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Housing benefit and council tax reduction are state benefits that help people on housing benefit if you are paying rent on your home; council tax reduction if council tax reduction scheme /19 [pdf, MB] · council tax. Scanned images or photos should be submitted in PDF or JPEG format. Please include your housing benefit claim or council tax reduction trading for less than a year, please fully complete our self employed earnings form. Do not fill in this form if you have moved outside the Borough of Hackney. council in your new area to claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction.

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Benefit claim forms and guides to help you with your claim. a guide to housing benefit and council tax reduction - students [pdf, KB]. You can claim housing benefit and council tax reduction if you are working, Benefit claim forms and guides · Payments Full service universal credit goes live in Hackney on 3 October. benefit privacy policy [pdf, KB]. Having your Housing Benefit paid into your account by Bacs has Hackney Service Centre, 1 Hillman Street, London E8 1DY Bacs payment request form.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are exempt from the Age Policy. Specialist vehicles e. Please make sure that you know your licence expiry date. Renewal documents will not be provided so as the licence holder it's your responsibility to:. If you allow your licence to expire you will need to submit a new application rather than a renewal, therefore the new application criteria will apply. Transfers follow the same requirements as new vehicles and will be processed within 1 working day. Skip to Main Content.

Caller was also involved in a cover up of an investigation which showed discrimination against black staff in the Emergency Repairs department. The Borough Solicitor [Chris Hinde in his old post] did nothing. Joe Lobenstein, Mayor from , did finally get some justice. By the end of the already limited ability to control development was terminated. And safeguards of good service for local people were non existent. Their first act after taking over was to cut the workforce by a third.

The local press was filled with weekly stories of the latest disaster — in fact the only comparison was with other contracted out HB services in Lambeth, Islington and Newham. However, to my knowledge, no-one was evicted from social housing due purely to HB related arrears.

London Borough of Hackney - Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction

They were driven out of the Borough or people who would have 2 or 3 years earlier moved to the Borough were not able to. The tempo and style varies from place to place.

At first abandoned but liveable warehouses were converted into lofts and a couple of existing bars became busier. Ill effects were seen early — with lofts pumping their sewerage onto the Pitfield estate and stairwells being used as toilets and places to have sex by people using the bars.

By the late s larger scale new developments were more common. On estates primed for privatisation no repairs at all were done in the lead up to voluntary privatisation votes and estate managers were not replaced.

While older and larger Housing Associations such as Peabody led on market renting — other HAs began to get in the act — for example Community on the Haggerston Library site.

This of course further boosted the impetus behind right to download and further white-anted council estates. By the London real estate market had heated up to such an extent that a new round of tower blocks was being proposed for the inner city.

Ken Livingstone, the newly elected mayor, gave his support for these so long as they provided subsidy for social housing schemes and transport in east London[41]. Sometimes this meant that tenants wanting to break leases lost not only their 3 months deposit but had to pay extra to get out of the lease.

In September developers went from bending the law to breaking it. At the Goddard and Gibbs shop on Kingsland Road, the listed frontage was destroyed against the planning permission for the property in order to make way for stylish lofts[46]. The estates just off Hoxton Street are just a stones throw away. More and more [very large! By February , the hostel places were full and families were in bed and breakfast. New Deal for the Community managers said a 16 storey office block [87, sq.

Half of the market has already been lost to a , sq. Luminaries such as Terrence Conran are weighing in to protect the creative hub of gentrification and are willing to trade a bigger development elsewhere to protect it. It makes a geographical link between Hoxton and the Town Hall precinct and is already used as a bike route for this[62].

Facilities for local people have not similarly expanded — as indicated earlier it is precisely in the south of the borough that cuts in provision are tending to be targeted. At the moment the Market is still on the cusp of full gentrification. June saw the first New York style firebombing of the block at the southern entrance to the market shortly after the squatters there had been evicted.

Motives were unclear but the landlord did not have to pay the council until the building was in use — and so gained a number of years interest free property speculation rights. Here until were around 30 squatted homes — which have now voluntarily incorporated themselves [keeping just over half the homes] into an existing Housing Association[65].

The rest of the London Fields area is now booming with loft live work units. And on to the Town Hall Square — and site of another regeneration programme. I suspect that the social pressures from gentrification and the regeneration of the rest of the square will force it in less and less accessible direction.

Relations with local people started poorly with complaints of sexual harassment and parking problems. Opposite the Ocean is the Town hall, with its Square most often frequented by the local street drinkers and demos against the Council. The Hackney tree wardens mounted a very vocal campaign against the scheme due to the loss of 15 trees and pointed out that meetings were not open to the public and minutes were kept secret.

West Oxfordshire District Council - Hackney carriage vehicle licences

Complaints about how the regeneration of the Square was going could be assuaged by promises of a new Technology and Learning Centre [a rebuilt library]. It was shut along with the Empire for refurbishment in May … the ensuing street party in the Town Hall square got a bit out of hand — although participants commented that it was more simulacra than reality. This needs a separate analysis but Hackney Council workers showed well into that there were willing to take unofficial action particularly against victimisation.

This never came despite a series of local disputes over specific closures — some of which were successful — Burbage School in Hoxton for example. The attempt to have a united front of community struggles through Hackney Fightback fell apart with open splits between the SWP and the Socialist party — leading to separate candidates standing in Council bye elections in June In Hackney, with a organised membership of nearing 1, the far left working together could not do the same.

Throughout the campaign, many in the Socialist Alliance repeated that elections were a good opportunity to talk to people about politics and gauge attitudes towards radical alternatives. Well we came, we spoke, we offered alternatives, we won celebrity endorsement. The result; crushing defeat, with barely a saved deposit to pay for a sorrow drowning piss up.

First time applications

Looking at this combined approach of confrontation inside and outside the structures of the regeneration state can begin to answer the question of how to build mass support for progressive alternatives to gentrification and privatisation. A number of other positive local community campaigns have happened over the last two years — at the end of this piece is documentation of some of them: — Occupation of the Atherden Nursery — Rent Freeze Campaign — Organising on privatised estates.

Can Housing Associations do the job? Hackney, in East London has had the most successful transfer ballots in the country. As well Housing Associations have developed new estates through the heavily subsidised [Hesseltine era] Comprehensive Estates Initiative e.

Council pdf form hackney benefit housing

The package of measures the Government is announcing today is designed to protect and improve the key services and ensure the council tackles its budget deficit. My Department will be writing separately to the council about how they can continue to work to return to financial stability, without the help of Government resources, at the earliest possible time.

It will involve tough decisions to tackle the years of failure and it will be painful but the Government is clear it must happen. Hackney Council cannot be allowed to fail its people again. No one should have to wait several months for their Housing and Council Tax Benefit claims to be paid.

Poor service affects some of the most vulnerable people. I shall expect them to do this to acceptable standards and without detriment to current and new work. My Department is working closely with Hackney and has supported them in rebuilding their benefits service.

They have made an encouraging start. The momentum must be maintained. We have already, with Hackney Council, appointed a joint team to identify the optimum arrangements for the structure and role of this new body. Once this team has reported at the end of September we will support the local authority in swiftly putting in place new arrangements, designed to promote and maintain high standards in education for everyone in Hackney. To make this happen the Council must secure the investment that this service desperately needs, raise public awareness about the need for changes in the local culture in the handling of waste, and ensure local people are able to recycle their waste.

This direction will require Hackney Council to work with the local NHS to review services for older people and mental health services to ensure that they are delivering best value.

We have seen some progress in social services and are keen to see that this continues — so that the people of Hackney get the services they need and deserve.

Hm... Are You a Human?

We will maintain this support and monitor improvements carefully. After much wrangling, ITnet finally stopped providing the service to Hackney in April this year, leaving the borough with what it claims is a backlog of , items of unprocessed correspondence, relating to an unknown number of individual cases.

Specialist vehicles e. Please make sure that you know your licence expiry date. Renewal documents will not be provided so as the licence holder it's your responsibility to:. If you allow your licence to expire you will need to submit a new application rather than a renewal, therefore the new application criteria will apply. Transfers follow the same requirements as new vehicles and will be processed within 1 working day.

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