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Index Astartes Blood Ravens - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Warhammer 40k Blood Ravens. pdf?dl=0. Also, is there anyone with pdf of Index Astartes III. although the Index Astanes beetts are ptlntertty intended as sources most tamous of the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, their name and actions are known.

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Index - Download as PDF or read online. Index of / . Warhammer 40k - Codex - Index Astartes, , 30M. [ ], Warhammer 40k. Index - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, Perfect Organism. As for the Sergeant upgrades to Librarians, I had debated doing up to 5 Librarians as a single HQ choice, but after a long debate with another forum goer in another topic I created I decided upon the Sergeants being upgradable instead. Black Dragons Represent one thing? The rules represent multiple things, primarily their bone growths and their specialist Dragon Claws squads, hence why only certain squads count as having a pair of close combat weapons with the Rending and Shred special rules. Everything else represents those in the chapter with just normal, more minor bone growths. May also add Red Scorpions to a list of their Desperate Allies. Hawk Lords Wasn't confusing to me, but let me clarify: yes, units without transports can still use Deep Strike.

However, only by putting the two records together is the truth found. The Pretty Marines tell of a conflict fraught with glory against the odds, and of dire betrayal: "Prior to the sortie against our enemy, our glorious Chapter Master graced us with a speech. With eloquence, he spoke before the resplendent lines of the Brother-Marines.

Sparkling under the twin suns, he recounted for us the beautiful victory, and of the fates of our enemies. As one we cheered, as we awaited his inevitable dance number. But lo, from the skies fell a drop pod, smashing into our forward lines and engulfing the area with thick dust. It took us only a moment to clear the air with our blow-dryers, but it was a moment too late: the Chapter Master was verily embedded lying-down onto the desert's surface face-first!

Hastily inserted into the annals of their Chapter, glory is simply a picture with the words "OWNED" across it, and the image of the Pretty Marines' Chapter Master unconscious on the ground, a crude mustache drawn on his face with paint, and what appears to be a set of testicles on his forehead.

So began the greatest internal feud within the Imperium. Such is the greatness of their deeds.

Index Astartes.pdf

Their stories are told on innumerable worlds, their reputation as the saviors of the Imperium of Man is both well deserved and proven, time and time again. Indeed, such is their martial prowess that even other Astartes can only but compare themselves forlornly inferior to those that hold Guilliman's geneseed. This does, however, occasionally leads to friction amongst some of the more bellicose chapters of Astartes that still stubbornly refuse to yield to the wisdom of the blessed Codex Astartes.

Such antagonism is best illustrated with an anecdote from an instance when the Ultramarines encountered an obscure and ill-recorded chapter whom records merely identify as the "[Angry??

Iii pdf astartes index

The Angry Marines had apparently chased a Tyranid splinter fleet into Ultramarine space to which they brought absolute devastation. Impressed by their sheer ferocity the blessed Calgar offered an invitation to their Chapter Master, a man identified in the records only as Temperus Maximus. He subsequently traveled to the offender's bridge aboard their Battle Barge in person.

Unfortunately, he little expected the animalistic temperament that would greet his justified demand for obeisance, from the maniacal Temperus Maximus. The exchange between the two soon escalated into an argument, before coming to blows. The clash between the two occurred behind closed doors, with no clue exactly what words were exchanged.

Yet when the doors opened again it was Calgar that was battered and bruised, with the sacred Gauntlets of Ultramar torn from his shoulders.

Only the wise counsel of the Inquisition prevented him from declaring immediate war against his unruly brethren, a war that would no doubt have cost the Imperium greatly before the Ultramarines' inevitable victory. The story stands as a clear example of how refusal to follow the Codex only promotes discord and strife between erstwhile brothers. As to what occurred in the Angry Marine chambers, few can know, the only clue perhaps the jeering cry raised by the Angry Marines whenever they cross paths with the Ultramarines during campaigns.

What such a bizarre and crude chant could mean, a scholar can only guess at. Ultimately, it is telling of the less than exemplary mental nature of non-Codex Astartes. The Inquisition had ordered us to the planet on suspicion of Chaos corruption. Surely enough, we ran into a group of Chaos Space Marines within a day of landing.

Pdf iii index astartes

The fools, turning their backs on the God-Emperor for whatever sick rewards they received from the deceiving Warp fiends. The battle started the second morning. Their attack was especially fierce, and my brothers and I had great trouble keeping them at bay. It seemed that for every one of them we killed, three more showed up. Our own losses were of no small concern. In a rare moment of calm, Brother-Captain Morgan confided in me that if we were not killed by these berserkers, we would almost certainly be killed by the Inquisition for failure.

As our numbers dwindled, I grew concerned: surely we would all be killed, and The Emperor's work would not be carried out. We prepared for a final assault, one which had been coming for near a week of the most intense fighting I had ever seen. We surrounded a small hill, atop which stood our last Dreadnought, Brother Klarr. We saw their force coming from below. We knew this was our end. But suddenly, a shadow passed over us. Some great demon come to finish us off?

It was a drop pod. Out of it stepped a small company of our brethren. They wore bright yellow armor, a bizarre crest upon their shoulders, unlike any Chapter I had yet heard of. A circle, with two lines crossing it and two dots in the middle - almost as if to suggest an angry face. They formed a line between us and the now charging Chaos Marines. The Chaos Marines' bright red armor shone in the late afternoon sun, the spikes upon their shoulders menacing.

The new arrivals stood fast. As the distance between the two forces began to close, there arose from these yellow warriors the loudest scream I had ever heard.

It shook the ground. Even through my helmet, it made my ears ring and my skull ache. And it simply kept getting louder as their Captain's fist slowly rose into the air. Without a word, the yellow Space Marines returned to their Drop Pods and soon whisked away from the battlefield. There had been no more than a dozen of them, not a single word exchanged between our two Chapters. To this day, I have never seen any Marines fight with such rage and fury. The mass of enemy berserkers was reduced to mere chunks, legs, arms, heads, and craters full of blood.

Bits of red armor lay strew about the field. We had not even had the chance to advance by the time the screaming - both theirs and the enemy's -- was over.

I turned to my Captain and asked, "Who were they? Emperor bless us all, those were the Angry Marines. There would be no escape-- but for the Planetary Governor, whose escape shuttle was prepped to leave before the attack had even began.

As our leader left us to die, we prayed to The Emperor for deliverance while we continued risking our lives to protect his works. Glory be to his swift answer. A yellow Thunderhawk , identified as Necrogoth Fuckshit, descended like a falling star, the much larger transport vehicle crushing the smaller one as it landed on the same pad, and through the fire and smoke the mighty figure of a Space Marine strode forth.

I will never forget the seething expression on his face as he looked upon us, then upon the Hive, and then upon the xenos. Even as he disappeared into the Hive we heard him clearly, even as we saw the small yellow figure leap from the Hive into the throng of green below we heard him.

Drop pods followed as more Marines smashed into the horde, more yellow armored Marines echoing the endless cry. The xenos were crushed utterly, and still screaming in rage, the Space Marines ran up the Hive once more, to where the Governor still stood staring at the crushed wreckage of his escape shuttle in disbelief. M38, on Pathos Secundus. Little is recorded of his parentage.

His father was a Guardsman, known only to be missing and presumed dead. His mother died in childbirth. The pregnancy had no complications, and so an autopsy was conducted. Wounds throughout the mother's uterus and all along the birth canal indicated extreme trauma. Video of the birth confirmed the medical examiner's suspicions: he had come out cuntpunching sic.

The child spent his youth in and out of various orphanages and foster homes. Several of his caretakers attempted to name him, but whenever anyone asked him his name, he responded only by punching them in the throat.

He was regarded as mad and dangerous at the very least; many believed he harbored some mutation or even the mark of Chaos. At the age of ten, however, he finally found a home. An Angry Marine Quartermaster had made planetfall to procure supplies, and the young boy happened to be in the area. The Angry Marines had found a new recruit. At the time Asshole was inducted, the Chapter Master of the Angry Marines had decreed that new recruits should become standard Codex scouts. The one thing they could never teach him to do was aim, and he spent far longer than normal languishing in the 10th Company.

Finally, in M39, during the Scouring of Erhlinger Prime, he proved himself. After emptying an entire magazine into an Ork horde with no effect, Asshole abandoned his cover, howled madly into the sky, and broke his sniper rifle neatly in half across his knee. He then charged the band, tearing limbs from any greenskin that stood in his way, until he was standing face-to-face with the Boss Mek.

Asshole took the two halves of his ruined rifle and spitted the Ork from both ends of his digestive track-- right through his flash kustom 'ardpantz, no less. The remaining xenos turned tail and ran.

For his heroism, Asshole was immediately inducted to the 5th Company and promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Nevertheless, the Chapter Master shortly thereafter judged that the newbies were 'pissed off enough', and reinstated the Angry Gangs.

Asshole rose quickly through the ranks, finally becoming Brother-Captain of the Battle Barge Killfuck Soulshitter in The campaign was a terrifying success, and in its last moments, Captain Asshole confronted the Farseer Turiel and her daughter Sorith, one of the Seer Council, personally. Breaking Sorith and casting her blithely aside in one swift blow, the Captain approached the Farseer, shaking with rage.

Before she could react, he slammed her to the ground, removed his groinplate, and raped the Eldar psyker with a brutality she no doubt ever imagined in her years.

M39, Captain Asshole received a pizza with mushrooms instead of pineapple, and suffered an aneurysm while pummeling those responsible. Thus, his Battle-Brothers cybernetically mounted him into one of the Chapter's Dreadnoughts-- or, as they prefer to call them within the Angry Marines, a Belligerent Engine.

Index of /public/Books/ World/

Thirty years later, the Chapter met the same Eldar again on the field of battle. The carnage played out much the same as before. A terrible din was heard. Suddenly, Captain Asshole's turgid member had punched right through the armor plating of the Dreadnought, with the Angry Marine himself in tow, and lodged itself between the buttocks of the Farseer with the force of 10 supernovae. He turned to Sorith and spoke his last words to her before slaughtering them both.

Wang, th Company of the Imperial Guard A synopsis of the events preceding the destruction of all heretical forces on Tertius Gamma follows: The planet of Tertius Gamma was besieged by mutants of Chaos, the insipidness of which had never been before seen in this sector of space. The furry abominations, committing the hideous blasphemy of wearing sacred power armor as if in service to the God-Emperor, had been leveling city after city for days.

And now However, little did anyone realize that the incursion had been noticed by one of the greatest Chapters of all Space Marines -- whose mighty Battle Barge was even now entering orbit around the planet -- the Angry Marines.

What remained of his face, had been twisted recognizably by sheer rage. Thus, the Battle Barge, the Litany of Litany's Litany, began its screaming descent towards the besieged planet. All the while, a cacophony of sickly sounds continued to permeate from the murky planet below. But it had no affect on the stalwart Marines of rage save to infuriate them like never before. At the same time and unknown to their breathren on the first Battle Barge, or vice versa , a second Battle Barge of the Chapter, the Maximum FUCK, hovered at the ready directly over the capital city.

Upon it, poised the payload of Adeptus Astartes Angry Marines, prepared to make planetfall. Captain Temperus of the 3rd Company watched and waited, his eyes fixed firmly on the screens showing a wave of mutants overrunning the planetary defense force positions.

He felt his blood boil as he looked upon the livery adorning their armor, their mockery of everything they stood for. Their faces were an abomination. The heretical glee, visible on their faces even from space, angered the Brother Captain even moar.

The comms-servant gave a silent nod, and although it seemed as though he hadn't seen it, Temperus was well aware. It was time-- but he hadn't the patience for any conventional strike, this time. With the full force of his forehead, Captain Temperus struck the large red button on the console in front of him, destroying it in the process. Great shields on the side of the Battle Barge turned into place over the front of the craft, forming a giant battering ram shaped like a middle finger.

The fighting around the capitol city grew more and more fierce. The furred mutants were sending their numbers to die beneath the walls of the city; each one attempting to use their bladed weapon to try and chip away at the hardened rockrete.

Astartes iii pdf index

At first the defenders jeered at their foolhardiness. But as more corpses piled around the walls, the more precarious became the city's chances. Show these abominations the cleansing power of The Emperor! It appears to be the Adeptus Astartes. In revelry and decadence, the furries fought and continued to advance. The city would soon fall, there was none alive on Tertius Gamma who could stop them now.

Suddenly, all heads turned skywards, eyes scanning above to find the source of a terrible noise. The two Angry Marines Battle Barges collided sides-first against one another as they plummeted towards a single target.

Pdf index astartes iii

The mutants realized that target was them. The Commissar turned his eyes skywards as the enemy fell silent and a great shadow fell across the lands. Traitors fled, mutants hid, deviants cried out for their dark gods to save them.

As one, then two Battle Barges slammed into the enemy lines.

Index Astartes Blood Ravens

With a terrifying roar, the planet itself was torn asunder! Tertius Gamma was no more. Khorne fills you with his wrath in battle, but you do not take time even to notice. Join us, and together we can destroy all within our path! Sink deeper into your anger with the full blessings of the Blood God! Chaplain Brusiarch then stepped from the front ranks of the Angry Marines' line, turned, and backhanded the closest Angry Marine. The yellow-clad Battle-Brothers then turned their gaze to meet his.

Brusiarch gestured towards the aspiring Champion of Chaos, pointing to the bolt pistol that the Champion wielded in his left hand. He dared consider himself as angry as they were but armed himself not with a second chainsword or power fist, but a pussified bolt pistol??

Chaos was fucked.

In my first week training with our brothers, I had the privilege, of sorts, to encounter none other than their chapter's Reclusiarch, Mofo.

After completing the morning firing rights alongside the Angry Marines, I made for closest lavatory to relieve myself before battle practice began. The firing rights, as dictated by the Codex Astartes, involve squads honing their skills with ranged weaponry.

While my fellow Mentor Legionnaires attained perfect accuracy and precision with our bolters and sniper rifles, our less restrained Battle-Brothers spent most of the time missing their targets with the few bolters they had on hand. After expending his ammunition, each marine would charge down the firing lane to smash the pristine target with his bolter, his hands, and anything else within reach. We began to suspect that this non-Codex treatment of ranged weaponry was the cause of the shortage of bolters in the Angry Marines' armoury aboard the Litany of Litany's Litany.

Black Dragons Represent one thing? The rules represent multiple things, primarily their bone growths and their specialist Dragon Claws squads, hence why only certain squads count as having a pair of close combat weapons with the Rending and Shred special rules. Everything else represents those in the chapter with just normal, more minor bone growths. May also add Red Scorpions to a list of their Desperate Allies. Hawk Lords Wasn't confusing to me, but let me clarify: yes, units without transports can still use Deep Strike.

The rule which refers to Transports only refers to units which take a Dedicated Transport as stated in the chapter tactic's rules. They need to be dropped inside of them for fluff and realism reasons are you really going to want to fall to the ground outside of something that could potentially land on and crush you?

Scythes of the Emperor I thought I did give them something against other forces in the form of Monster Hunter and most of the rules from their secondary Chapter Tactic.

However you are right, there is a lot there that is anti-Tyranid and its something I've been thinking about but have been unable to come to a conclusion on. As for why they can't be taken as allies: because their chapter is barely two companies large, they don't have enough members to adequately perform missions on their own, let alone attempting to dispatch squads to help others also it was done for balancing reasons, since you can completely ignore one of their downsides by just taking them as allies.

Iron Snakes I wouldn't at all say they're tougher. Sure they can take upgrades, but in my opinion that is balanced out by the fact that they still have to pay points to do so and not at any reduced cost either.