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Wilson Raj Perumal has been labeled the world's most prolific match-fixer in football's recent history. Born a village boy in rural Singapore in the mid's, Wilson. Editorial Reviews. Review. Kelong Kings in the media: "Notorious match-fixer targeting games. Wilson Raj Perumal has been labeled the world's most prolific match-fixer in football's recent history. Born a village boy in rural Singapore in.

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KELONG KINGS. By. Wilson Raj Perumal. Alessandro Righi Emanuele Piano. PROLOGUE and CHAPTER I offered by PROLOGUE. Kelong Kings: Confessions of the world's most prolific match-fixer 1 editions. Wilson Raj Perumal has been labeled the world's most prolific match-fixer in football's recent history. Kelong Kings is the ultimate tale about gambling, soccer and match-fixing, told directly by the man. Wilson Raj Perumal has been labelled the world's most prolific match-fixer in football's recent history. Born a village boy in rural Singapore in the mid's.

Abu Bakar asked me if I could lend him ten thousand dollars to throw on the matches". What the fuck is going on? I discussed the matter with Murugan. Since he was penniless, I didn't bother trying to contact Pal; I decided to stay away from fellow match-fixers and attempted to find another way to survive. I had no business and no job so, sometime in , in order to rake up some cash, I decided to file credit card applications on behalf of some of my jobless friends. The scheme itself was pretty simple: I would go to unemployed people and say: "Hey.

According to my calculations, I had an 80 percent success rate; I had already fixed with Zimbabwe in and knew how vulnerable they were, I could almost read their minds.

Part I: Confessions of the football world's most prolific match-fixer

This country is backdated". Zimbabwe was like Malaysia in the 's, rubber trees and all, but the atmosphere was different. By , Singapore and Malaysia were developed countries with tall buildings and skyscrapers but Zimbabwe seemed to have kept its ancient charm even in modern times. The countryside was a place that you could retire to; the rural areas were beautiful.

There were many farms and there wasn't much traffic around. When we reached Harare things were much different; the roads were bad and there was a lot of poverty around. I was not surprised; it's what you anticipate when you travel to Africa. I showed up at the Zimbabwe FA's offices with only a name-card in my pocket. I'm not a formal person and I don't like wearing ties, but I was nonetheless decently attired.

I met the Zimbabwean FA official who introduced himself as Jumbojumbo. This is your name? I tried not to laugh. Jumbojumbo", I said to him, "I am the promoter of the Merdeka Cup , a tournament held to celebrate the independence of Malaysia. I'm looking for two African countries to invite.

Zimbabwe's economic situation is quite bad and I want to give you the opportunity to travel to Malaysia and participate in an international event free of charge. We are talking about an eight-team tournament, a group stage, , semi-finals and a final. There is no prize money up for grabs and we will not pay you any appearance fee but we will give you 30 tickets to fly to Malaysia and have a good time".

Then I added, "If you want to make extra money, I also have another idea.

Kings pdf kelong

You see, as a promoter of the tournament it is my duty to bring the host team to the final. Some teams will have to make way for the Malaysian team. We have a capacity crowd, we've got a decent gate collection, so Malaysia has to make it all the way.

If you give me your cooperation, if the whole team cooperates, I will give you 50 thousand dollars per match". I took a breather and let the numbers sink into Jumbojumbo's head.

The coach, the players; everybody needs to dance to our tune. We will pay you in cash upon completion of each job, 50 thousand dollars after each game.

Then, if we decide that you will qualify for the semi-finals, it's another In total, you'll be making about thousand dollars". I paused. Jumbojumbo was nodding already, I dealt him the final blow. To verify the allegation we went to Chiasso FC's offices in Switzerland hoping to speak to someone from the club. There was nobody around so we took a look inside the building. That's when we made an interesting discovery. We were not able to reach Eswaramoorthy Pillay to ask him about Wilson's allegations and about the company Stanton.

Grassi was evasive but he did admit that a man named Eswaramoorthy Pillay had offered to finance the FC Chiasso club. According to Grassi, Pillay never actually put any money in the club, yet the name of his Penang company appeared clearly on the official team photo We thus asked Wilson to tell us more about Mr. X, and he did: "Tan was a right hand man of Mr. X who invested in the Swiss Club you mentioned i.

FC 3 Chiasso. During this time Singaporeans were only keen on fixing Malaysia Cup matches. Match fixing was already rife in South East Asia in the early 80's. Rajendran Kurusamy another alleged Singaporean match fixer also known as Pal came into the picture and he was dictating the entire Malaysian league till when Singapore decided to pull out from the competition". Wilson continued: "This is when Mr.

X decided to venture abroad. He started a bogus company and built relationships with people in Europe who were related to soccer.

During these trips Tan acted as his book keeper. During one meeting in I suggested to Pal that we switch off the floodlights in EPL English Premier League matches in order to win the bets we places The Asian betting allowed payments for matches that ended during the second half. No one took it seriously at that time. In Mr. X sold this idea to a Malaysian syndicate and the plan was executed.

Since Wilson was speaking of the floodlight scam, we asked him to explain the procedure better: "I am surprised you are not aware of the floodlight incidents", he said, "You will need the assistance of the technician in the stadium plus some other techniques to ensure that the lights are not turned back on.

More like a power failure". Wilson also mentions that Dan Tan was responsible for the floodlights being switched off during a match between Fenerbache and Barcelona. But the score-line read in favor of Barcelona during the half time.

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If the lights were to go off before the second half kick-off then the betting would be cancelled. Tan switched the lights off but the stadium officials used a generator to re-activate the floodlights and this match backfired". X was a high roller in Casinos", he wrote, "He became indebted to his European friends and gradually drifted away from the scene.

This is when Tan took over and went in search of Mr. X's friends. This syndicate began to grow bigger and bigger as they began to venture into more countries. In this business you can't sit and wait for the apple to drop.

You have to dig deeper and deeper to achieve results. If you take a look at my mobile I can call people in all of the continents". X was funding and fixing by placing the players of his choice", and, "yes. Almir Gegic was a player in Chiasso". Subsequently he also became a shareholder of this team".

Part I: Confessions of the football world's most prolific match-fixer

We attempted to check the Italian company register for the club Albinoleffe but were not able to find any tangible trace of Dan Tan's involvement in the club. The Italians were not aware that they were being used by Dan Tan.

The total amount of bets for a Serie B match can fetch up to 4 to 6 million Euros. If the players agree to go for both Handicap and total. For a Serie A match the total bet can fetch up to 10 to 15 million euros for a single match if bets are placed on both handicap and total goals". Wilson then explained: "This is where the Italians are made to look like fools.

Dan Tan only offers them between and for a match. Dan Tan makes more money than the players who manipulate the matches. The Italians are ignorant of this fact and being used. In fact there are betting agents in Singapore who are able to provide 3 to 4 times more than what Tan Seet Eng can offer to these Italians who had manipulated the matches". Wilson said that the syndicate would place their bets on Chinese betting sites: "The bets were placed in China where the betting is a lot more different than Europe.

The Chinese have betting patterns where you make a single click on your mouse assuming dollars, they can have it multiplied by 20 which means your single bet can be multiplied 20 times.

Tan has access to this group of people who can offer him this exceptional betting facility. The betting company survives by riding on your information. Basically this is how the syndicate works".

We asked Wilson how Dan Tan came in contact with these alleged Chinese accomplices: "The Chinese came in contact with Tan through middlemen. The Chinese came to know of Tan's ability to fix matches and offered him a service to place bets for him on the matches he fixed.

Then gradually the volume became bigger and bigger". We insisted with Wilson so that he name more members of the syndicate and its mysterious financiers if there were any aside from Dan Tan but he said that he was afraid for his family's safety in Singapore. Wilson also suggested that the members of the syndicate are still meeting in Singapore: "I hear all the syndicate members are hiding in Singapore. They regularly play 5 aside soccer.

You can snap pictures of them if you go under cover and arrange a 5 aside match through Gaye Allasan who has a soccer academy. Try your luck. Good day. Wilson Raj". Unfortunately we had already left Singapore. Yet we checked for football academies in Singapore and for the name Gaye Allasan.

Football 4 U is also the name of a company used by Wilson Raj Perumal to organized fixed friendly matches between national teams. Our colleagues in Singapore, whom we asked to check the address, say that there is nothing there. Puerto Rico V Nicaragua. What can FIFA do?

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It was rather a reckless goalkeeper in an Italian Third Division Team. At the end of the first half the home team was ahead by two goals and seemed in total control. But once Cremonese stepped onto the field in the second 45, they looked as if they had been struck by dizziness and confusion. Ivan Ghigi is a sports reporter for the local La Provincia newspaper.

He recalls that day: "The players came back on the pitch and looked lost. Their reflexes had slowed down and so had their movements. The easiest things seemed extremely complicated". After talking to the team's doctor, Ghigi immediately published an article stating that a mysterious illness had hit some of the Cremonese players. At the end of the game, Cremonese's team manager decided to report the incident to police. Different hypothesis were made: the revenge of a former employee, faulty air conditioning, expired drinks and food.

But when the blood tests on four staffers, including three players, revealed the traces of Lormetazepan, a potent sedative, the story took another twist. Investigators began looking into the Cremonese squad. They wiretapped the players' phone calls and searched into their private life. Police focused their attention on the team's goalkeeper, Marco Paoloni. Paoloni, aged 28, had been at Cremonese for two seasons. Teams in the upper leagues were monitoring him for a potential contract.

Investigations also revealed Marco Paoloni was a gambler, albeit with little or no luck. Phone calls showed Paoloni owed money to a heterogeneous group of Italian betters: a dentist from Ancona, a former footballer from Bari, the owner of a Betting agency from Pescara and so forth. These people wanted their money back and they wanted it now. Marco Paoloni had promised he would fix some of his team's matches so that the group could make up for the money owed.

All they needed to do was bet their money on a definite result. After all, Paoloni had already fixed matches in the past. During a game with La Spezia in October , with only a few minutes left to play and with his team leading, Marco Paoloni intentionally avoided picking up a loose ball at the edge of the drop box.

The opponent's attacker had the time to approach the goalie, steal the loose ball and serve it to a team mate standing in front of the empty goal to score the last minute equalizer.

A few minutes later Paoloni would add to his performance by being red-carded for hitting the referee in the face. We made telephone contact with Marco Paoloni. He demanded money to be interviewed and we declined.

Other colleagues have abided to his request. Paoloni had stated that he was willing to tell us everything we wanted to hear. The Cremona court papers claim that Marco Paoloni didn't only fake his own performances on the field.

He also approached other players in other teams - or so he claims - to fix games he was not directly involved in. He basically acted as an agent and his creditors were his financiers. Their role was to provide both corruption money and the cash to bet on the rigged outcome. On June 1st, , investigators carried out a wave of arrests.

A total of 44 people was put either under arrest and brought to jail or indicted for match fixing. Antonio Bellavista, former captain of the Bari football club, was top of the list among those incarcerated. He is accused of match fixing, of approaching players, offering them money and then betting on the rigged outcome of the games. We met him at his football school in Bitonto, in Italy's deep south.

Around a few synthetic five-to-side football pitches, Bellavista described the financiers' price list for fixed games depending on the league they were played in. Bellavista was also in touch with a group of foreigners - mainly from Eastern Europe and the Balkans - whom police noticed had also been involved in match fixing in Italy. They were labelled The Gypsies. Investigators realized the group was staying in the same hotels where teams slept on the eve of the matches. They also discovered that the group would show up in these hotels with the cash to bribe players.

But there was more to it. We found out FC Chiasso, a small Swiss Second Division team, had been linked to Singaporean match fixers as early as During that season, one of the team's sponsors was a company called Stanton Technologies. Among its directors is a man called Eswaramoorthy Pillay. Former goalkeeper of the Singapore national team, Pillay has been convicted for match fixing in the past. Eswaramoorthy Pillay is a name to keep in mind.

He will help us understand how the Singapore network infiltrated European leagues. But he also stated that the promised funds never reached his team.


The so called Gypsies were in continuous contact with Singapore. Their agents would exchange phone calls in the days preceding the games that the organization had decided to fix. People in the Lion city would decide how much the corrupt players would be paid and who would carry the cash for the bribes.

In the car with him were three of the so-called Gypsies one Bulgarian and two Slovenians and another Singaporean called Choo Beng Huat. Authorities recorded 16 trips to Italy by Choo Beng Huat between and During his last stay in Milan - a mere 6 and a half hours before boarding the plane back to the Lion City - in November , Choo Beng Huat met with another member of the syndicate in the Airport's Sheraton Hotel.

On departure his luggage weighed a kilo less than on arrival. Was this the weight of the cash carried?