. Fifth Canadian Geotechnical Colloquium: Control of contaminant migration by the use of liners.

Ambiental boscov pdf geotecnia

Canadian Geotechnical Journal. Fontes, M. F; Carvalho Jr. Color attributes and mineralogical characteristics, evaluated by radiometry, of highly weathered tropical soils.

Soil Science Society of America Journal, G, Marques, J. P, Zuliani, D. Trace elements in soils and aquatic systems. Topics in Soil Science. Kaczmarek, M. Transport in Porous Media Lake, D. Sludge disposal to land. Heavy metals in wastewater and sludge tretment process. Lambe, T. Soil Mechanics. New York. McBride, M.

Ambiental boscov pdf geotecnia

Environmental chemistry of soils. New York: Oxford University Press. Matos A. Doctoral Thesis in Soils and Plant Nutrition.

Matos, A. Mesri, G. Mechanisms controlling the permeability of clays. Clay and Clay Minerals. Naidu, R. Sorption of heavy metals in strongly weathered soils: an overview. Oliveira, F.

Study on contamination of subsoil of the landfill region in Muribeca, Pernambuco. Rowe, R. Ruiz, H. Shackelford, C.

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Cumulative Mass Approach for Column Testing. Sposito, G. The surface chemistry of soils. Srivastava, P. Trace elements in crop production. Lebanon: Science Publishers. Just go to our home page and proceed from there.

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