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Pachakagni, Ranjakagni, Alochakagni, Sadhakagni and Bhrajakagni. However, there is an indirect reference of five Bhutagnis underlying in the brief description made to the transformation of food stuff. These are: Jatharagni — one Agni present in the stomach and duodenum.

Bhutagni — five Agni from five basic elements. Dhatwagni — seven Agni present, one in each of the seven dhatus. Accordingly, they are classified into three groups, namely Jatharagni, Bhutagni and Dhatvagni.

Jatharagni Jatharagni is the Agni or bioenergy present in the Jathara stomach and duodenum. According to Ashtanga Hridaya, Jatharagni, the seat is grahani duodenum , so called because it withholds the food for a certain time inside the Amasaya stomach to facilitate digestion.

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It is responsible for the duration of life, health, valour, ojas essence of the dhatus , strength of all the bhutagni and dhatvagni. The strength of the grahani is from Agni itself, and the strength of Agni is from grahani. When the Agni undergoes vitiation, grahani also gets vitiated and produces diseases As.

Jatharagni digests the food materials that consist of the five basic elements and transforms it for utilization by the respective Dhatus paramanus tissues. Jatharagni is also responsible for separation of the food material into the essence portion PRasad and the waste products kitta in our body As.

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All the Dhatvagni depend on the normal, healthy state of Jatharagni. If the Jatharagni is hyperactive Tikshna or hypoactive Manda , it will cause an excessive or retarded action of the Dhatvagni.

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This disturbed action ultimately leads to various disorders. Jatharagni is the main important Agni that controls the function of all other 12 Agnis. All the Agnis are totally dependent on the status of Jatharagni Cha. When the Pitta is higher than normal, the condition is known as Tikshnagni. When Vata and Kapha are higher than normal, the condition is known as Mandgni.

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This thus increases the quality of the Dhatus supportive tissues of the body. Persons having Samagni are always hale and healthy. When this Agni is affected by the Vata Dosha, it creates different types of udargata roga. Tikshnagni is a state of very quick digestion of food, regardless of the type of food.

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Acharya Shushrut states that when the power of digestion is increased from normal to above normal, food digests very quickly and produces hunger or the desire for food.

When food is digested, the throat, the mouth cavity and the lips become dry with a burning sensation. The meaning of the Mandagni is slow digestive power or digestive capacity.

Those who are having Mandagni eat very little and are unable to digest the smallest amount of food.

Dhanvantri says that Agni digests the least amount of food in the greatest amount of time. Bhutagni Bhutagni is the one that is present in a basic element Bhutas. There are five Agnis in each of the five basic elements, namely — Parthiva earth , Apya water , Tejas Agni , Vayavya vayu and Nabhasa akash.

Each and every cell in our body is composed of the five mahabhutas or five basic elements. Naturally, each cell dhatu paramanu consists of these five Bhutagni also. All the nutrients in this world that we eat also consist of the same five basic elements with their respective Agni or bioenergies.

Thus, they are completely similar with respect to the five basic elements with their Bhutagni in our body cells as well in all the outside nutrient, that we ingest for the nutrition of our body. Acharya Charak has mentioned that the five Bhutagni digest their own part of the element present in the food materials. After the digestion of food by the Bhutagni, digested materials containing the elements and qualities similar to each bhutas nourish their own specific bhautika elements of the body Cha.

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