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Die Qualen im Herzen des Mr. Grey (German Edition) - Kindle edition by P. T. Gaynders, Patrick Göbel. Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Literature & Fiction. Reunited (German Edition) eBook: Andrew Grey, Katie Kuhn: Kindle Store. Mitfahrgelegenheit: Eine Story von Mira Grey! (German Edition) eBook: Mira Grey : Kindle Store.

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download 50 Pieces for Grey (German Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - site. com. eBook features: Highlight, take notes, and search in the book; Page numbers are just like the physical edition; Length: pages; Enhanced Typesetting. In 50 Tagen zur Mrs. Grey (German Edition) eBook: Cassandra Day: Kindle Store.

Talented designer, and equally professional. Timely changes and a unique vision for the project. Will definitely work this designer again! Martens What industry do you think your business is most related to? What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

Harris was in sympathy with me in this. He was as much of an enthusiast in art as I was, and not less anxious to learn to paint. I desired to learn the German language; so did Harris. After a brief rest at Hamburg, we made preparations for a long pedestrian trip southward in the soft spring weather, but at the last moment we changed the program, for private reasons, and took the express-train.

We made a short halt at Frankfort-on-the-Main, and found it an interesting city. I would have liked to visit the birthplace of Gutenburg, but it could not be done, as no memorandum of the site of the house has been kept. So we spent an hour in the Goethe mansion instead. The city permits this house to belong to private parties, instead of gracing and dignifying herself with the honor of possessing and protecting it.

Frankfort is one of the sixteen cities which have the distinction of being the place where the following incident occurred.

Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Charlemagne, while chasing the Saxons as HE said , or being chased by them as THEY said , arrived at the bank of the river at dawn, in a fog. The enemy were either before him or behind him; but in any case he wanted to get across, very badly. He would have given anything for a guide, but none was to be had. Presently he saw a deer, followed by her young, approach the water.

He watched her, judging that she would seek a ford, and he was right. She waded over, and the army followed.

German grey ebook

So a great Frankish victory or defeat was gained or avoided; and in order to commemorate the episode, Charlemagne commanded a city to be built there, which he named Frankfort—the ford of the Franks. None of the other cities where this event happened were named for it. This is good evidence that Frankfort was the first place it occurred at. I was taught a lesson in political economy in Frankfort. I had brought from home a box containing a thousand very cheap cigars. By way of experiment, I stepped into a little shop in a queer old back street, took four gaily decorated boxes of wax matches and three cigars, and laid down a silver piece worth 48 cents.

The man gave me 43 cents change.

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In Frankfort everybody wears clean clothes, and I think we noticed that this strange thing was the case in Hamburg, too, and in the villages along the road. Even in the narrowest and poorest and most ancient quarters of Frankfort neat and clean clothes were the rule.

The synopsis above pretty much covers everything there is to know about the "big picture". Roren struggles with his crippling and the loss of his home and the death of his daughter. He distances himself from the world, seeks solace in religion. An essential pillar of this religion is the believe, that one will see ones beloved again after death; so Roren thinks, he'll see his daughter and his happier wife of times long past when he dies.

So you see, a death wish isn't far Tiogan is filled with the wish for revenge, after his son died in the religious war. He had been slain by the military leader of the Etarians, and Tiogan dreams about killing this leader. But Tiogan is sick lung cancer , and he wants to avenge the death of his son before he dies.

While marching north, he starts to miss his home Austadt and his wife and daughter. He is torn between the longing for revenge and the longing for a peaceful death among family members, but the war has been started and there is no turning back. Atoz killed the human king during the religious war. His is haunted by nightmares of dead humans I guess, you would call it PTSD nowadays , and Atoz thinks, he is responsible for the desperate situation of the humans. He wants to help them, but his etarian people despises the refugees, and Atoz is considered a national hero.

And this hero is needed. Atoz has little choice but to fight and kill again, and while his sympathy for the humans grows, his hate for his own kind and especially the military leader of the Etarians yeah, the one that killed Tiogan's son grows day by day.

Ebook german grey

His significant other, Zana, is laying an egg, and while Atoz and Zana wait for the egg to hatch, the army of the Lords is coming nearer and nearer. Saoana remains in Austadt while her father marches north. She has to rule over the city, although she is young and has no experience.

Ebook german grey

Her people are hungry and depressed, because there is no trade during war. And a murderer roams the city. He kills in the name of the Etarians, but in fact he wants to weaken the city for the Grey.

Soon, Saoana has to realize, that a nice and pretty girl doesn't make a good ruler. She yearns for peace and a simple life without the austerity of a leader. And as the Grey reach the gates of Austadt and bring war to the city, the blithe and naive days of youth are over for good. I really have no definite idea of what a cover could look like, so I gave you a quite detailed synopsis of my novel.

It really is low fantasy. I have the Etarians and the deformed Grey and that's it. No magic, no dragons, no elves and dwarfs. The continent Vernland isn't colorful.

S.L. Grey - Writing

The cities are just cities made of stone and wood, very medieval. There are a lot of forests and mountains and in the north, where the Etarians live, there is an expansive desert the war takes place there. It's a bleak and very serious novel, and I want the cover to reflect that. The latter as a tool to persuade and control others, as a way of finding solace in difficult times and a way of finding hope when there seems to be none, even when this hope ends in blood and death, as it's the case with Roren.

Last but not least some ideas of mine for the cover design. The national symbol of the Etarians is the sun with jagged rays. Maybe you could do something with that. Atoz and the leader of the renegade Etarians which support the Grey are black scaled and have golden eyes. They are the only two lizards in the world who look like that.

It's an important part of the plot and maybe a black Etarian would look nice on the cover They look like "human" velociraptors without the long snout.

The crest of house Aureld is a golden grain ear with black background.

The sigils of most houses are quite unimportant. Only the white tower on black background house Ilarovich , the red eagle on white ground house Feskott and the decapitated human head on grey ground House Hoh are relevant for the story. The topic of family is present in every chapter of the book. It's the recurring theme, shared in every storyline. Maybe that could inspire you. Maybe a design with Roren and his daughter and his wife maybe silhouettes of the three of them, Roren one handed and the little daughter in the middle of the family.

Just an idea I have.