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Checking the sales history for a particular type of item is an important step whether you're downloading or selling on site. If you know how much similar items have. site offers reporting tools that you can use to extract sales data for the data over a defined time range, download the company's entire sales records or set up . If you're selling stuff on site, it can be hard to know how much it's worth. Redditor outfoxthefox notes that you can actually search site's.

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View your entire site sales history in just four easy steps. You can find a history of the items you've sold in both My site and Seller Hub. You can find your sold items in either Seller Hub or My site. If you can't find your listing after 24 hours, check your active items in My site or Seller Hub. What if i get aidtited by the Federal Government and can not provide history of sales to my business?? Control freaks at work again. Enough will be enough.

Get the data you need to manage your placement and shipping using comprehensive site and site product research and insight tools from Algopix. Start selling on site Signing up to site is probably the easiest way to become an online seller. All you need to do is sign up for free on site. You can choose between a Personal Account, which is recommended for more casual sellers, and a Business Account. You should decide in favor of the Business Account when planning on selling large quantities or reselling products.

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You can find a history of the items you've sold in both My site and Seller Hub. You can then choose a timeframe to see sold items for up to the last 60 days See listings and sold items - opens in new window or tab How to find your current site listings When you create a listing, your item usually appears in site searches within 24 hours.

If you still don't see your listing, be sure that: It's not saved as a draft It's ok to sell that type of product on site.

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If the item's from a category that's not allowed, we'll have to remove your listing, but we'll send you an email explaining why. Top Takeaway When you create a listing, your item should usually appear in site searches within 24 hours.

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Was this article helpful for you? See other articles in: Selling Listing Your Item. Before selling your first product on site, you need to lay the foundation for success which in most cases is a thorough site product market analysis.

Understanding supply and demand in the marketplace, as well as expected profit margins will help you make the right product sourcing decisions.

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Even at this early stage of your site seller journey, Algopix can help you with its invaluable data insights with the site product research tools. The most important results are displayed right at your fingertips, so you can make the best business decision possible.

Digging a little bit deeper into the results even reveals the estimated sales volume and gross merchandise volume for the past month for each site marketplace selected.

This maze of fees should not deter you from building your site store. No more site fees for sellers surprises! However, site product sales history numbers are tough to get obtain and often are associated with tedious manual research.

These tasks used to be not only tedious but also time consuming. Algopix site seller tools relieves site merchants of those tasks with its data-driven insights for competitors on seven different site marketplaces all over the world.

Finding your sold items

Not only does this allow you to relocate your valuable resources to more important tasks, but also enables you to assess new market opportunities on site as well as site. There are two main ways to increase online traffic to your product listing: increase on-site traffic and increase off-site traffic.

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If you want to drive on-site traffic to your product listings, you need to optimize your site listings. You can also use Promoted Listings to run ads directly on site to increase exposure of your product to potential customers. Off-site traffic relates to people searching for your product on other platforms than site — mainly on search engines like Google or Bing, but increasingly on social media as well.

Google AdWords is tightly associated with Search Engine Marketing SEM , which allows you to place ads about your product in front of potential customers when they search for specific keywords. Whenever a customer clicks on your ad, a payment to Google AdWords is due.

Usually this is referred to as a pay-per-click PPC campaign. The payment is determined through an auction and depends on the popularity of the search term, bidding competition, and other factors.

Setting up your own AdWords campaign can be very time-consuming because you need to identify search phrases to bid on, understand how to bid , and estimate different key values like the cost-per-click.