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The Sultanate of Oman continues to enjoy economic, social and political stability. Although Oman remains, in many ways, the most traditional country in the region, it is often more outward looking than it is given credit for. Prior to this, only select individuals were invited to participate in these elections. The first open elections will be held in October The Committees are entrusted with the responsibilities of promoting voluntary social organizations and their activities, enhancing awareness of social issues such as childhood and disability, and finding alternative funding for social programmes.

The age of the formation is bracketed between the obduction of the ophiolite and the extinction of the dinosaurs, and as such estimated to be latest Campanian to Maastrichtian. The Al-Khod Formation is approximately m thick at its type locality; lithology in a number of outcrops was logged and sampled in detail in , and described by Schulp et al.

The unit consists of a series of clast-supported conglomerates interbedded with sandstone, silts and clays. Nolan et al. The material described in this contribution was found near the base of the Al-Khod Formation at 40 m true stratigraphic thickness above the Semail Ophiolite.

The contact between the two units is abrupt due to the presence of a NW-SE trending boundary fault, with an azimuth of degrees. The nearby presence of this fault system may have contributed to the heavily fractured nature of the material. They include such taxa as Telmatosaurus, Gilmoreosaurus and Yunganglong, to cite but a few.

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The material from Oman described in the present paper poses nomenclatural problems because it only consists of isolated and incomplete postcranial elements. No complete bones have been found and most specimens have undergone some abrasion.

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Limb bones, in particular, are represented only by fragments. Several of them, however, show distinctive features, allowing referral to hadrosauroid dinosaurs. Femora Several femoral fragments were recovered, including one consisting of the middle part of the shaft, with the fourth trochanter, a proximal end and three distal ends Fig 1. The proximal end of a left femur is fairly well preserved, although it has suffered some abrasion.

It shows a well developed hemispherical head at right angles to the shaft. There is a well defined, proximally prominent great trochanter along the lateral margin of the specimen.

The lesser trochanter is poorly individualized, there is no apparent cleft between it and the greater trochanter and, despite the imperfect preservation of this area, it seems that the lesser and greater trochanters were confluent, as, for instance, in Hadrosaurus [ 8 ].

As noted by Brett-Surman and Wagner [ 9 , p.

However, in more basal ornithopods, including rhabdodontids [ 10 ] and iguanodontids [ 11 — 13 ], the lesser trochanter is clearly separated from the greater trochanter by a well-marked cleft. Therefore, the condition seen on the specimen from Oman suggests hadrosauroid affinities rather than more basal iguanodontian ones.

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