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MODERN INDIA आधुनिक भारत History Quiz # Hello SSC Aspirants, Here we are providing + Quiz on indian history quiz questions and answers. Indian History General Knowledge questions and answers PDF. Take the GK Quiz and read Indian History Questions for SSC and other Civil. This is the General Knowledge Questions & Answers section on & Indian History& with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance.

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Download + Multiple Choice Objective Type Practice Questions with Answers PDF on Indian History for Competitive Exams. Practicing the objective questions on Indian History will benefit the candidates appearing for various competitive exams like UPSC Civil Services Exam, State. COMPLEMENTARY COURSE. MODERN INDIAN HISTORY. QUESTION BANK. 1. The arrival of Vasco da Gama in Calicut, India on a) b) “Indian History” plays a vital role for Exams like IAS, State PSC, SSC and other similar competitive exams. presents a Complete set of Indian History Questions Answers in the form of Practice Sets (+MCQs) for Exams like IAS, State PSC, and SSC.

Ancient Indian History Questions and Answers pdf free download are very useful in all the kinds of competitive examinations from Clerk level to Officer level. These tests will assess the individual's computational capabilities which are useful in the day to day work in Banks, Insurance Companies, LIC AAO and other government offices. Here you will practice and learn All Ancient Indian History Questions and Answers pdf free download Questions along with Explanations Questions with Answers which will improve your Computer skills required for Competitive exams. Dear students, we are here with excellent free online mocktest for you. Previous papers, different model papers can also seen here. IndianStudyHub is providing all Ancient Indian History Questions and Answers pdf free download questions and answers along with detailed explanation and Answers in an easy and understandable way.

Ancient, Medieval and Modern History. History of Ancient India. Systems of Indian Philosophy.

Indian History Questions and Answers - General Knowledge

Ancient Indian Literature. History of Medieval India. History of Modern India. Struggle for Independence.

History pdf indian quiz

History of Modern India: A Complete Study Material. GK Questions and Answers on the architecture of Stupa.

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The largest producer of mica in the world is India. The medieval book Humayunnama is written by Gulbadan Beghum.

Delhi is the capital of Mughal Empire. Sulva Sutras are related to the branch of mathematics. Fraser commission in is related to reforms in Police.

The partition of Bengal is made in Pillai was the term used for students in Sangam Age. Bhandi was a chief secretary of the Indian king Harshavardhan. Juna Garh Rock inscription is related to the ancient Gujarat leader Rudradaman. In the first battle of Panipat, the battle artillery was used for the first time.

List of 50 important Indian History Questions and Answers Download in PDF ~ SSC Exam Guide

In Nalanda, the largest Buddhist monastery took an establishment. Vallabhi is the capital of the ancient Maitraka dynasty.

Hindi Swaraj is the book that was written by Mahatma Gandhi. In the first census in India took place.

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The Ghadar Journal took publishment in the Urdu language. The annulment of Partition of Bengal was done by Lord Hardinge. Avadh is the region that got affected by the revolution of

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