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Cooking pots were simmering gently on the stoves in the snail huts they lived in, but there were no people left at 5. And there were no tracks or footprints in the snow eading away from the village. Match each of the stories with a sentence a—e.

There is one extra sentence which you will not need. They appeared to friends and colleagues. His whole community vanished. A fainous person witnessed this incident. They disappeared in front of hundreds of people. It was really w. I was just about to phone when she phoned me. I-low b! I wonder what happened to all those people. The i occurred at half past three in the morning.

Do exercises 1 , 2, 3 on page 1 1 of your Workbook. N Look at the article on pages 1 6 and 1 7 and underline all the sentences which have both a verb in the past simple and a verb in the past continuous. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form, past simple or past continuous, to complete the story. The other day, a friend of mine called Amy 1 have a very 1. There 3 be nothing interesting on, so she.

Laser B1+ Pre-FCE Teacher's Book & Test CD Pk International

She 5 get up and - 6. Listening Look at the pictures. What are the different places? Do the Listening exercise on page 1 5 of your Workbook. Q You are going to listen to four friends talking about strange experiences they have had. As you listen. There is one extra picture you will not need. Speaker 1 Speaker 2. Speaker 3. Circle the correct answer to complete each sentence. You may need to change the verb forms. After about five minutes, I 2l. I had a really strange dreom.

In my dream, I was walking to school. I was really late, so I decided to 3. I walked through the woods 4. I decided to run but I realised I couldn't run very quickly. It was like I was running 6.

I began to panic. Then I heard my teacher, Mr Hickson, soy 7. Suddenly, I saw my school up ahead. He was counting backwards from three minutes. I made it to my secitjust in time. It had been 9. I guess my dream means something, but I've got 1 no idea what. Any ideas? Do exercise 1 on page 13 of your Workbook. I R Listen to two students describing pictures a and b below. Put a Student 1 Student 2 cross X next to those that are incorrect.

I would love reading about mysteries when I was Hhmkmgn 1. Would you go to sleep with the light on when you were very young? Miranda never used to download books about UFOs. Complete each sentence using the word given so that it means the same as the sentence before it.

Use no more than five words. Make notes about these pictures. My grandma always said there was an explanation for everything. I never believed in UFOs until I saw one. Uncle Bob did great card tricks whenever he came to visit. Do exercises 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 on pages 13 and 14 of your Workbook. Play the Soundstation Game. Your teacher will explain the rules to you. What an incredible. Case number: The Philadelphia Experiment Date incident occurred: Philadelphia, USA '. US naval scientists 1 d.

Eldridge, invisible. While the scientists were 2 w. As the fog 8 d. The scientists 4 w. After fifteen minutes, they 5 s. Unfortunately, the men on the Eldridge all 6 f.

A few months later, they 8 d. The experiment 9 w, wrong, and the ship Completely disappeared again. At the same time, people hundreds of kilometres 4 away in Virginia saw the Eldridge appear in front of them for a few minutes. This time, the sailors on the Eldridge were extremely ill, and some of them died. The US.

Laser Pre-FCE: Intermediate: Test Book

Navy denies the experiment 1 1 t , place. Write them in the correct box. More than one word may fit in each gap. It was. He asked Lisa to tell their parents not to worry. Colin 1' - terrible new;. Rob 5 while Lisa was about the dream was Rob's best I For six days they waited for news.

Mr and Mrs Levington were so upset, but Lisa kept reminding them about her dream. That evening, Colin called. The doctor says he's going to be fine. Underline a verb in the past continuous. Which tense is used in the second paragraph to Show that the accident happened before Rob spoke to Lisa? Is the direct speech formal or informal? Is the rest of the story formal or informal? I-Iow many main paragraphs are there?

Read the writing task and answer the questions. The rules of the competition state that end with the words 1 YOU! Write your story for th 1 2 3 e competition. What happened in his dream? Did he tell anyone about his dream? How did his dream come true? How did he react? I-Iow must your story end?

Make a plan in Composition Planner 2 on page 1 Write betvveen 1 20 and 1 50 words. When your teacher has commented on your story, write the final version. Phrases A h Match to make phrases. Rewrite those that are incorrect. My sister is wanting me to help her with her homework. What do you think about at the moment? Where lives Dana Banach? Past simple and past continuous Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

The Lizard Man quickly , jump onto the roof and try to get into the car. Last year, we Write a composition in English once a week. I , watch TV when I , ,, , , fall asleep. Sean not drive too fast when he have the accident. Used to and would Find the extra word in each sentence and write it on the line.

I was used to believe that a monster lived under my bed!

Sindy would always to sleep with the light on. Harry did never used to enjoy mystery stories. Were you being scared of spiders when you were very young? My grandfather would taught me how to do card tricks. Revision of tenses Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form, present simple, present continuous, past simple or past continuous, to complete the paragraph. We 1 do a project on mysteries at school at the moment, and some of the stories 2 , be extremely weird.

For example, a few years ago over a hundred children 7 3. Their teachers 5. It 6 be big and round and 7 have lots of lights and windows.

Pre test laser book fce

After about ten minutes, it suddenly 8. Generally, I 9. Work in pairs or in Read the paragraphs quickly and groups. Think of as many crimes as you can. Wliy do some people commit crimes? V around. In Atlanta, its illegal to tie a giraffe to a streetlight. J , paragraphs in the correct order. And that it's Read the article again and put the But bef Britain must be mad. Do the Reading exercise on , page 1 7 of your Workbook. Thc punishment was death!

Look at the list of words connected with crime and law below. For each word on the left, write the name of the person on the right.

Thc policeman handcuffed me and took me to!

Book fce laser pre test

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used in a court of law. How many money was in your wallet? Do exercises 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 on pages 1 8 and 19 of your Workbook. They thought there was a bomb in my lu gages! UQ A lots of mobile phones are stolen each year. Let me give you an advice.

He was arrested for smuggling bars of chocolates. As you listen, match each speaker with a picture above. Speaker 1 Speaker 4. Speaker 2.

Complete each sentence using the correct form of the phrasal verbs. You will need to use one of the phrasal verbs tvvice. Do exercises 1, 2 on page 20 of your Workbook. Complete the gaps with the articles a, an or the.

Our second story comes from None of Sao Paulo made their escape while the scarecrow was on guard. French town has. Talking to 8.

Use no more than three words. Not a The bomb exploded at 6. The bomb went ,.

Laser B1+ Pre-FCE Test Book

There were only. Speaking Look at the school rules and discuss the questions. Use the words and phrases below to help you. You can use the list of possible punishments to help you.

Possible punishments or measures: In pairs, do the role-play activity unit 3. E ii Match each group of words and phrases that you would find in an essay with one of the purposes a—i. I , f presenting two contrasting different. Your teacher has bout the following statement. Make a plan in Composition Planner 3 on page 1 What does the statement mean? Should we allow stealing at school? Should a student be permanently excluded for repeatedly stealing money from other students?

You are now ready to write the first draft of your essay. Write between 1 20 and 1 50 words. When your teacher has commented on your essay, write the final version. Can you think of any problems with permanent exclusion as: Who are the people in the photos?

Find their names in the interview below. Would you like to be famous? L Have you So, who have you met? Either way, I then sell the wondered real lifel , Robbie Williams, the interview to newspapers or ' how all the Radiohead guys, Noel Gallagher from magazines all round the world. Do you just phone up the celebrities And what are the stars like when W We met and ask to interview them?

We with some of them. Flead the interview again and write T for true , F for false or CT for can't tell. Other people often interview Lee. And Michael Jackson, of course.

I usually ask the questions, not answer them! Do the Reading exercise on page 23 of your Workbook. Complete each sentence using a word from the article. Do exercises 1 , 2 on page 24 of your Workbook. Look at the interview on pages 34 and 35 and find examples of verbs in the present perfect simple and the present perfect continuous.

How many times is each tense used? Choose the correct word or phrase. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form, present perfect simple or past simple. Use short forms where possible. The film will be out soon. Pretending to be a journalist in order to meet famous people is 21 Very thing to do!

Is it,. Look at the lyrics of the song below. Ora Hollywood 3 ,. No-onefs visited your web page. You don't even have a 5. And that H! Do the Listening exercise on page 28 of your Workbook. Do exercises 1 , 2 on page 26 of your Workbook. Look at the information about three magazines and complete the sentences using the words given. You may need to change the form of the words. Underline all the vowel sounds that are the same as those underlined in the example.

Do the parts highlighted have the same vowel sound? I love these books. Have you ever met a famous person? The magazine costs about a pound. I felt uncomfortable interviewing Madonna.

Could you pass me the newspaper? Be careful with the unstressed vowels. What questions do you think they were asked? What words and phrases do they use to give examples? Words and phrase s used to give examples: Student 2. What kind of. TV programmes Ask and answer these questions.

Laser B1+ Pre-FCE Test Book

Use the questions below. Turn to page In pairs, do the role-play activity unit 4. R Use the words given in capitals to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. Would you like to be 1. Do you think you would enjoy FAME being a rich and successful 2. Others are terrified of becoming 7. HARD ti For each of the notes you have made, write one or two sentences. Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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