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Topics Wolfe, Nero (Fictitious character), Private investigators, Detective and mystery stories, Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. Nero Wolfe has 95 entries in the series. The Silent Speaker. Nero Wolfe ( Series). Rex Stout Author (). cover image of The Nero Wolfe Mystery Series . Rex Stout: Seven Complete Nero Wolfe Books. Rex Stout ISBN: | pages | 17 Mb.

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Archie Meets Nero Wolfe: A Prequel to Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe Mysteries (The Nero Wolfe Read online, or download in secure PDF or secure EPUB format. Too Many Cooks (Nero Wolfe Mysteries). Home · Too Many Cooks (Nero Wolfe Mysteries) button below! Report copyright / DMCA form · DOWNLOAD EPUB. DownloadRex stout nero wolfe epub. EXE bullion, it does not much to be bad, you can easily run FFSJ by simply-clicking FFSJ. - Cracked in game provider.

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Publisher New York: Avenel Books: Distributed by Crown Publishers. Collection inlibrary ; printdisabled ; internetarchivebooks ; americana.

Too Many Cooks (Nero Wolfe Mysteries)

Digitizing sponsor Internet Archive. Contributor Internet Archive. Language English. The silent speaker -- Might as well be dead -- If death ever slept -- 3 at Wolfe's door -- Gambit -- Please pass the guilt -- A family affair. Bookplateleaf Boxid IA Camera Canon 5D. City New York. Donor alibris. Edition Omnibus ed. External-identifier urn: Identifier sevencompletener00stou. Identifier-ark ark: Isbn Lccn Page-progression lr. Have him come to dinner. Cohen is always welcome at the table here. You know that.

There are few individuals with whom I would rather dine.

See if he can come tonight. Tell him we are having Capon Souvaroff. I recall that he had it here once previously and spoke highly of it.

I was successful. When I called Lon during Wolfe's afternoon visit to his orchids and told him he was invited to dinner, he groaned.

Wolfe, but he insisted. In fact, he said some very nice things about you as a dinner guest, things I am not about to share.

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You've got a big enough head as it is. For the record, Fritz will be serving Capon Souvaroff, and the dessert is raspberries in sherry cream. At ten minutes to seven, he stepped in out of the blustery February night and took off his overcoat, which I hung on the hall rack along with his homburg.

A few words here about Lon. He has been employed by the Gazette for as long as Wolfe and I have known him, which is a lot of years.

Epub The Brownstone House Of Nero Wolfe

Early on, he was a crime reporter, and by all accounts, a damned good one. Then he moved to the city desk, and for at least two decades now, he has occupied an office on the twentieth floor, two doors down from the publisher. He doesn't have a title I am aware of, but he wields a lot of clout on the fifth-largest newspaper in America.

And he has an encyclopedic knowledge of our city's history and the characters who have shaped it. Lon also dresses better than anyone I know, which is saying a lot, because both Wolfe and I take pride in our appearance.

Our favorite newspaperman favors custom-tailored three-piece suits, white shirts with cufflinks, silk ties, and shoes that have a shine any marine would envy. He wears clothes well in part because he doesn't have an ounce of fat on his five-foot-nine frame, and his black hair sees a barber every other week. His brown eyes, set deep in a tan face, are always alert, always looking for the next big story to splash across the front page. Cohen," Wolfe said, nodding slightly by way of a greeting.

Wolfe never discusses cases during meals, which wasn't a problem tonight as we didn't have a case. But even without a case, he enjoys talking about anything from politics to polygamy. One of his current books was about the War of the Roses, which took place in England hundreds of years ago.

I knew next to nothing about it, but Lon did, so the conversation was two-sided, with me listening, learning, and enjoying yet another of Fritz Brenner's three-star meals. After dinner, we retired to the office, Wolfe and I behind our desks with beer and scotch, respectively, and Lon in the red leather chair at the end of Wolfe's desk sipping Remisier brandy from a snifter. Cohen, we have helped each other on numerous occasions over the years.

You have supplied us with valuable information, and we have been able to help present you with newsworthy stories. You have singularly presented the Gazette with stories, invariably exclusives, and always wrapped up neatly, like a welcome gift.

Seven complete Nero Wolfe novels

You have the floor. As you know, Archie and I are good listeners. I'm surprised your editors see fit to put him on page three every day. Mencken, who said years ago that 'No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

Cohen, that many among your readers are lackwits, but they, like so many of their fellow citizens, relish nothing more than hearing half-truths, rumors, salacious gossip, and outright insulting descriptions of those in possession of fame and power. I confess to having read Mr. Clay's column on occasion, but each time I do, I curse myself for having wasted the time.

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To me, the shame is that, although Clay can be a bulldog at ferreting out interesting and sometimes significant information, in recent years he has become ever more intent upon slurring the reputations of civic and government figures and celebrities, whether or not there is any substance behind his accusations and innuendos.

Clay's printed shenanigans raise red flags with them? First off, most of those Clay attacks are public figures who, because of their high visibility, have essentially forfeited any claim to an invasion of privacy.

Wolfe epub nero

And as to libel, the other possible transgression, most of these individuals prefer to avoid the spectacle of a trial. Second, you will, of course, remember the Haverhill family, which has owned the newspaper for decades. He-and I-had cause to remember that family from a previous case in which the Haverhills, with Wolfe's help, had to fight to keep the Gazette out of the hands of a Scottish press baron whose papers appeal to the lowest common denominator. So avid that in two libel cases brought against Clay over the years, she has put up her own money to settle both out of court, probably in the neighborhood of a hundred grand.

Wolfe epub nero

For Felicia, the dough she put up in these cases amounted to no more than petty cash for her. And Eric Haverhill didn't seem to mind. He is in the habit of indulging his wife.

Cohen, as you stated a few moments ago, we are in basic agreement in our assessment of your well-read columnist's character and behavior in print. I sense you have more to say on the subject. Someone seems bent upon killing Cameron Clay. Chapter 2 A pause of several seconds followed, not because either of us was surprised at Lon's statement, but because we were not surprised.

Wolfe broke the silence. Clay was hardly an unusual occurrence.

He has gotten lots of them over the years," Lon said, waving a hand dismissively. For some reason, he seems to feel that I'm a supporter of his, even though I've never gone out of my way to be complimentary about his work.