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(eBook) by Mohit Sharma "Trendster" in India. क्या Available Formats: PDF Other Books in Drama/Play, Horror I enjoyed writing this horror story. Dracula is a horror novel by Bram Stoker. Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania to give legal assistance to Dracula for a real estate deal. In spite of warnings. Ghost. Stories. The Indian Reading Series. ALMuk. Level V Book 7 tivities are guided by a Policy Board which represents the Indian.

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Free eBook: Indian Ghost Stories by S. Mukerji. Get Free eBooks and book bargains from ManyBooks in your inbox. We respect your email. Hindi daravani kahaniyon Ebooks - Read Hindi Horror Story Books exclusively on Dailyhunt. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Indian Ghost Stories by S. Mukerji Read this book online: HTML.

Lovecraft, and Edgar Allan Poe. Nowadays, when people want get horrified, they turn on ghost games or watch horror movies. However, both games and movies have one origin. All the stories are available for free from Project Gutenberg. You can get them to your Kindle or other e-readers and apps, including iPad or iPhone, Kobo, and Nook. You can use a one-click download to Dropbox or Google Drive, so getting multiple files is pretty easy. A great thing about Project Gutenberg is that the site offers book collections.

Once, due to unforeseen circumstances, Sita is left alone on the Island. This is when the river gets angry and slowly the island begins to drown itself in the river. How Sita survives the anger of rain and river forms the crux of Angry River. Coming back to the city with Kishen, Rusty discovers that his beloved room is no longer his. Undaunted, he forges new homes and new friendships as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery that spans the beautiful hillsides of the Himalayas.

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He meets new people, revisits his past, finds out more about his real parents, and continues to wander looking for answers. Striking, evocative, witty and wise - this book is an ode to youth and all its complexities. He begins with a dream and a gentle haunting, before taking us to an idyllic childhood in Jamnagar by the Arabian Sea, where he composed his first poem, and New Delhi in the early s, where he found material for his first short story.

Looking for the Rainbow: My Years with Daddy As the title suggests, Looking for the Rainbow focusses on the two years that Ruskin spent with his father in Delhi during the early s. His time in the capital is filled with books, visits to the cinema, music, and walks and conversations with his father — a dream life for a curious and wildly imaginative boy.

Filled with warmth and passion, each story showcases the myriad variations of romance and heartbreak. Death Under the Deodars Set in the Mussoorie of a bygone era, Death Under the Deodars is a collection of stories which recount the mysterious cases of a murdered priest, an adulterous couple, a man who is born evil, the body in the box bed, a mysterious black dog, and the Daryaganj strangler.

Though a mystery, this book contains flashes of gentle humour in trademark Bond style. Tales of Fosterganj Tales of Fosterganj is set in a fictional suburb on the outskirts of Mussourie.

This book traces the journey of a writer from Delhi, who lands up in Fosterganj by chance. The writer hopes to live like a recluse in this sleepy town, and maybe finish a book or two but fate wills otherwise.

He is soon caught up in a series of astonishing and hilarious adventures - encounters with a leopard and a sinister black bird; a drunken evening in the company of several hens and a penurious prince; and a long night locked inside a haunted palace. Dust on the Mountain Dust On The Mountain tells the story of a young boy, Bisnu, who lives in the hills, right in the lap of nature working hard on his farmland.

But a certain year, the lack of monsoon forces him to travel to the big city for work. On this journey, he meets many interesting characters that flit in and out of the pages but Nature remains the most important character throughout the story.

A book about books and reading, Bond begins with the first book he discovered among the bookshelf, P. The Sensualist The Sensualist is the story of a man enslaved by his libido and spiralling towards self-destruction.

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Gripping, erotic, even brutal, the book explores the demons that its protagonist must grapple with before he is able to come to term with himself. A compelling read, The Sensualist is a must-have for all Ruskin Bond fans. Ruskin Bond has filled the chapters with some nuggets of wisdom that he has processed over the years by observing people and his surroundings keenly. As deft with his stories as he is with koftas, lamb chops, pies and milkshakes, Mehmoud has a tall tale for every occasion - from wrestling with a cobra in his bed, being carried away into the river by a muggermuch, to when a tiger came looking for the cook.

It is the story of three friends - Laurie, an English boy who moved to a hill town with his parents, Anil, the son of a local cloth merchant, and Kamal, who lost his parents during Partition and now sells buttons and shoelaces. One day the three discover a secret pool on the mountainside, and it is there that they plan their greatest escapade yet — a trek to the Pindari Glacier, where no one from their town has gone before.

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The Perfect Murder This book is a collection of 8 short-stories from various acclaimed authors like Arthur Conan Doyle, Wilkie Collins, Edgar Allen Poe, WW Jacobs and a story by Ruskin Bond with the title - The Perfect Murder which is the story of two brothers, Paul and Henry who wait for an opportunity to kill their aunt, so that they can inherit the property left by their uncle.

Can they plan the murder without violence, without clues and without a trace? The descriptions of the work that they do will really shock you and make you want to investigate where your food comes from.

The novel ended up having an enormous impact on the food industry in the early twentieth century. The Invisible Man by H. Wells What sort of evil things might you do if you were invisible? And what does that say about the person that you actually are? Those are the real questions asked in this great science fiction novel. From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, as it is a very entertaining fictionalization of what people in the late 19th century believed that travel to the moon would actually be like.

The sequel Around the Moon is also entertaining, but more fanciful. The Island of Doctor Moreau by H. This novel rides that fine line. Doctor Moreau lives on a strange island where he creates sentient beings by combining the parts of various animals. The novel dwells quite a lot on the issues of pain in the name of progress and animal cruelty, while telling a strong story.

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It ends up with an intriguing murder mystery, one that I used to frequently argue about with an old friend. Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche This is a very powerful look at what morality is and how we can internally and externally determine right and wrong based on objective truth, not on the ideas of the society around us. One is very well worth reading, though, and I suggest this one. Accelerando by Charles Stross Accelerando is a science fiction novel that Stross has released as a free e-book for anyone to read.

During the aftermath of that attack, the Department of Homeland Security tries to crack down on civil rights in the area, and the main characters fight back against it in various ways, often utilizing technology in a clever way. Who was turning the doorknob? When my family hit hard times we had to move into a small house where our uncle had recently shot and killed himself. He had done this because of his depression after his wife had overdosed on pills, and died the summer before.

It all happened so quickly that when we moved in there was still a bit of blood in one of the rooms. But on the third or fourth night of living there, my sister and I, who were sharing a room in the tiny house, were awake in our room playing video games at around in the morning, when someone knocks at our door. No answer. Another knock. We stop and stare at the door and another knock comes, the doorknob does a full rotation and snaps back as if someone turned it and let go very quickly.

I get up and open the door expecting to see one of my other sisters or my mother, the only other people in the house. I opened the door and stared into an empty hall way.

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I walk down the hall and peek into the other bedroom, my two younger sisters and my mother are both fast asleep.

There was an eerie message on our television. I have a really good one that is actually true; it happened to me. This could have been a dream, but I testify to this day that what I saw was a ghost. So here I am, a young download who awoke in the middle of the night.

100+ Ghost Stories To Read In The Dark

I am currently sharing a bunk bed with my brother, and I am on the top bunk. I look out into my living room and notice everything is dark, however there is a person in an evening gown dusting my fireplace mantle. The woman was slender, which threw me off guard because my mom is obese.

It was not my mom, but some older woman. Suddenly, she shrieks and her face becomes severely deformed. It was like that shit you see in horror movies, like ridiculously scary especially for a young kid I blink my eyes and she was gone.

As a young boy, this was, and still is, extremely terrifying to me. Playing hide and seek with Alli. I still have fresh memories of this. When I was very young, about three or four, I remember having a friend named Alli. Alli lived with me and I would play hide and seek with her in the back yard. Alli was a year older than me. Well one night Alli told me she had to leave, so she did. Never heard from her again. Fast forward to when I was 16, and mom told me that before I was born I had a sister named Alli, and she had passed away due to complications idr what the problem was, something about her lungs I think.

My mom tells me that it was probably all a coincidence since a divorce was going on during that time and I wanted a friend. But I still remember everything about Alli, and I refuse to believe it was all pretend. The man that comes and talks to us at night until we fall asleep.

I have four little cousins in who never got to meet my grandfather—he passed before they were born. One morning, they ran downstairs for breakfast as they usually do. They were pointing at a picture of my grandfather that they never got to meet. This old rose garden was apparently under a newer wing of the home. Fuck that, I would never do my rounds alone when it happened, it was terrifying! I was not the only person this happened to, either.

It was a regular occurrence. Ghost writing appeared on the wall in paint.