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Get Instant Access to Java Server Side Programming: The Conceptual Foundation By. Mukesh Prasad #2f1b EBOOK EPUB KINDLE PDF. Get Instant Access to Java Server Side Programming: The Conceptual Foundation By Mukesh Prasad #a74ea8. EBOOK EPUB KINDLE PDF. Read Download. Java Server Side Programming The Conceptual Foundation server-side technologies cgi, php, java servlets, jsp - server-side technologies: historical.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Using clear, colloquial language and copious code examples the book builds a foundation that allows readers to understand. Java Server Side Programming: The Conceptual Foundation By Mukesh. Prasad. By showing readers how to write a powerful and usable Java. java server side programming: the conceptual foundation. (pdf) by mukesh prasad (ebook) there is no substitute for the in-depth learning you acquire when you.

About this title By showing readers how to write a powerful and usable Java server from scratch and in under 1, lines of code this book shows how major technologies can be built from the ground up using bare bones Java. It gives readers a tour behind the scenes, enabling them to create similar powerful technologies themselves. This empowering book is a must-have for any serious Java programmers. Review: "Using clear, colloquial language and copious code examples In both the code and the accompanying prose, the author demonstrates efficiency and clarity, two qualities necessary in the practice -- and instruction -- of programming. Prasad's prose is clear and concise, two virtues uncommon in technical writing. This is a very different, and rather interesting, approach than is usually taken

It starts with a socket client and server communicating with one another, gets into the basics of HTTP, then adds serving static files, error handling, cookies and form processing.

At each step the server is extended to handle the new features, and the author explains the necessary HTTP and web concepts. The server is then extended to handle a basic version of servlets and sessions, and finally to handle a basic version of JSPs, including auto-recompilation and reloading.

All code is downloadable from the net, so instead of programming along -which is nonetheless recommended-, the reader can run the ready-made code as is.

All this takes up about two thirds of the book; the remaining chapters talk about how the features introduced with the server relate to the actual servlet and JSP specifications, and what features those provide that go further than that.

ISBN 13: 9781492193937

This approach works pretty well, making the reader acquainted not just with the specifics of servlets and JSPs, but also provides some detail on why certain features of the web are as they are - useful knowledge that often gets short shrift in pure programming introductions. The lack of an index is not as strange as it sounds at first, because the book is a tutorial, meant to be read from start to finish, rather than a reference.

Conceptual pdf java server side programming the foundation

And since it's rather short -less than pages, a nice change from the usual tech tomes- and has an extensive table of contents, this reviewer didn't miss the it. The book could have done with more extensive editing and proofreading -it was apparently self-published, as no publisher is mentioned- but the issues are minor. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for writing this review on behalf of CodeRanch.

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Foundation the java conceptual programming side pdf server

Syed Islam. Ulf Dittmer. It does go into the basics of actual servlets and JSP as opposed to the pseudo servlets and JSP the example server supports , that's what I mean by the "the remaining chapters The book does not tackle the design and architecture of web apps, so nothing about MVC.

Given the length of the book, that's a reasonable choice to make, and there are many books and articles out there that explain those concepts, including one right here on the Ranch.

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I was fairly comfortable with Java servlets and JSPs before reading [this book]. However, I still found the book interesting and even insightful.

Conceptual programming server the java foundation pdf side

I tried to imagine how helpful the book would have been to me when I was first learning these technologies and I believe that I would have found it tremendously helpful. Building a simplified Java web server from the ground up allows the Java developer to learn the main issues one needs to consider when implementing a Java web server.

This deep experience gained from implementing a custom Java EE server along with simplified custom servlets and server pages is used to then explain basics of the Java Web Server along with how to use servlets and JavaServer Pages.

Although the book does briefly cover the most important features of the Java web server, servlets, and JSPs, it spends far less time on this then on laying the foundation of the technology itself.

Java Server Side Programming: The Conceptual Foundation (Books forum at Coderanch)

Java Server Side Programming: The Conceptual Foundation features numerous code examples and explanations with very little extraneous text. You won't find significant background and historical information in this book that you might find in other introductory Java web server books.

Conceptual programming the pdf java foundation server side

You also won't find an index or elaborate material before the main chapters. The book is extremely focused on technical details with little additional ceremony.

There are no fancy graphics or pictures, but the emphasis is on technical prose and code. Java Server Side Programming: The Conceptual Foundation demonstrates that it is surprisingly simple to implement a simplified Java web server. Once one sees how a Java web server, servlets, and JavaServer Pages might be implemented and why certain features might be included in that implementation, it is easier to understand the introduced features of standardized Java web servers, servlets, and JSPs.

Fun book.