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According to their description you can force users to enter their email in order to get If your question is referring to "automatically generating a high quality PDF . pdf'); header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=""'); readfile('');?>. Phoca PDF is a Joomla! component. It enables you to set and create PDF documents in Joomla!.

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I'd recommend you use a document management system for something like this. DOCman is probably the most widely used solution for. How can i force browser to download a pdf instead of rendering it directly in IE or FF?? i tried htaccess and but it does still render. however, it got. I have an article with a link to a PDF file. When I click on link, the browser opens a new tab and load de PDF file. I want to force the download of.

How to add a File Upload Field to Joomla! Let's see a real-world example where content authors can upload a PDF file in the article's editing page in the backend and website visitors can see a download link in the front-end. Click to save the field in order to return back to the same page where now, you can see 2 new setting groups. Step 2: Set the File Upload rules In the 1st group called File Upload Settings, we can set rules and restrictions on the files that are allowed to be uploaded by our field. Set an upload folder to the respective option. In our case, we want to display a downloadable link to the uploaded PDF file. Enable Force Download.

This option forces the browser to download the file on the current window, instead of navigating to it on a new tab.

Save the field and proceed to the next step. The last step is to upload a PDF file and save the article. Finally, depending on your Joomla! Registration Form There are cases where you'd like to enhance the Joomla! A common case is where we want the user to upload a profile photo while they register for a new account on our site. That photo can be then displayed and edited in the user's profile page. Step 2: Set the File Upload Rules In the 1st group called File Upload Settings, we can set rules and restrictions on the files that are allowed to be uploaded by our field.

Force pdf joomla

In our case, we want limit the user to upload 1 image up to 3 MB. Set Files Limit to 1.

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Set Allowed Files Types to. Step 3: Set how the uploaded file will be displayed in the user profile page In the 2nd group called Front-end Display, we can define how the uploaded files will be displayed in the front-end.

In our case, we want to display the actual uploaded image when the user views their profile page.


To do so, set Layout to Image. Save the field and proceed to the next steps.

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The problem is that it returns all the code and text from the back-end page that the file download is initiated from. How do I get only the file presented without the other text? Thanks in advance for any help.

Force pdf joomla

When you check the generated file's content directly on the server, does it look good? The file offered up has tons of html and other code preceding it. Select all JResponse:: So how do I format the url?

Thanks a ton for your help, I feel like I'm getting close. Thanks again. You probably have a view. Add the following lines into the controller in my component: I have the following two different solutions in case anyone else wants to use pdf generation in their own component FPDF 1.

Copy the fpdf. Add the following lines in my controller function Code: I have put this in my view.

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