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You can convert web pages to PDF from popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome by installing a PDF creator that works as a virtual PDF. Or, you can create a PDF or append the converted web page to an existing. Sometimes you may want to download a web page to your computer so you can read it offline when you are not connected to the internet. Many desktop web.

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Download Save as PDF for Firefox. Lets you download web pages as PDF in one click. Add-on Links. Homepage · Support site. Version: I had to get a new PC On the old one the Firefox had an icon in the upper right corner for converting web pages to PDFs. It is not there now. Google Chrome has an option to save a web page as file. With this option when you save the web page it preserves all of the embedded.

I had to get a new PC On the old one the Firefox had an icon in the upper right corner for converting web pages to PDFs. It is not there now and searches return solutions completely unrelated to my question. It should show up under Extensions like this please ignore the color bar background on the page, that's a little style rule tweak and not a built-in feature:. Which Acrobat version do you have? If you have one of those versions but Firefox is not finding the extension, hmm, we'll have to look into why not. Also, please check whether your Acrobat is up-to-date.

Selected areas appear in blue boxes.

To deselect an area, click it again. Proceed with conversion as usual. To deselect all areas and exit the select mode, click Select again. If you select either of these options, the currently open web page, not the selected link, is converted. For example, you can include an entire website in the PDF or just some levels of a website.

Conversions in Browser

To change the number of levels in the website to convert, click Capture Multiple Levels. Enter the number of levels to include, or select Get Entire Site to include all levels from the website. Note: Some websites have hundreds or even thousands of pages.

Converting a large website can make your system slow and unresponsive, and can even use up available hard drive space and memory, causing a system crash. Stay On Same Server Downloads only web pages stored on the same server.

Click Create. Note: You can view PDF pages while they are downloading; however, you cannot modify a page until the download process is complete. You do not need to wait for the conversion to complete before adding more requests.

Save web page as PDF from Firefox browser – Better Host Review

While a conversion is in progress, you can convert another page to PDF and that gets added to the queue. The number of requests in the queue are indicated by the Pending Conversions field in the Download Status dialog box. If necessary, scroll to the page containing links to the pages you want to add. Right-click the web link, and choose Append To Document.

Note: After pages have been converted, links to these pages change to internal links, and clicking a link takes you to the PDF page, rather than to the original HTML page on the web. If necessary, scroll to the page containing a web link you want to convert.

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Note: In Windows, you can also convert a linked page from a web page displayed in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox, using a similar right-click command.

Copy the URL of a web link Use this procedure to copy the path for a web link to the clipboard, to use it for other purposes.

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Open the previously converted PDF in Acrobat. If necessary, scroll to the page containing links to the pages you want to copy. Right-click the web link and choose Copy Link Location. Change web page conversion options The settings for converting web pages to PDF apply to the conversion process.

Save web page as PDF from Firefox browser

The settings changes do not affect existing PDFs. Click the Settings button to see additional options for the selected File Type.

On the Page Layout tab, select options for page size, orientation, and scaling, as needed. Choose a file type and click Settings to select the font properties and other characteristics. If the page has no title, the URL is used as the bookmark name.

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This structure lets you create tagged bookmarks for paragraphs, list elements, and other items that use HTML elements. Headers show the web page title, or if no title is available, the web page URL or file path.

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Footers show the web page URL or file path, and the date and time of the download. Page Layout tab The Page Layout options specify a selection of page sizes and options for width, height, margin measurements, and page orientation. If this option is not selected, the paper size adjusts to fit the contents of the page, if necessary.

Switch To Landscape If Scaled Smaller Than Changes the page orientation to landscape if the new version of a page is less than the specified percentage of the original size. Available only if you selected portrait orientation. Then select the name of the file that you are about to print, Select the destination of your file. Choose "Save as a PDF" file.

Step 3: Then click on "Save" icon. Open the file and click "Print". In this case, you should make sure that your printers are operating properly.

You can also solve the problem by resetting your browser settings. The second problem is that the preview file may fail to open. In some cases, it will load for a long time without opening.

To resolve the issue, you need to clear the cache and the cookies for your browser. The third problem that may be encountered is that the PDF may fail to print directly from your browser. The problem might be caused by your settings and therefore you need to reset your browser settings. It also allows the edition of PDF files after creating them.

The editing includes adding some texts, cropping your image and trimming it before converting it to a PDF file.

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With this tool, you can also annotate you file by adding notes, underlining and highlighting texts. Free Download The software also allows the user to apply passwords and prevent unauthorized users from accessing the file.


Besides, one can create a personalized signature on the new document where you can quickly sign your PDF documents. It also has a merge and split option where you can combine different file formats into one or separate different files from a large a PDF file.

This tool also offers a redact option where you can permanently remove sensitive images and texts from your PDF documents. You can easily add headers and footers to keep your file organized while using this tool.