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How do I download IIT JEE, AIEEE or other books free of charge? Can you give me a book course in physics for the IIT-JEE PDF Indian author Tata. Download FREE PDF Mathematics Ebooks for IIT JEE Main and JEE Advance and All other Engineering exams. IIT Books is free site for JEE Main & Advance Books give Free Study material papers and latest news of all engineering entrance exam. Allen Institute Wave Optics Class Notes PDF for JEE Main - Download. Unknown 6.

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Now Download + IIT JEE Books |Cengage,Arihant,GRB,MTG,Aakash,etoos, Allen,Resonance [PDF] DOWNLOAD MATHEMATICS NOTES FOR IIT JEE. Download 40 Years JEE ADVANCED (IITJEE)()+17 Years is trying to help the students who cannot afford downloading books is our aim. Get JEE books PDF for free. gonna share the pdf of Disha Publications Book Important Formulas for IIT JEE. A. Das Gupta IIT JEE Mathematics MCQ PDF.

Are you finding it difficult to make notes that will help you at the last minute? Then there is the perfect solution. We at iitjeemaster. Making notes from iit jee maths video lectures are better than any coaching why? You can repeat it any time you like. You will get notes from many source books from which video lectures are made. Why only our lectures for iit jee are best for notes?

The candidates at the time of downloading their admit cards of JEE Main — will have to enter their roll number of class 12th which will be verified with the data received from the concerned board and thereafter it will be updated in the database. In case, the roll number of class 12th of any particular candidate s is not provided by the concerned board, such candidates will not be able to download their admit card of JEE Main — Answer 8.

In this case, the candidates are required to pay the fees again either through online transaction or by e- challan and to download the acknowledgement page.

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However, such candidates may also send the copy of paid e-challan through e-mail on jeemain nic. Answer 9. As per Page No 2.

This criteria is applicable for both private and regular candidates. In case a student fails to book his session for online examination after paying the fees, how will he know about the date and session of the examination? Answer Details of session and slot will be given on the admit card which can be downloaded from 2nd Week of March There is no provision for students wishing to appear for both the exams at different centers i.

Since Paper-2 is only in offline mode, a student who is appearing for both the papers , paper 1 being online mode and paper 2 being offline mode will only get such centers that have facility for both the modes of examination.

37 Evergreen, Best Books for JEE Main & Advanced – 2019

Kindly refer to appendix 2 of information bulletin. Two different roll no and separate admit cards cannot be issued to a candidate to appear at different centres for paper 1 and 2 separately. Kindly visit the website www. Different states can have different HSC vocational courses, so students of different states will have to verify it from their particular state. Yes, Hindi medium paper will be bilingual in English and Hindi medium.

We use calculus concepts to explain theory, but calculus is rarely used in problems. Even those students who are taking calculus concurrent with their physics course usually learn calculus concepts in physics before they see them in their calculus course. Perhaps most of the other students you previously competed with had poor study skills. This may have allowed you to adopt poor or non-existent study habits and still keep up, or even get good grades if you are naturally a better student.

Now that you are in college, the courses will be more difficult and it is to your advantage to develop a more organized approach to handling your course work.

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They make effective use of their time, they set goals for themselves, and they have a positive attitude. Physics is a challenging course for most students. It will take a well-organized consistent effort to do well in this course, but success in a challenging area is a worthwhile goal.

IIT-JEE (Advanced)

This is not necessarily so. You certainly must be willing to make a certain commitment of time and energy to this course, but the key to academic success is concentrating your efforts on the right things at the right times. You may have noticed that those students who receive the highest grades are not necessarily the ones who work the greatest number of hours. Some students may boast that they have studied all night for an exam, but don't be impressed by this habit. By taking advantage of the study techniques that follow you can achieve higher grades with less effort.

Do a quick reading on the topics to be covered in the lecture before attending class. Ten or fifteen minutes may be sufficient for a one hour lecture. The purpose here is to generally familiarize yourself with the topics to be discussed.

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Perhaps you can identify one or two questions or key points to listen for during the lecture. Attend class and take notes.

Attend all of the classes. Be on the alert for any indication by the instructor of possible test questions. Review your lecture notes. Don't save this step until a few days before the exam. It is far more efficient to review your notes a little bit at a time during the semester than to try and do it all at once. At this point you should also do a more detailed reading of the text to fill in any gaps in your class notes.

This may be the most important step. Do the homework problems regularly. In other courses it may be sufficient to read the text and review your notes, but in Physics you must be able to work the problems. You don't learn problem solving skills by just reading examples of solved problems, you must do the problems yourself. By doing the homework problems on a regular basis you will be able to identify areas that you need more work on well in advance of the test.

Physics problems can be difficult. Therefore, when you set out to work problems do not set yourself the task of working a certain number of problems, but rather set out a certain amount of time to work on problems. Compile a formal set of notes and prepare a detailed outline. The general strategy here is that a number of short exposures to manageable pieces of the course is more efficient than one long exposure to a large amount of material.

As you progress through the course, you first get your information in an initial reading of the material, then again in the lecture, then again in a second reading, and yet again in an organizing session where you prepare a detailed outline.

The detailed outline is essential to success on the exams. It contains the examination questions. Your main preparation for the exam will be to extract the questions and prepare to answer them. That is what you have been doing as you make up your formal notes, outline, etc. What you have done with this systematic approach is to reproduce the notes and outline that the instructor is using.

If you are reasonably good at it, you will have as good a source of exam questions as the instructor.


Examining these books will help you to develop your personal exam-taking program. One common thread in all books on how to pass particular exams is to know the questions in advance. Most writers of these types of books are in the business of training people in their particular areas, so they are close to the people who are making up the exams.